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eShop Welcomes You With Update Notifications

Posted by James Newton

Come in, sit down

Those exhausting days of opening the eShop, heading over to settings and scrolling through your download list to see if any of your purchased games have received updates are over.

Power up the eShop now and, if any updates for your games are available, you'll be met with a message telling you exactly that; it's then a simple tap to take you to the list of updates.

You'll also notice the Available Updates section actually works now, too.

3DS Ambassadors can download a free update for Metroid that adds Virtual Console features. Go wild and try it out.

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3dbrains said:

Cool. I wonder what they will be doing on the 20th?
Adding new features or just improving the speed?



SaKo said:

Remember when they said thet you will be able to access the eshop online? yeah...



AbuJaffer said:

@jibberldd5 They said it'd be a way to view QR codes, which you scan with your 3DS. You can already do that. They also said it MIGHT come, sometime in the "near future." If you're that impatient, Nintendo isn't exactly the company for you. They're known for taking forever to release ANYTHING.



rjejr said:

This is news to me. I'm actually still excited to see Nintendo doing updates of any kind, no matter how they divulge the information. I just add this to the list of things Nintendo needs to do right to make the WiiU comparable to the PS3. Number 1 is still a 3DS like application to get my Wii info into to my WiiU - at release. Updates are important though, a game like Darksiders 2 is likely going to have an update, maybe even DLC. If Nintnedo is going to have 3d party support on the WiiU it's going to need to act like MS and Sony and have DLC and updates and online. I'm watching the 3DS for hope.



DarkEdi said:

And where is the Wii Update? I found the Zelda fix channel by accident and a Netflix update by accident too.



Dodger said:

Yep, this showed up for me when the Metroid update came out. Nice to not have to scroll through all the E3 videos.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I've gotten this pop-up three times already...Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and VVVVVV. A VERY nice feature to be sure, but hardly NEW news.



grumblegrumble said:

Yay! I mean... I've never actually seen this update feature FULLY WORKING before so I have nothing to compare this to. It's nice, though, that at least an update for Metroid was announced. I also got one for VVVVV, but the game is so large I had to delete it to make room on my SD card for others.



DamnataAnimus said:

@ grumblegrumble

You can buy a bigger SD card and just copy the info from the old one to the new one. I did this last night w the one that comes with it to a new 32 gig SD card

You should set your region to the UK so you can use the UK eshop as frankly the australian one sucks. You get a much bigger selection of games on the UK one.

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