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UK 3DS High Street Price Drop Round-Up

Posted by James Newton

Lots of deals to be had

Fancy picking up a 3DS in the UK today? We've created a handy overview of the biggest and best deals available across the UK to help you plot where to spend your money.

Tesco — £114.99

All reports point to Tesco offering their consoles at the lowest price at a stunning £114.99, available both in-store and through its Tesco Direct online service.

Amazon is also matching this price.

Morrison's — £119.99

This is a limited offer available in-store for the next 10 days, and expect stock to be hard to come by as the chain has put out plenty of advertising to shout about this deal.

The store is also offering 3DS games for £25 during the campaign, including Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

ASDA — £134.99

It's not like ASDA to grant Tesco such a big advantage on price, but there's definite space between the jostling giants on the console. We'll wait and see if ASDA has anything up its sleeve, though.

Sainsbury's — £139.99

Surprisingly, Sainsbury's isn't jumping on the lowest price bandwagon, offering the console at £140 and as-yet no announced deals on software. Whether it drops this price to compete with its supermarket opponents remains to be seen.

HMV — £149.99 with a game

HMV is offering the console online for £139.99, with an in-store price of £149.99 that includes a free game from a selection of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D, Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D, Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D or Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D. Not bad.

We have Ubisoft 3DS game reviews to help you decide which game to go for.

It's also worth noting the store's online portal is selling off games dirt-cheap: Ghost Recon is going for just £14.99, a steal for one of 3DS's most overlooked gems.

GAME and Gamestation — £149.99 upwards

GAME Group stores come in at the higher end of the 3DS pricing scale, offering the machine on its own for £149.99. While this may seem steep versus the competition, you can pick up Ocarina of Time for only an extra tenner: £159.99 with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D isn't a bad deal at all.

The chain will also be encouraging trade-ins, so anyone wanting to upgrade from a DSi or DSi XL can trade in and get the £159.99 bundle for £99.99.

As for online, GAME is plugging its Play Now, Trade Later deal. The 3DS and Zelda will run you £154.99, but trade it in before 25th August and you're guaranteed £150 of in-store credit, not bad if you're only really buying it for Ocarina.

If you spot a particularly good deal anywhere on the high street, let us know and we'll update this post accordingly.

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antdickens said:

That's a huge price drop. I imagine some people will hold out for the £99.99 that's bound to be available around Christmas time. If you were put off by the price tag before, you no longer have an excuse



Kagamine said:

if you live in certain areas in the UK, you don't need to buy one. just go loot one!




Still feel a pang if annoyance for paying the 189 pounds I did for the thing. If I didn't love the GBA games so much, I'd be livid.



Blaze said:

I paid £187 for it on launch, seeing it £72 cheaper isn't helping my current angry state. I suppose the NES and GBA games are worth about £30 to me, so I suppose that's only putting me about £40 out of pocket. he thing is I wouldn't have minded this if there had been some good software on the 3DS up until now, but I would have missed out on pretty much nothing buying today! Most of my 400 hours 3DS Play Time has been spent on Golden Sun, Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, and The World Ends With You so I really feel like the once definite Wii U Launch Day Buy is now becoming more of a, Hmmmmm, I'll see.



Linkstrikesback said:

Ouch, thats more of a price drop than I was expecting. This is going to leave me very jaded, to say the least ,about buying any nintendo console on launch again



ChaosTheChao said:

The day after it came out, the 26th of march, i got a 3ds from tesco for £170 plus a game which equeled at £205. bargain or rip-off?



Bass_X0 said:

I got a second hand 3DS for £130 last Thursday because I wanted the 20 free games. I knew better than to get it at launch even though I could have afforded it. Okay, I didn't predict this price drop but I knew it would come down in price sometime later at a time when more games I wanted were released. I was quite happy to wait. I wasn't missing out on anything by doing so.

I paid £187 for it on launch,

Well, what were you thinking the day you got it? Of all those great games that were coming out at the end of the year? What reason was it that you had to get it at launch and couldn't have waited like I did?

You've seen it before but it does sum up the launch very well.

This is going to leave me very jaded, to say the least ,about buying any nintendo console on launch again

And rightfully so. If you're concerned about saving money in the long-run then its just not worth it.



Ragnarok said:

Don't know how I should feel now. I payed £196 for it with Zelda on amazon. I guess the 20 games make up for it, considering how Nintendo prices it's virtual console games.



default12345 said:

I'm going to buy an Aqua Blue 3DS, transfer everything over and then sell my Cosmos Black. Because I can.



citizenerased said:

Amazon has free international delivery (or at least they do deliver it for free to The Netherlands), so you can pick one up - including delivery - for €130



daznsaz said:

i got mine at launch for £220 so what why do some people want others to feel bad about getting a console when it comes out very strange controlling even



chiptoon said:

We get screwed here in South Africa. I paid R2800 for mine, which is around £254. Ouch. It didn't seem so bad at the time purely because the official UK price was £220, and we're used to being screwed down here. But now... I'm pissed to say the least. I feel totally ripped off. And so far there's no price drop in sight.



MrMagpie said:

OUCH...I'm still pretty happy with my ambassador deal, although when my 'exclusive' GBA titles are (as they inevitably will be) made available to the public, I might feel a bit annoyed...



rdvid said:

Great deals for you out there in the UK, we have to do it with prices of "159,-" (in euros)



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Tempting, but I´ll wait until Nintendo releases exclusive games worth buying. So, a unit from Amazon in November seems pretty likely for me.



Chris77 said:

I think i paid about £180 on launch day. I'm surprised the drop is so much, but as I've played it nearly everyday since launch, taken it on four overseas trips and the wife had stolen my DSi, I'm OK with it. Looking forward to the 20 free games, and all the goodness that is on the way in the final quarter. I've checked Amazon a few times today and it's been nice to see the 3DS climbing towards the top of the all format video games list. Currently only Wii Zumba is holding off the Blue and black 3DS respectively with OOT in 4th. I paid a price I was happy to, and now others are paying a lower price they are happy to. I just want the system to be successful so we can get years of great gaming out of it. When the system is very popular I'll be pleased I was on this ride from day one, even if it cost me a few more quid.



Blaze said:

@rdvid 159 Euros is still about £135 so your not being too badly screwed. The worst conversions made by Nintendo are the ones from dollars, if the US get the 3DS on Launch Day for $250 that = £153.45, so why are we paying £230, or about £190 if we find a good deal???



Olaf-symbiote said:

In my country, the original launch price was €290, so I really had to pay a lot for my 3DS . I have no regrets about getting it at launch, though. Bet the new price here will be something like €220. My country just loves ripping off its consumers. The VAT here is extremely high, something like 30%. I don't wanna fund some unemployed bums' way of living when I buy stuff, but unfortunately I'm forced to do just that... (sigh)...



Savino said:

You guys complain too much for my taste.

I paid 531 dollars here in Brazil (due to taxes) 4 days after the launch date and almost 100$ per game!

Tell me about regret...



Blaze said:

@Savino 531Brazilian Currency is £201, and 100Brazilian Currency is £38. Your not too badly screwed, seeing as our 3DS Games cost £40 and MOST people payed £200ish for the Console before this price drop, although I managed to get mine for £190.



Savino said:

I was talking about dollars, not Brazilian Currency (called Real).
In Reais (plural) I paid about R$ 800,00 (531,00 US$) and R$160,00 (100,00 US$). And I paid a good price for the standart prices here!!

It´s expensive, but, of course, R$ 800,00 for a regular guy here in Brazil isnt the same of 250,00 for a regular in US. It represent less money in our monthly income in general terms. But yet, I wish I waited a little bit more.



citizenerased said:

@rdvid: Like I said, Amazon does free shipping to the Netherlands. If anyone else is from Europe I can highly recommend checking it out, it's all PAL region anyway.



Rensch said:

Here in Holland, the cheapest one I've seen so far was €158,- at Free Record Shop.



Doma said:

The price of the system wasn't the sole reason for me waiting though. Hurry up and release some GOOD games, damn. I'm not buying a new system for ports.



Olaf-symbiote said:

@Savino Ouch, 531 dollars ! Now I realize I didn't get the absolute worst deal possible. I'm sad to hear they overprice stuff so horribly over there. Wonder if Brazil will get any kind of a price drop at all, then?

@superlink64 Thanks ! You're the first one who has ever commented on my avatar. Glad to hear you like it .



Savino said:

Yeah... here in Brazil we get always overpriced products. Games, consoles, cars, computers, mobile phones, internet plan, television... we already used to it!
The price-drop already arived here, the 3DS now costs a lot less... and I mean A LOT LESS!!! Dollar worth almost nothing here today so we can get it for 300US$, about R$480,00 or 40% price reduction. Wich is great for me, since I will have to buy two more 3DS at Animal Crossing launch, since my daughter and wife doesnt play anything else!



ClockworkMario said:

Yeah many places here are selling it at 209-219€, though has it at 179€ which I think is reasonable. Oh and I think the VAT is 23%. I got my 3ds few months ago, I traded my DSi for 3ds and OOT for 209€ at Gamestop.

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