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3DS XL UK Prices Will be Decided by Retailers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Expect prices 'ASAP'

One of the interesting announcements in the 3DS XL reveal today was a price-point of $199 in the U.S., a fairly good price considering that the original model cost $250 in March 2011. Nintendo did have to learn a cruel lesson that the original launch price wouldn't sell enough units, prompting a major reduction just months after launch.

It's been confirmed, meanwhile, that prices in the UK will be set by retailers: Nintendo provided the following statement to

As always, the final price to consumers is determined by the retailers, but we have aimed at making the price as reasonable as we can to the consumer.

It's the standard line, with the big N also saying that retailers should be listing their prices as soon as possible. At current rates $199 comes to around £128, but that's roughly the current price of the original model and there is a precedent of UK prices being above the simple conversion rate; we expect the actual price to be higher. We'll keep an eye on which retailers will break cover first.


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Victoria said:

That'll put them in competition. Before the 3DS came out the prices kept dropping from store to store. I changed my mind 3 times about where I was going to buy mine. So that'll be good news for us. We can just keep watching to see how it goes.



Kifa said:

I think 3DS XL is a niche product just as DSi XL, so even if the price would be exactly the same it wouldn't put both systems on competition. Still - I expect it to be more expensive than regular model. Guess that means choosing - getting a 3DS upgrade or saving for WiiU... sigh



BudrSbastig said:

will be at least £160, maybe £90 if you trade in a 3ds small. I will be getting one, but its very expensive if you don't get a charger!! how can they get away with this, i'm sure anything sold in UK needs to be fit for purpose ! with out a charger its not fit for purpose.....I'm going to email trading standards to see what they have to say




Well there's a surprise eh. That doesn't bode well for the Wii U price. Will it be a debacle like the 3DS?



BudrSbastig said:

@legend_marioid i'm not bothered about wii u price, but this scares me, will the wii u have power and hdmi cables in box? prob not!! just usr your old wii ones......this is awful



luminalace said:

In Australia it's the same price as a regular 3DS but in the U.S I think it's $30 more. Weird!



RedYoshi999 said:

@luminalace Beat me too it! 3DS is the same price as 3DS XL here in Australia. ($250) I expect that the original will drop about $50, maybe not officially, but retailers will likely do so.



Geonjaha said:

@turtlelink - You got it for several months more than you would have if you'd waited for the price drop, and you got games that are more than worth the price drop. The 10 NES games cost (or will do for those unreleased) $5 each. Thats $50 in NES games, and that doesnt even take into account the fact that we got these games much earlier as well as 10 GBA games (which in all honesty would cost at least $8 if they ever got onto the eShop ($80 more).



Kirk said:

Looks like a cheap Fisher Price toy for children so I hope they price it appropriately.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm really happy with that $250 AUD & launching on August 27th, 5 days before my b'day I paid ~$300 AUD for my DSi XL (with accessories & a game I think) so $250 is an amazingly good deal, especially considering it's only $50 more (ignoring conversion rates) than the US one. Thank you for not ripping me off too much Ninty Australia

Edit: I just saw kmart are selling 3DS consoles for $169. So that's more of a discount than the $50 @Mario_Party_Fan_999 (& myself too) was expecting.



sillygostly said:

Wow. I was expecting it to at least retail at a higher price point than the original 3DS model in Australia; particularly when one considers Nintendo Australia's history of over-pricing barely improved models of previously released hardware.

Both the DSi and DSi XL launched at $300 in Australia, which is outrageously expensive considering how little they improved upon the $200 DS Lite.

At least at a RRP of $250, it is very likely that the 3DS XL will be available at around the $200-$220 mark at retail, BUT... I might just hold out for other colours to be released first as the initial range sucks.



NintendoMaster said:

I don't mind waiting a bit longer in the United States if we have to pay less. Plus we get an AC Adapter included! NOA finally knows what they are doing.



Alienfish said:

If you trade in your old 3DS, will they wait for you to complete a system transfer first? I guess I always keep my consoles because even if I don't use them I can still give them to my little brothers.

On the subject of what this could mean for WiiU, I don't think they'll include HDMI since it's pretty standard for companies not to. They'll have to include at least a new power cable though since the machine is going to require a different adapter. When I saw the 3DSXL I thought it would be over $200; I think this proves that WiiU won't be over $300.




Not bothered what it looks like, but it should've been available at launch. Then again, it would've been over-priced at that point anyway as the 3DS little was!



Not-Another-Ad said:

@Baloo Because Nintendo are greedy and just wants to make a living.

Seriously,this gets my goat,having to pay the most for everything in the UK.



fishman100 said:

I think a 3DSXL + NSMB2 bundle might be worth $200, but I don't think that the console alone is worth $200.



luminalace said:

I was thinking about trading in my current 3DS but then I will still have to go and buy a new AC adapter. Is this Nintendo trying to make me buy an extra one instead?

Also I still can't envision a new 3DS without a power cable! What are new buyers going to think?



GreenDream said:

I'm guessing the XL will be more durable. I will get it if ALL account info can be transferred over to an XL, then deleted permanently from current 3DS. Trade in old one, get new warranty and more club coins.



citizenerased said:

$200 = €200 = £180

Sounds about right for a Nintendo conversion, to me.

(fun fact: if Nikkei was right about the Wii U, it'll be $300/€300/£270)



Nin-freak said:

@luminalace That's only in EU and JP, America is getting a power cord with it. But I'm sure the AC adaptors will be sold separately. It's just like the Wii Motion Plus. You needed it for some games, but it was sold separately.



James said:

Again, 3DS XL will not come with a charging cradle or AC adaptor in Europe — both accessories will be sold separately.



3dbrains said: have it listed as £179.99. What a rip off! No AC adaptor and no charging cradle, price should be less than £150.
I like it though. My girly is after her own 3ds and colors3d so this will be perfect. Waiting for amazon to list. It better be a better price or this will flop in UK worse than vita.




Since when is 200 dollars equivalent to 180 pounds? in what paralell Universe is this? Isn't it equivalent128 pounds?!



Chuie said:

3ds XL 200$ when the 3ds was 250$ is this a joke i might wait for a price drop like last time but i missed out on minish cap when i did that



ChristopherM said:

Three points about converting the US price to UK currency...

First - One could argue that we should be using Purchasing Power Parities rather than exchange rates. This would push the UK equivalent price closer to £135.

Second - I don't believe the $199 includes any sales tax, does it? (Perhaps the US readers can correct me if I'm wrong). UK Sales Tax is 20%

Third - Nintendo is obliged to let UK retailers set their own profit margins. Unless an aggressive retailer makes an early move, these margins will tend to start high and move lower over time, after the retailers have mopped up the early adopters.



hYdeks said:

There's just no hope for PSVita when 3DS just keeps coming out with the best for portable gaming. Let's just call it, 3DS will probably kill off the Vita within it's first year -_-

North Americans get a ac adapter with there XL, everyone else is screwed over for some reason. Kinda a dumb decision from Nintendo



Nintonic said:

I think the Nintendo 3ds looks like more of a masterpiece than the 3ds XL so I'm happy.



C-Olimar said:

@ChristopherM £135 is logical, but the current 3DS is around £15 more than in US already, so I would have expected the XL to be £20-25 more max. But this is Nintendo ,so naturally it is £50 more than the US price - £180- so we are getting more screwed over than we usually do by Nintendo.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I like the 3DS the way it is. I don't even get the point, its the same thing only the screen is bigger. not much of a difference. And I think it looks ugly too so im 100% im not getting this.



Joygame51 said:

You know I have been after NINTENDO for over a year to make a 3DXL I'm glad they actually got the message !!!! I am an older user and love my DsiXL and told them if they did not come out with a 3D XL i would not be buying the 3Ds at all!



Joygame51 said:

I might get this one !!! I have to save up the $$ but heck its worth the effort now!



SyFyTy said:

Just for the record, Nintendo didn't learn the lesson, the AMbassadors did. They were the ones who got shafted for the additional money. And don't tell me about the 'free' games (which I already owned in other forms) which were forced on us to shut us up and were given free to those who bought after the announcement and before the official price drop, because N allowed stores to drop prices early). Fool me once shame on YOU Nintendo, fool me twice shame on ME. That move will surely cost them some sales down the road. Bank on it.

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