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The scariest game ever creeps onto Wii

Twin sisters Mio and Mayu Amakura are visiting a childhood play spot, when Mayu follows a mysterious crimson butterfly deep into the forest. Concerned for her twin, Mio follows Mayu, and the two twin sisters are led to a lost village. When they reach the village, they notice that the path they took to this mysterious place has vanished. Mio must uncover the mystery behind the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, while chasing her sister, who is becoming increasingly possessed by the evil spirit of Sae, the last girl to be sacrificed……

In Project Zero II The players incarnate Mio, a Japanese teenager who explores a haunted village looking for her twin sister Mayu. The village is home to tormented spirits born from a sinister ritual and Mio’s only way to fight them is by using the "Camera Obscura", an artifact that can defeat evil spirits by taking pictures of them.

During the game, Mio must explore the entire village area and its central buildings, and needs to find various objects and solve puzzles in order to advance. Throughout the game, Mio will encounter different kinds of ghosts; some of which appear unexpectedly, while others appear during cutscenes. In addition to hostile ghosts, there are numerous vanishing and hidden spirits Mio can photograph for points. The vanishing ghosts often talk, giving some information related to the story, or a hint on how to progress….

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Posted by Mike Mason

Poltergeist snap

If you're more than a little wary when it comes to bumps in the night, it might be best to stay away from Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. Tecmo Koei's ghastly survival horror series, also known as Fatal Frame, throws you within the clutches of dozens of...

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Fan Group 'Operation Zero' Attempts to Scare Nintendo of America

Into localising Fatal Frame 2, that is

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition arrived in Europe at the end of June, and despite a few flaws has been scaring gamers witless since. This isn't survival horror in the shoot-a-zombie-in-the-face Resident Evil sense, but exploring dark, creepy locales with nothing but a camera to protect you from malevolent ghosts...

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Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is coming to Europe this June. Prepare yourself for scares with this teaser trailer, and find more over at

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DrDaisy said:

If they bring this to America, I hope they just keep the British accents. I can easily understand what they're saying and I think most other people can to, so re-dubbing it again in "American English" would be a waste of time and money.



Nintenbro said:

NOoooo, @DrDaisy! Characters of oriental descent with european accents is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard of. I'm sorry, but that's not a good idea at all. I wouldn't give this game a second thought if that were the case.



Fabian said:

One of the best Wii Games was saved for the end of it´s live circle this is an insta buy



luminalace said:

This is one of the ladt Wii games I am excited about. I heard it's really scary too.



FonistofCruxis said:

I like the British voice acting in Xenoblade chronicles and The last story and its probably good in Pandora's tower too but I'm not sure if it would be as good with the Japanese characters in this game.

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