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The Last Story and Pandora's Tower Grace Europe in 2012

Posted by James Newton

The trio completed

Xenoblade Chronicles is out in Europe this Friday, but those gamers who thought it was part of Wii's last hurrah might want to rethink that, as Nintendo has confirmed that both The Last Story and Pandora's Tower will see the light of day in Europe in 2012.

There's no word on a specific release date yet so they could arrive any time between January and December, and may even release after the Wii U console is launched, but it's good news all the same.

Will you be picking up one of these games to complete the triumvirate of Japanese Wii RPGs?

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BenAV said:

I already assumed these games were on their way but it's nice to have official confirmation.
Can't wait for them, especially The Last Story!



DrWadsy said:

Yes. Yes I will. I'll probably have to import them unless Nintendo Australia surprises me, but I'll definitely get both of these



marc_max said:

I think today's announcements are far better than the whole E3 this year.



Matillion said:

Wonderful news, Newton.
Unfortunately, I have to much other things on my list,
and my 3DS ain't printin' no money liek the gif, so, yeah.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Great news !
Judging from its Famitsu score and the normal Wii pricepoint for Xenoblade there's a really great chance that i'll get The Last Story the day it releases.
Guess i'll have to do a bit more of research or wait for reviews on Pandora's Tower though.



Azikira said:

Why does NOA hate us so much? D: I spent thousands of dollars a year on Nintendo stuff. Isn't that good enough?



n0body said:

Hell yeah!!
This is a smart move because it creates a better environment for JRPGs on Wii in anticipation for the ultimate JRPG that is DQX!
Is there a link to a press release?



Wheels2050 said:

Excellent, it's great to get official confirmation! I'll probably pick both of these up, assuming they're not terrible.

@WaltzElf - PT seems to divide people a bit. What don't you like about it?



Blaze said:

Great to have confirmation. Definitely be picking them up; already got Xenoblade preordered for Friday!



WiiLovePeace said:

Yay finally a confirmation!
Definitely pick up Last Story, may get Pandora's Tower. We'll see.



darkgamer001 said:

I think Reggie is gonna come under even more pressure to publish these games in NA now...more and more gamers over there are going to be fuming at not be able to play these games (and rightly so...), and he's not going to give the WiiU's image as a viable console for hardcore gamers any favours with his current stance.
Operation Rainfall ftw



Markystal said:

If these games aren't released here, I'll end up having to go the hacker's path and mod my wii to remove region blocking.



Kid_A said:

I really want to check out Pandora's Tower. I might actually import these games and a Euro Wii just to play them.



Bigdog said:

If Zelda's release hadn't been announced today, my heart would have died a little. Oh.... NOA, why do you treat us so?



ToxieDogg said:

Got my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles in the post this morning (thanks to ), just about to give it a quick go now...might turn into a long go

Will definitely be preordering Last Story and Pandora's Tower.



LittleIrves said:

My biggest concern is that the Operation Rainfall games won't be released in America purely for image/mindshare reasons. What I mean is, Star Fox 2 was a finished game, and they still didn't release it ONLY because the N64 was coming and they wanted to position the N64 as the next big thing, 3D graphics, etc. If they have their "hardcore" system WiiU coming out in 2012 and release these core games on Wii, it sends something of a mixed message. Not to all of us, of course, but I'm afraid that's the line of thinking at work.



ElReminator said:


I thought the WiiU would be completely retro compatible with the Wii? They can still sell new consoles and old games, I think. (That is... if they find something great to sell the WiiU...)

Take example on Sony: They released some niche yet important games for PS2 (SMT: Persona 4, Odin Sphere...) and those did well, even if the PS3 was already released to some success, and even if some models of the PS3 couldn't read PS2 games.

I think Nintendo knows that not everyone can afford a new console at release, it's a good thing to give core games for the previous gen still, could even sell the remaining stocks of Wiis...



dimi said:

I will definitely buy The Last Story. I'm sceptical about Pandora's Tower, its not a RPG and i read mixed reviews, so we'lll see.



Ren said:

I think it'll come here eventually, as long as you guys across the pond buy it up in droves. Get to it, fellas! Buy, buy!
Normally I wouldn't notice a game like this but the trailers look amazing. It's been localized enough for Europe, just repack it and release it, it can't be that expensive to release now that it's in english.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm growing more and more impatiant with Nintendo of America as this news from our neighbors across the Atlantic comes forth...



Joetherocker said:

Eh, good for Europe. I don't really care anymore at this point. NoA is full of morons who won't listen to anyone, but there's nothing that can be done about that.



arrmixer said:

If no news come by next year, I'm seriously considering importing the 3 games and the wii.....



Henmii said:

Good news! I am especially happy about Pandora's tower. That game looks very cool!

"and may even release after the Wii U console is launched"

That's very unlikely. I expect both games BEFORE the Wii u release!

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