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Nintendo Download: 26th January 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Balloons and caterpillars

It's time to look ahead to Thursday and see what games lucky European residents can download, with Wii, 3DS Virtual Console and DSiWare all represented this week.

3DS Virtual Console

Balloon Kid (Game Boy, Nintendo, £2.70/€3) — A sequel to Balloon Fight, this hasn't aged particularly well, sadly: our Balloon Kid review explains why.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs (Cybird, 800pts) — The educational adaptation of the legendary original, check out our The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs review if you're considering picking this one up for your family.


Double Bloob (Bloober Team, 500pts) — Not the finest effort from Bloober Team, particularly considering this game was originally developed for retail, check out our Double Bloob review for more.

Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 3 (Tivola, 500pts) — More maths, more vampires, more minigames. Review coming soon.

That's your lot this week, folks, but don't forget the 3DS eShop demos are still available.

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Omega said:

Based on the last two games, the release cycle for VC games in Europe is every 223 days. So the next game is scheduled for 29 Aug 2012. And then for 09 Apr 2013.



ToneDeath said:

Yes! Balloon Kid is my most anticipated 4/10 scoring game...ever! I can't wait to feel that crushing disappointment when it turns out you guys were right after all. But honestly, although I'm obviously not expecting something with the quality of classics like Super Mario Land 2 or even Kirby's Dreamland, I'm sure it's a nice little game nonetheless.



SuperUberBear said:

I played Balloon Kid as a...well a kid. And I don't remember anything at all about it other than having a pea shooter and balloons...fair 'nuf @4 4/10 lol



Gavin_Rozee said:

You'd think that early January would be the best time to release the big guns, what with millions of new 3DS owners via Christmas.



Late said:

Want to try Balloon Kid as I really like Balloon Fighter on NES. NL's review score won't stop me



BenAV said:

Aw, nothing again this week.
Still waiting for some more great 3DSWare!



Spagem said:

i already have baloon kid for my gameboy advanced SP since it plays gameboy games. not downloading even though i love it!



Geonjaha said:

Looking at 3DS VC for a brief moment I thought there were 3 titles on offer. I was thinking "Wow! Nintendo are really getting their act together suddenly", then I realised.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Finally someone else recognizes it's all nintendolife's fault. There's no excuse for not making games about reviewing. All features of the 3DS could easily be used and there would be more than enough DLC for everyone. Eff you nl, you're the ones ruining our lifes !
For a second i thought the same 'bout the 3 titles @Geonjaha.



JustAnotherUser said:

What are we VVVVVVaiting for?
Nothing for me this week. It's a good thing really as my watch list is long.



Gstewart said:

Newton Vs the Horde (wiiware) should be out this week also.
As Marketing goes we have totally failed to let anyone know the game actually exists. We're Indie devs. It's not our strong point I have to admit.



SKTTR said:

Snowpack Park, MDK2, Frobot, Stonekeep, The Magic Obelisk, and Discipline. Somebody has to publish these WiiWares in Europe.



CaPPa said:

Do you know what price point has been set for Newton vs the Horde and whether it has a North American release? I believe it was 240msp on XBLA, so will it be an expanded version if it is say 500 points on WiiWare?

I know it got pretty good reviews on XBLA and iPhone; so i'd certainly consider picking it up on WiiWare because inventive indie devs deserve the support (and I'd like to see what you guys will do on the 3DS).



TromaDogg said:

Might get Balloon Kid just for the nostalgia alone (like I did with Alleyway)...yeah, I know it's not that good (I still have my original Balloon Kid GB cart ) and really hasn't aged well, but I'm transported back to a happy place in my mind when I play stuff like this and at least it'll have the suspend save feature that the original lacks, expecting you to complete it all in one go just like Super Mario Land. I much prefer the ability to dip in/out of Super Mario Land downloaded on 3DS and not lose where I'm up to, so I'm sure I'll get some fun out of this. It really is a 4/10 game though....first few levels are not only dull, they're extremely easy.



Rockman said:

I own Balloon Kid for the Gameboy; time to get it out of it's box and feel the disappointment!

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