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Ride the Rails with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Next Year

Posted by James Newton

Or decide where they go at least

In RollerCoaster Tycoon you're supposed to build the ultimate theme park to spread joy to the world, bring smiles to the faces of terminally ill children and generally make everybody feel good about themselves, but it's actually much more fun to create rides like this. 3DS owners will get a taste of that pleasure next year as Atari has revealed RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D is on the way.

The 3DS version will still offer all the fun of creating giant rollercoasters with a more streamlined financial management aspect, and for the first time will offer a "Coaster Story" mode giving you a set of challenges and objectives to achieve as you build your career as a true rollercoaster tycoon. Or just murder everyone who comes to your park in the most amusing way possible. Your call.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D is down for release next year.

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Colors said:

Unless it includes a 3D stereoscopic first-person mode of you riding the roller coaster that is nauseating enough to make you vomit, not hanks :/



6ch6ris6 said:

ah damn no gameplay video .

i hope this will be good. i loooooooooooooooove rollercoaster tycoon!!!



Rensch said:

I hope this works out on a portable so badly. I've been waiting for an on-the-go version for years. Can't wait!



Raylax said:

I have but one request - use group screaming sound effects (RCT1 & 2) rather than individual peep screaming (RCT3). The only thing I didn't like about RCT3 was that the scream sound effects were atrocious... which is a bad thing on a game where people scream continually.



Supremeist said:

Rollercoaster Tycoon was one of the first games I loved during childhood. This looks great, and I'm actually glad It's coming out next year because there are too many good games coming out soon before Christmas, and adding more that I want will only make it harder for me to get them all.



Supremeist said:

I also have a request - Please work hard and let's hope for graphics that aren't choppy, no matter how many rides and people are at your park!



she_gamer said:

Hours of my life were invested in this series... one of my strategies was to create a small pond by the entrance, and if anyone kept getting stuck finding their way out of the park, I'd throw them in there to drown. Only affected the rating a little bit, not near as much as having them complain for hours.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i think i might get this game next year. we'll see though. depends when it's coming out next year



jackaroo said:

I love RCT 1 & 2. Ive put hours into those games. But RCT3. Eh. Couldnt get into it. Still often go back to the others though. If this is like those or even a port of one of them id buy it. If its like RCT3 or a port of RCT3 then id probably wait for a price drop.



MasterGraveheart said:

I enjoyed the first one, so I might give it a shot, depending on price. I remember my first theme park...

"Pikachu's Wild Ride has been involved in a crash."
"16 people die on Pikachu's Wild Ride."
"You failed to meet your goals."

Good times.. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



edhe said:

"The 3DS version will still offer all the fun of creating giant rollercoasters with a more streamlined financial management aspect"...


That's the whole point of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Otherwise, it's just Rollercoaster.



Look at the kid's reaction at the bottom right!



Blink said:

Come, dear people, come into "Your Doom" the newest and most advanced theme park ever! What? No rides you say? Oh that's the best part! See, when all of you were admiring the beautiful statues and shrubberies, I removed the gate. Goodbye. C:



Kagamine said:

hope its not just a port of the third one, cuz i didnt like that one so much. however i hope you can still ride your own rides in first person



Tuturoopa said:

ahhh! This is my childhood dream come true!! Its been at least 6 years since they came out with rct3I still play the third One to this day and have wanted a video game of it forever definitely a day one buy for me!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Didn't see that one coming. But it seems like a good fit.
And 'cause i'm not really creative in games the "Coaster Story" mode could really cater to me. A mission to "build a coaster with three loopings and everyone surviving" sure is more constructive and purposeful then aiming to have them all fall out in a very bad looping or creating a "ski jump" of death.

@SuperSushiLax (21.): That's amazing, good sir. Especially the guy just standing up again in the middle left.



Robo-goose said:

No, way. This is actually for real. There is a good chance that I'm going to pre-order this, considering that all the other RCT games have been top notch. This really is exciting news.

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