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Retailers Confidently Predict Wii U Will Cost £250, or Less

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Pricing could lead to a 'sure success'

With the launch of Wii U creeping ever closer, key details of price and release date are still under wraps, leading to the usual range of predictions and guesses. We've seen speculative prices ranging from £199 on Amazon UK — since removed — to €399 on Amazon Germany, though the latter has since dropped its figure to €349. We can guess at how much the system is costing Nintendo to build, the impact of the GamePad on cost and so on, but we've heard few predictions that can legitimately claim to be accurate.

While Nintendo is yet to break cover, trade-site MCV UK has spoken to its sources and major retail figures about the system and its potential cost and, encouragingly, a senior publisher confidently told it that the price “will definitely be less than £249”. Meanwhile, some senior buyers have spoken on the record about their hopes for Wii U and the steps Nintendo needs to take, including The Hut Group’s Sarah Jasper.

The software looks fantastic, but Nintendo needs to press its messaging hard to ensure the public know this isn’t just an add-on for the Wii. Some don’t realise it’s a standalone machine.

Hopefully, lessons have been learned from 3DS and pricing sits between £200 to £250. Then we’re onto a sure success.

There's also agreement that a strong and substantial range of launch games are available, with HMV games buyer Nick Ashley also hoping for plenty of content in the box.

We’d be keen to see Nintendo Land bundled as this will really show off Wii U’s functionality, and concentrating on the key Nintendo franchises helps to keep everyone involved.

New Super Mario Bros U, Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U at launch would provide an excellent foundation for Wii U’s success.

Some of those comments may be stating the obvious, but at least retailers are keen to push Wii U in order to boost business in the Holiday period. If MCV's source is right about the console being under £249, then that would be positive news.


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BenAV said:

So many price rumours.
Nintendo should just hurry up and announce it officially.




I talk to the shop managers at Gamestation and GAME near me and they say the same. They also said it was a bit suicidal of Nintendo to price the original 3DS above 150 punds because of the price of the DS and Wii being quite low now.



MAB said:

Already have mine on pre-order with my usual trusty gift of the gab whopping 20% discount thrown on ready to rock U baby slapbang here we go funny thing is I have heaps of cash to fling at WiiU but I could not resist the challenge



Marios-love-child said:

£250 sounds perfect for a new home console, the good thing is that I (and probably most people) already own 4 Wii Remotes and Nun-chucks so at least dont have to worry about the extra cost of accesorys this time.

I 'm just hopefull it will come bundled with Nintendo Land or better still NSMBU



Bulbousaur said:

If this is the price for the console here in the UK, I will be very happy to pick it up on day one! Unfortunately though I doubt this will be the case, with a whole new console plus the most advanced controller of all time. Still, if this is the price, day one purchase for me along with Pikmin 3 and either ZombiU or NSMBWiiU!



yobucky said:

That price would be good and I think honestly the cost of technology is such that this advanced touch screen controller today won't be that expensive to produce considering you can get chinese ipad knock offs for less than a hundred dollars retail ( for the doubters) and those perform more functions than this wii u pad will need to. Sure the quality will be much better but the bulk of the heavy lifting will be done by the console so is it unreasonable to assume the controller shouldn't cost more than a hundred pounds, less if bundled with a system?



pastasauce said:

I really hope that wii U can compete with Microsoft and Sony's new power hogs in the back half of its life cycle better than the wii could. Doubt it.



rjejr said:

Great, I spent the entire spring figuring out time zone differences for E3 conference times, now I get to spend the entire summer figuring out currency comparisons for a Wii U price point

250GBP = 388USD That's not going to happen. Not in the US anyway. Though I suppose 250=350 makes sense with whatever built-in VAT tax stuff you guys have going on. (I live in NY but I'll buy mine over the holidays in MI to avoid the $30 tax)
I spent the past year thinking it would be $300 due to PS3 and Xbox360 comparisons. Then $350 when I realized they are hiding the price, especially after announcing the 3DS XL price when they announced the system. Then I realized yesterday the Gamepad isn't all that special - ie isn't doesn't add that much cost over a normal $50 controller - so I was thinking $250 to sell this thing, based on what the Nintendo head honchos have been saying (the US always gets the best prices). If the Wii, which started at $250US is $150 now then this can be $250 now, it's an HD Wii w/o Gamecube support.
So I don't really know, only that it will be either $250 (25% chance), $300 (60%), or $350 (15%).

Rough currency exchange FYI:
250 - 350 USD
201 - 281 EUR (probably 250 - 300 due to 15% VAT)
160 - 225 GBP (probably 200 - 250 due to 20% VAT)



LavaTwilight said:

US usually get the consoles cheaper anyway so the currency conversion won't help. I'm in South Africa so I have an even worse job! After converting £250 is apx R3000 but due to importing costs etc the price of the WiiU will probably be closer to R4000! I might have to import it myself!



MeloMan said:

I hardly think the Wii U will retail for the exact same price as the Wii did when it debuted (not that I MIND, mind you, from a consumer perspective). I'll just make sure I've got $300-350 around as that's sure to be the sweet spot. We'll see...



SonyFACE said:

I hope the rumors are right. If I had had to guess, £249 would have been it.



arrmixer said:

1/4 chance of the Wii U being at 250 US.. I'll definitely take those odds..

I could actually by some games like SMB, Wii Fit, and either Pikmin 3 or Project P-100.. the lego game actually looks good too... hm..



aaronsullivan said:

Nintendo has nothing to gain by announcing the price until much closer to launch.

Closer to launch many things can be gauged better such as exchange rates, the health of the economy, the outlook for the Holiday shopping season, etc. Remember, Nintendo needs to be profitable with the Wii U fairly quickly. Guessing at the best price now does't do anyone any good.

For me, at least, I don't need to know the price until the moment I swipe the card.



Kirk said:

Like I say; it had better better less than £250, ideally below £200 imo, but if it is around £250 then they'd better put some very tempting stuff in that box to sweeten the deal. I'm talking like two free games; NintendoLand and NSMBU for example.

Also, at £250 I still struggle to see why people wouldn't just go with an Xbox 360 and Kinect instead. It already has a stunning library of games, both retail and Xbox Live Arcade etc, and all the great new third party AAA titles are already announced for it too. It has the casual hook/gimmick with Kintect. It graphically stands pretty much toe to toe with the Wii U. You get a controller in the box along with Kinect. It has a world class online system. You can watch your CDs/DVDs on it. It's also cheaper than a £250 Wii U...

I'm seriously not trying to troll or hate on Nintendo but Nintendo actually needs to make the Wii U a more attractive value proposition than it's competition or else why would any sane person buy it?




Kinect has "a stunning library of games"? Since when?! Xbox is the isolationists console essentially. No need to bring them into the equation.



x-mas_mii said:

I will have about 300$ saved up in 2 weeks. if this is cheap enough, I will also get NSMBU along with SSBB



lanabanana said:

I'm getting it for Christmas. Lol, imagine in the end of the world did happen... None of us would die happy...



Bane said:

my guess is that it is going to cost over $9000!!!!!!!!!!!!! cents



WiiLovePeace said:

It doesn't really matter what they price it to me, I ain't buying it until the next Zelda, Metroid, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, F-Zero, Wave Race or 1080 game is released for the Wii-U. Sure there are some nice games announced for it so far but I won't part with the cash until a game I really want gets a release.



TheN64Dude said:

Just Price it 300$ with 2 Gamepads, New Super Mario Bros U. & Nintendo Land and get it over with.



Kage_88 said:

I have quite a bit saved I'm pretty much prepared to pay whatever price Nintendo throws my way.

Besides, Iwata is determined not to repeat the 3DS gaffe - so I would imagine the Wii U to be pretty affordable.



Slapshot said:

Announce the price right before launch — keeping preorder numbers to a minimum. They'll, of course, have a console shortage for the holidays to skyrocket demand and Wii U will dominate the news thereafter.

If they announce the price today, the preorder numbers will start building up. This will give us a concrete number of how many systems Nintendo needs to produce to satisfy demands, and if they don't do so — or come close to it — the blame could be placed on Nintendo.



emmajo said:

they will take as long as they take, because it might of not worked the first time right or the product was not built.



NintendosFriend said:

I want the Wii U and does anyone have minecraft for the xbox 360 because I want to play it with someone my gamer tag is Minecraft596800



TimboBaggins said:

This doesn't comfort me. I did the conversion and it was nearly $400. It better cost less than $400, I pretty much assumed that. $350 or less or I'm not buying



TheN64Dude said:

I agree to. Nintendo has said countless times that they don't want to make the same price mistake as 3DS. Considering that the controller This is the 250 is the lowest they can go. But, I would gladly pay 300$ if I had to.

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