One thing that technically-minded gamers occasionally indulge in is creating unique versions of their favourite consoles. Thankfully for us these creations are often shared with the world on YouTube, and courtesy of CKmods we can take a look at a portable GameCube.

The original GameCube console, famously, had its own carry handle for conveniently picking it up and taking it elsewhere, but this creation, called 'CKCube Slim', takes the issue of portability more seriously. It may not be portable in a realistic sense, in addition to the fact it's missing some of the controller buttons and leaves the disc itself exposed on the back, but it's still a functioning GameCube. We wouldn't advise its creator to take this beast on the bus, but it's a gizmo that shows some ingenuity and a love for the famous old 'Cube.

There are some ideas around what has been used as the casing for this device: the video is below, and we'd love to hear your theories.