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This Zelda Drawing Video Will Help With Your Flipnote

Posted by James Newton

More than that, we can't say

Yesterday we told you about the Legend of Zelda Flipnote Studio competition, and if you're struggling to get a grasp on sketching the Hero of Time this instructional video might help you out.

The video shows how to draw Link in his classic adult look as well as the more divisive Toon Link style, and should help improve your efforts in the official competition. Below that you'll find Nintendo's inspirational video showing just what can be done with Flipnote Studio, talent and patience.

Remember Flipnote Studio isn't available on 3DS so you'll need a DSi or DSi XL console to enter this contest.

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TKOWL said:

My cousin can draw a mean Link and Toon Link, but I absolutely suck at both of them...



jediknight said:

I would love to be able to draw like that. I'm better off as a cartoon drawing person though, as I can't capture life-like images...



cheetahs said:

Wow, I can't draw that good on paper, never mind on a dsi...mind you, that might be because I don't even have a dsi



Rensch said:

Don't have a DSi to try this on. BTW, I hear there is a cool new 3D version of Flipnote coming up for 3DS owners. If only they allowed that version as well, more of use could've tried it out.



wwww said:

Handsome eyebrows are essential.

ANYWAY I really want flipnote for the 3DS already. The built-in drawing over photos stuff has shown me that I really don't care for adding "3D" to my drawings, I just wanna flip some notes!



James said:

@bro2dragons Nintendo is putting together Flipnote Memo which will be the same thing but better. Until then, no note-flipping for you.



Punny said:

What, no cheesy song?

Take a page and a pen,
Draw handsome eyebrows,
Add a diamond, then one more...



Henmii said:

Nice movie! Also, the Spirit tracks music made me very happy! Nice green DSi too!



Milkman-123 said:


nintendo didnt really make that games. stinking philip did. nintendo just gave use of the characters, before they knew they would cancel the project.

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