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Check Out This Fan-Made Portable GameCube

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It actually works, you know

One thing that technically-minded gamers occasionally indulge in is creating unique versions of their favourite consoles. Thankfully for us these creations are often shared with the world on YouTube, and courtesy of CKmods we can take a look at a portable GameCube.

The original GameCube console, famously, had its own carry handle for conveniently picking it up and taking it elsewhere, but this creation, called 'CKCube Slim', takes the issue of portability more seriously. It may not be portable in a realistic sense, in addition to the fact it's missing some of the controller buttons and leaves the disc itself exposed on the back, but it's still a functioning GameCube. We wouldn't advise its creator to take this beast on the bus, but it's a gizmo that shows some ingenuity and a love for the famous old 'Cube.

There are some ideas around what has been used as the casing for this device: the video is below, and we'd love to hear your theories.

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Samholy said:

hahaha. amazing !
the disc behind it seems a bit risky,. its fun to see that the whole gamecube interior is crammed into a spagetti pasta tupperware.

im intrigued at the screen, what is it, where did he get it ?



AceSpadeS said:

Actually it does appear to have shoulder buttons. Look above the Start button on the center of the controller. There's two extra buttons there, and I'm positive those aren't on any normal Gamecube controller. Even though you'd still be missing Z, you'd have all the buttons you need to at least navigate menus.

They could be turbo buttons though...



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Amazing. Make a safe, portable Wii now that has all the buttons and doesn't expose the discs. I'll buy that.



warioswoods said:

Even if he somehow remapped the shoulder buttons to face buttons, you wouldn't be able to play some of the true Gamecube greats (like Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion) without having those unique analogue triggers.



hYdeks said:

mod is cool to a degree, but not having the shoulder buttons makes this mod basicly useless But hey, it's works...



Ren said:

cool, I actually like the homemade spirit of this over the more slick ones. For personal use that's really neat and more a "to see if I can do it" thing, I think. For that kind of portable gaming I'd actually just get a 3DS or stay at home, but I love the ingenuity of this.



Ren said:

that one is a nice design but if you watch closely you can see that it's not truly a portable gamecube. It's a casing for a screen, controller and something that runs gamecube roms. He switches games without ever switching discs and quickly clicks past a "non-gamecube" menu between games. You can also see the input screen from the monitor so the monitor isn't truly integrated. It's a nice look but very much the work of someone looking to play large games on the go, not truly make a portable gamecube.



FonistofCruxis said:

The one Late showed definitely looks better as it isn't lacking the shoulder buttons, the buttons on it look easier to access and the disc isn't on the outside but this is still impressive.



Ren said:

wow, that's pretty neat. I wonder if they have a battery, seems like his are always plugged into something, which kind of defeats the purpose.



JohnPhilipSousa said:

Anybody know anyone I could send my GameCube to to have a similar service done? I doubt there's any place out there, but if there is, and if it's reputable, please tell me.



Henmii said:

Cool! But he forgot one very important thing: You can't hit the shoulder-buttons! Uh oh, a problem there!



Wolfenstein83 said:

Kinda neat, but how does the thing vent all the hot air out?
What if it over-heats, I didn't see any vents for the fan?
The case looks like a plastic juice or cereal container, but seems to work well enough.
Wonder how long the battery lasts?
Ah well, I just wish I had one myself!
Heck, maybe I will just go and make one, seems like everyone is doing it these days.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

=.=; The best housing he could find was a tall Tupperware container. You better hope your mother doesn't find out what happen to her storage container.

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