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2D Platformer on 3DS Web Browser Jumps Into View

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not quite Mario

Just as we're getting used to the idea that someone is developing a 3DS web browser MMORPG, we hear about a 2D sidescrolling platformer from the same creator.

Step forward, Sidescroller, a demo level of which is available to play for free right now. If you go to URL on your 3DS, you'll instantly gain access to a short level, using the D-pad to walk and A to jump: classic platforming fare. Despite the protagonist having blond hair and wearing a grey suit, the presence of turtles as enemies and gold coins to collect from '?' boxes suggests a strong influence from the mustachioed platforming master, Mario.

It must be said that this demo level is very short, basic and has an extremely choppy framerate. That said, it's further evidence of programmers working on the system in innovative ways, and it's better than any sidescrolling platformers that we've developed here in Nintendo Life Towers. If Nintendo ever improves or replaces the 3DS web browser, then who knows what kind of games we could see online in the future.

Thanks to Prof_Clayton for the tip.

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BenAV said:

What's with all these web browser games?
I'll probably stick to Mario.



SkywardLink98 said:

Wow, first an MMORPG and now a 2D-Sidescroller, people are getting really creative with the 3DS's web-browser.



Late said:

Tried it and beat it. Framerate is serious problem but otherwise it worked pretty nicely.



Simmer_E said:

I remember someone posting this on GFAQS a while ago
Said they were still working on it
Hope they update and finish it!



_Octoling_ said:

It was pretty fun, framerate and graphics aside. Suprised. I'd pay to play a whole game with longer levels.



Knuckles said:

Very fun, framerate wasn't a huge problem for me, but I hope the end result is free



RVN said:

Oh come on, someone please make super famicom wars out of this (even when there is already something like that)



Robdeprop said:

I came here to say, that the MMORPG, project Triniate, and this sidescroller demo, are made by the same person; Me. Could you maybe mention that this game is from the creator, like project Triniate, too? I would be very thankful if you did so.



Dodger said:

The framerate stinks but it is a really creative idea. I'm excited.

I would love to see a 3DS browser turnbased JRPG.



pixelman said:

This is pretty neat. I can imagine a G&W style game working on the browser without much of a problem.



Shotgunryugan said:

Pure garbage,if i want to play a Mario rip-off i'd rather just play an actual Mario game.

I shall get interested when they actually make an original game.

Oh and the framerate is rubbish.

Just because they are making games for the 3DS doesn't mean i have to support rip-off's like this.




Dodger said:

I'm more interested in the fact that they can make games for the 3DS browser then if they are good or not. Cool idea that might produce a cool time waster every once in a while.



Azaris said:

Seriously this is a pretty shameless rip off of mario i mean the only real difference i see is the main character and the narrator the rest of it looks exactly like a mario level



Mercury9 said:

It's nice and creative but It's sure no Mario game.

Just what Nintendo think of this though is another matter. If enough kids get on board and get hooked then Iwata and co may start throwing Falcon Pawnches to the developers of such web browsing games. It detracts from the main purpose of the 3DS and Nintendo may not like it's users playing games however crude, in the vein of its IP's for nothing. Nintendo Roms and clones may be untouchable to some extent on a PC but when specifically developed for their 3DS?

Games for free on 3DS are good for some maybe but if I I were Nintendo, I wouldn't be too thrilled.

Project Triniate? I'd start collecting lawyers as if they were Pokemon!



Olorin said:

They're just javascript games with suitable dimensions for the 3DS screens, not exactly something new or amazing.



accc said:

This reminds me of the crappy java games that were made for cell phones from 10 years ago. Not really worth anyone's time.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

i can see the reason behind this though, just as computer games and phone games were a piece of crap 10 years ago, look at them now. Mayb that' what they plan to do with the 3DS. Start as good as they can and get better.



Mercury9 said:


But we have great companies like Sony, MS, SEGA and Nintendo who make the best games on earth for the best consoles on earth! Who would honestly give that up to play mediocrity such as this?

And you think Computer games were crap 10 years ago? If anything, most were better than what we have now! Will people ever praise games made by Project Triniate in the same way we do with say, Final Fantasy, Zelda or Mario in 10 years from now?

I very much doubt it.



RR529 said:

What's with all the hate on the idea? It's just someone having a little fun making a game, and they want to share it with others.



Dodger said:

This is an interesting idea not because games that can stand up to Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony will ever be made but because learning javascript is easier then learning how to program games that a publisher will buy. This is a way for common man to make something that anyone with a 3DS can play without hacking. Comparing it to games made by professional game developers at all is silly. And I probably wouldn't play this particular game but I'm slightly excited about the medium.



LittleKing said:


This. People used to do this for the Wii's browser and DSi browser all the time.


No. It's not, really. There's a big difference between custom software and browser games.


It's a browser game. If the device has a web browser, chances are it will run. It's not exactly a new medium. Now, I'm not saying that there's no potential, but, it's not particularly exciting to me that I can play browser games on my 3DS. If I wanted to play games in a web browser, chances are I'd play them on a real computer without any of the limitations the 3DS's browser has.

Still, you do have some point in that anyone can do this. I can see that talented developers could make a fun little game in JavaScript that runs in the 3DS's browser.

Regardless of the lack of technical innovation, I still hope this goes somewhere. As for the graphics, keep in mind its programmer art. It can improve. Just get someone to make a few nice .gifs of the proper size, upload them in the correct spots and viola.



Prof_Clayton said:

No problem providing the link to the website, I've known about this a while and never thought to report it to NL until the MMORPG story yesterday!
It's really short, but promising! I hope @Ropdeprop will tell NL about his future creations!



LegendaryQ said:

I think these games are really interesting; sidescroller obviously is just a demo, and it shows, but it's not like that is the extent of where this could go.



ATDI said:

Why couldn't some people read that this is a "sidescroller demo" before they go on about how nintendo might get mad, or that it's a Mario rip-off? What are you guys thinking? =|

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