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Interview: Renegade Kid - ATV Wild Ride 3D

Posted by Corbie Dillard

ATV racer gets a 3D facelift

After having trouble getting the original ATV Wild Ride for Nintendo DS onto retail shelves, developer Renegade Kid have decided to give the game a 3D makeover and this time offer the game on Nintendo's 3DS eShop.

We recently got the chance to take the game for a spin and we thought now might be a good time to sit down with the developer and find out a bit more about ATV Wild Ride 3D and what we can expect from their new 3D racer.

Jools Watsham was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions and you can find out what he had to tell us in the exclusive Nintendo Life interview below.

Nintendo Life: It's been about a year since the original ATV Wild Ride title was released. What prompted you guys to revisit the game?

Jools Watsham: I am very proud of what we accomplished with the original DS game. It’s a fun arcade racer that is fast and has great controls. Due to complications that I can’t go into, the game was not distributed widely at retail, which made it extremely difficult for anyone to find it. In fact, I never saw it on a shelf anywhere – except my own shelf in my office! I bought my copy on-line.

The game did not receive much exposure either in terms of PR or marketing. I think the game deserves a second chance for players to check it out. Developing an enhanced 3D port of the game, much like Nintendo did with Ocarina of Time, is a perfect way to introduce the game to new players.

NL: The first ATV Wild Ride on DS was obviously a retail title. Why the decision to go eShop with this 3D rendition?

JW: The retail market has always been incredibly difficult, and it continues to get increasingly more challenging for publishers. I think a game like ATV Wild Ride 3D could do really well at retail if handled by the right publishing partner. It would need to have wide distribution, reaching all of the major retail stores.

However, instead of walking down that prickly path we have decided to go solo and make the game exclusive for the eShop. I think the eShop audience may like to see a retail-quality arcade racer available on the eShop for a fraction of the price.

NL: Can you tell us how much the game will sell for on the eShop?

JW: This is not final yet, but I think $9.99 is a reasonable price for it.

NL: You can tell that the game has undergone a rather significant graphical upgrade. What are some of the visual changes you guys were able to make using the added power of the 3DS?

JW: We dug deep and pulled out all of our tricks to make the game look as great as possible. Some of the main aspects we focused on include high resolution textures, shadow maps, specular highlights, mipmaps, real-time lighting on the player, additional particle effects, and a revamped audio system. All of this brings the game from its humble beginnings on the DS to a console quality experience on the 3DS. And, all of this really shines in stereoscopic 3D.

NL: The 3D effect adds a nice new layer of depth to the tracks in the game. What does that 3D depth bring to the table from a development standpoint?

JW: Games that are viewed from a third-person perspective work especially well in stereoscopic 3D. I think having your character sit in front of you while the world comes to you just looks stunning. It really pops. From a gameplay perspective, being able to actually judge the turns is a big deal – it feels more natural. I know this probably sounds cheesy, but the 3D effect really does make it more alive and exciting. At least it does for me anyway.

NL: Will we see some old tracks make a return and how many new tracks can fans expect from this new 3DS release?

JW: For the games’ first outing on the 3DS we’re including the original 24 tracks from the DS game. These span six unique locations around the world, including Thailand, England, and Russia. If the players respond well to the game we’d love to revisit it and design new tracks.

NL: Will the game feature local and/or online multiplayer?

JW: Whereas the DS game only supported local multiplayer, we’re adding on-line multiplayer for the 3DS version, which supports up to four players.

NL: Any idea when we might see the game released in North America and is there a European release planned?

JW: We’re not quite finished with the game, so it is difficult to say when it will be released. I hope to have it released summer 2012. I will make every effort to make the US and European releases as close as possible. There has been a huge delay in release with Mutant Mudds in Europe, which is my own fault, and I’m not happy about that. I intend to improve upon this with our future eShop releases.

NL: Rumor has it that this game is just a set up for a Mutant Mudds kart racing game that's rumored to be in development. Any truth to this?

JW: Anything is possible!

NL: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers in closing?

JW: Please check out the exclusive 3D screens that only Nintendo Life has to share with you in their upcoming ATV Wild Ride 3D preview, and let us know what you think about the game by contacting me on twitter.

NL: As usual, thanks for taking the time to take part in this Nintendo Life interview. We look forward to hearing and seeing more information about the game in the future.

JW: Thanks man – always a pleasure to talk games with you.

Stay tuned for our full preview of ATV Wild Ride 3D coming later in the week along with a few 3D screenshots of the game to give you a taste of what you can expect from this extremely cool eShop title.

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User Comments (19)



Chris720 said:

Count me interested... not liking the price at the moment. But I'm sure it'll be good quality.



C-Olimar said:

Online multiplayer more than justifies the high price point! Besides, it would probably have the same amount of content at retail, but it would cost 3-4 times as much! Can't wait for UK release! And of Mutant Mudds...



weirdproq said:

He owns 2 copies of Iggy's Reckin' Balls for the N64?! That's just really cool! I love that game and I'm sure I'l maybe enjoy this new game to.



brandonbwii said:

Online play, eh? Well, if the downloads reach a sort of critical mass, I may just have to buy this game AGAIN Mr, Watsham.



Nintendude92 said:

The retail game was actually pretty good. Online play could cement a purchase from me at only $10.



OldBoy said:

Oh I'll be all over this, can't beat a good quad racer (although PURE is still my favorite).On-line multiplayer is also a huge plus, certainly worth £10.



japzone said:

I'm interested but I'm not sure if an ATV Racing game is my thing. If they release a Demo for the game it'll probably help convince me.



Smooth27 said:

Day one purchase, sounds awesome and if the graphics are gonna be really good, then I dont mind 10 bucks off my walletvim supporting the title day one. I didnt support mutant mudds because the demo I played had gloomy music and settings, hope the make brighter colorful stages like super mario bros next time.



cyrus_zuo said:

Day 1!
I didn't get Mutant Mudds b/c I had a lot of trouble with the disappearing platforms in the demo. I found them frustrating (they missed the Mario feel unfortunately). Otherwise I really enjoyed that demo, the style and visuals.
I love racing games and wanted to check out the original ATV on DS, $9.99 sound perfect here, I'm glad they are doing it (and wish it 8-player racing...this won't replace our weekly Mario Karting with 4 players!).



Corbs said:

Developing a brand new Dementium costs big bucks and they'll almost have to have a publisher fund the project. This is basically upgrading an already-existing game to the 3DS. Big difference. I think we'll see a new Dementium game down the line.



RR529 said:

I've always enjoyed the genre from what I've played, but have never bought one of these games. At only $10, with online multiplayer, this could be a good download.



Dodger said:

Might be fun.

And $10 is a fair price. I hate it when people complain about pricing for any game under $15 now that you can add any amount of money you want. Yes, the Iphone has games that are 99 cents. Most of them aren't even worth the 99 cents. If a game isn't worth money at all then it isn't worth money at all but unless a better game is available for less, anything $15 or under on a downloadable shop is rather fair as most games on the Eshop take a lot more work then 99 cent Iphone games.



accc said:

Is this gonna run at 60 fps? I can't stand racing games that run at less than 60.



Philip_J_Reed said:

At only $10, with online multiplayer, this could be a good download.

Agreed. It'll be nice to have some online racing fun without having to swap out whatever cartridge I'm using for Mario Kart. Bring it on, Renegade Kid.



Undead_terror said:

also for this game hopefully theres a free mode so you can do epic fall of your atv,years ago me and my cosin was playing a game called atv offroad fury for ps2 and we would go go moutains just to fall of the atv....good times!
also waiting for news on that monkey bomb game



bahooney said:

Wow. People are really spoiled if they think an enhanced port of a retail game is too much at 10 bucks. Sad, really.



BenAV said:

Sounds awesome.
Looks like a decent game as it is... Improve the graphics, add online multiplayer and let me download it straight to my system for $10 (well, probably $15-20 here in Australia) and count me in.
Unless something goes wrong, this sounds like a day one purchase.



moomoo said:

Day 1 purchase, without question. I was going to buy the orginal, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Considering that this is the exact same game but better in every regard AND costing much less than the original, I have no choice but to buy it immediately.

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