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Shigeru Miyamoto Awarded Prestigious Spanish Prize

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

For communications and humanities

Shigeru Miyamoto has won a few major awards over the years as recognition for his exemplary contribution to the gaming industry. He's been awarded a BAFTA fellowship and was the first inductee into the Spike VGA Video Game Hall of Fame, to name just two honours. He's now been confirmed as the recipient of this year's Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, a major Spanish cultural award.

In the formal announcement, the prize committee said the following about Miyamoto's work to date.

With these creations, he has converted the video game into a social revolution and has managed to popularize it among a sector of the population that had not previously accessed this kind of entertainment, while also making it a medium capable of bringing people together regardless of sex, age or social or cultural status. Shigeru Miyamoto conceives games as an element for family and social integration, an experience that can be shared by all which manages to move players and help them express their emotions.

Modest to a fault, Miyamoto has made a point of emphasizing the work of his team at Nintendo in his acceptance statement.

I am very honoured to have received the message that I was chosen to receive the Prince of Asturias Prize for Communication and Humanities.

Creating video games is very much a team effort, which is why I feel so humbled to be chosen for this honourable award. I would therefore like to receive the award on behalf of all of my friends and colleagues with whom I have been creating video games over the years.

I will continue my efforts so that video games will continuously be able to offer fun and joy to people of all generations all around the world.

We'd like to offer our congratulations to Shigeru Miyamoto for this award.


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metafaniel said:

WOW He really deserves it! Last year he didn't win it but was nominated, now finally he has it! One of the very best awards in the world! He really deserves it =)



metafaniel said:

He has received in the past memorable awards too, but I believe this is much more important as it's one of the most recognized awards in the world!! If you see the winners in his category in past years, we can see organizations as big as CNN (1997), National Geographic Society (2006) or Google (2008), so now everyone will know about this great achievement surely in the News =)



SpaceKappa said:

That's awesome. I stand firm in the belief that NO ONE truly understands video games like Miyamoto. He sees them as more than just products to be sold. I feel like he's always seen past what video games are and instead focused on what they can be. There's a reason his creations are beloved the world over and games he created decades ago are still spoken of with such high regard. He simply IS video games.



Kinioka said:

That's a hard star coin to get. Let's all hope that Miyamoto has many 1ups to keep going, making us waste coins with a smile on our faces.



ueI said:

I have actually never heard of this award. But hey, the man deserves it all!



FonistofCruxis said:

Its great that he got this award. Its unlikely that we would even have games today if it wasn't for him.



Mercury9 said:

Fantastic news! Congratulations Mr Miyamoto.
And so close to E3 too!

Thoroughly deserved.



sinalefa said:

¡Felicidades por el Príncipe de Asturias, señor Miyamoto!

I wish more video game masterminds were not only as talented, but also as humble as he is. And Nintendo's games most of the time are labours of love, so that confirms that everyone involved gives their best, as all team work should be.

Of course this award also benefits the videogame medium as a whole.

¡Gracias por el Príncipe de Asturias, señor Miyamoto!

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