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Tue 14th Jun 2011

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Difool commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

This piece of junk means:
3ds heavier
3ds bigger
3ds asymmetric

Why BigN didn,t add the 2nd circle pad At the begining???
First, the price drop and now this......

Patience..... Patience...... Patience



Difool commented on Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games:

They are good games...... For 8 bits era. I played most of them in My NES (i,m almost 35 y.old) It,s a gift from Nintendo we can replay in ours 3ds. But the point is: are I satisfied with 10 nes games and 10 GBA games for the price of 100 €???
My answer Is nooo. Why nes games and not snes, N64 or gamecube games? Aren,t enought the 3ds to run starfox (or Starwing), smkart, or Ethernal Darkness????
Why BigN don,t give us 1 nintendo 3ds game for free??
Despite I said i,m enyoing the 2nd quest of Zelda I ( and considering to tatto Zelda map in my left arm)

Quousque tándem abutere, Nintendo, patineta nostra?



Difool commented on Nintendo Download: 28th July 2011 (Europe):

I watched the video this afternoon and lokeed pretty good!! I thought it was a cartridge game so I get surprised when I readed it´s a downloaded one. I´ll take it, NO DOUBT.




Difool commented on Check Out This Awesome Promotional Zelda Hat:

Yesterday i finally got my Zelda cartidge!!!!! It,s amazing, It,s like a new game, a total diference experience from n64.

The only sad thing Is I didn,t get a preorder so I missed the golden cartidge and the t-shirt. But i don,t care, Zelda 3ds Is AWesome, much more than I expected



Difool commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3...:

Amazig review!!
I think best Zelda ever is A Link to the Past for SNES
In Spain is now available on 3ds shop Game Boy´s Zelda Link´s Awakening for just 6 €. I.m going to take this little treasure right now!!!!!!!!!!!