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Expect the Circle Pad Pro Battery to Last for 480 Hours

Posted by James Newton

Or thereabouts

The Circle Pad Pro attachment needs its own AAA battery, but don't think you'll need to shell out on new ones every time you fancy a game of Resident Evil Revelations.

According to one eager Japanese early adopter, the device's instructions claim it can last for up to 480 hours on a single AAA battery. Good job too, as the battery itself is kept in a compartment held shut by a screw.

The 3DS Circle Pad Pro reaches Europe on 27th January 2012.


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The_Fox said:

So it doesn't use a battery hatch like every other piece of electronics ever? How strange.



Aqueous said:

@James - Wait, wait, wait double or tripe A James, you've said both above. As for the time, impressive.

Edit: triple then, I like the sounds of that, I'm not interested in in the attachment yet but I have rechargeable triple A's, so this sounds good.



Late said:

Looking at this thing again after a while from its announcement, it doesn't look all that big and bulky anymore. Still not gonna get it before a game I like don't work without it.



zeeroid said:

Not gonna say "I told ya so", but... I did.

It's literally just a few buttons and an infra-red light. It uses power at the same rate as a TV remote control — in other words, it was destined to last a very, very long time.



SLiM said:

Good to know. Won't have to worry much about it's battery life if I ever pick it up.



Yrreiht said:

Neat! There is just so many games that will support it, with 480 hours ill be able to finish all of them with one battery xD



shinesprite said:

Meh dual-analoging is okay, but everyone knows dual D-pads are the way to go. I was hoping the add-on could double as an expansion for the 3DS' battery.

Side note: The article mentions both AAA and AA batteries. Which type is it?



Zach said:

What a let-down. This is really going to complicate my 500-hour-long Resident Evil sessions.



NESguy94 said:

That battery might corrode before it dies in some cases. Although the games that this peripheral work on are the kind of games that you will easily spend 100+ hours on.



rjejr said:

But is the battery included? That is both a sarcastic and serious question. I beleive all the Wiis came with cheap AAs in the Wiimotes so for 480 hours if they stuck one in there you wouln't have to care for awhile.

Of course Nyko and PowerA are probably already working on one w/ with a built in battery pack for the 3DS so no extra battery neccessary.



x-mas_mii said:

i'll get it if theres a good game that needs it (hopefully black ops 2 if for 3DS)



Supremeist said:

I'm gonna get this for Revelations and Monster Hunter. (Also good for RE: The Mercenaries as well)

It's not as bad as I thought, it just should of been on the system in the first place.



NiaLovesNinty said:

I'll only get it if it's compatible with Kid Icarus: Uprising...maybe. Otherwise, if I don't need it, I won't buy it.



Skogur said:

I don't think that a second circlepad suits the 3DS, and it doesn't look that comfortable either. Will probably get it when I stumble upon a game that really need it.



Henmii said:

"According to one eager Japanese early adopter, the device's instructions claim it can last for up to 480 hours on a single AAA battery"

That's good news!

"Good job too, as the battery itself is kept in a compartment held shut by a screw"

That's pretty lame, as is the whole idea of the peripheral!



Traxx said:

This thing isn't a fail for gamers, but it's a fail for Nintendo.
Anyone remembering Wii Motion Plus never really has taken off cause it just were/is an peripherical device the 3rd partys resist to support. Addons changing a console's standard will always result in splitting the audience in two groups: the one having it and the one not having it. Naturally, the customers not owning the new device will always outnumber the other group, so most companies decide not to use the new device or only will support it to a non-relevant amount, causing the device lose more and more significance. In short: I don't "hate" this thing as a gamer (I will buy it), but I already perfectly know it won't be of any importance in the long run.
Strange decisions like batteries, locked in a screwed compartment don't help either.



jpfan1989 said:

why is everyone treating the screwd-in-battery thing as if they've never seen it before? like it wasn't on every electronic device you had as a kid? if something isn't done the most convenient way possible people freak out like its a big deal "oh no I have to pick up a screw driver once every 20 days, its horrible"



Traxx said:

Every 20 days? Yes, thats even already too much. And if you r using rechargeables they won't last even that long. It's pointless hiding AAA battery behind a compartment you have to screw every time.



alLabouTandroiD said:


@Traxx (32.): I see it more as optional than anything else. So far all the Circle Pad Pro games have an alternate control scheme too. Or so i've heard.

So while it sucks that Ninty didn't include it in the first place it may even end up as a blessing in disguise.
As long as there's not a new model of the 3DS games better have an alternate control scheme since devs and publishers would risk losing a lot of money otherwise. Which is good for people that just can't get to the grips with dual analogue.

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