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Thu 23rd Feb 2012

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DamnataAnimus commented on eShop Welcomes You With Update Notifications:

@ grumblegrumble

You can buy a bigger SD card and just copy the info from the old one to the new one. I did this last night w the one that comes with it to a new 32 gig SD card

You should set your region to the UK so you can use the UK eshop as frankly the australian one sucks. You get a much bigger selection of games on the UK one.



DamnataAnimus commented on Darksiders II Creative Director: "Don't Compar...:

I have finished Darksiders, and yes it is pretty much the Legend of Zelda. I wouldn't say its better, but some gamers might appreciate the mature themes as opposed to LoZ which was more tended to be somewhat more parent friendly. Legend of Zelda is by far the better game, but that could also be nostalgia talking.



DamnataAnimus commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

Really I don't see why people are getting bent out of shape about this article.

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