Just as we're getting used to the idea that someone is developing a 3DS web browser MMORPG, we hear about a 2D sidescrolling platformer from the same creator.

Step forward, Sidescroller, a demo level of which is available to play for free right now. If you go to URL http://www.3dsplaza.com/apps/sidescroller/ on your 3DS, you'll instantly gain access to a short level, using the D-pad to walk and A to jump: classic platforming fare. Despite the protagonist having blond hair and wearing a grey suit, the presence of turtles as enemies and gold coins to collect from '?' boxes suggests a strong influence from the mustachioed platforming master, Mario.

It must be said that this demo level is very short, basic and has an extremely choppy framerate. That said, it's further evidence of programmers working on the system in innovative ways, and it's better than any sidescrolling platformers that we've developed here in Nintendo Life Towers. If Nintendo ever improves or replaces the 3DS web browser, then who knows what kind of games we could see online in the future.

Thanks to Prof_Clayton for the tip.