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Analyst Predicts Monster Hunter Announcement at TGS 2011

Posted by James Newton

Here we go again

Every time a major games event comes around, the rumour mill fires up to maximum efficiency and churns out a sludgy stream of hype and nonsense, in which one may occasionally find a glimmering diamond of truth.

With Tokyo Games Show a few weeks away, Japanese analyst Mizuho Securities has predicted a big announcement from Capcom at the show, and has increased its predicted share price accordingly. That prediction? A new entry in the Monster Hunter series.

We've been here before of course, but as the Capcom COO thinks Monster Hunter 3DS will happen and TGS is just around the corner, if we're going to see anything of the game on 3DS — or Wii U, even — it'll be next month.

Until we have something more solid to go on, start practising your elated and disappointed expressions to be covered for all eventualities.


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Aviator said:

Honestly, I don't want anything Nintendo MH related at the present time. I am much more intrested in Monster Hunter HD.
(Unless the 3DS is getting some form of Portable 3rd)



James said:

I'd wager money on a port rather than anything full-on new for 3DS. Unless they're going to do MHP4 for Vita and 3DS, which I can't see working either, TBH.



BlueBandanaJake said:

It would be emotionally irresponsible for me to let loose and become hugely excited over this rumor that has very little actual backing, so instead of creating a massive disappointment in the event that this turns out to be untrue by way of generating extreme hype, I am going to make some toast.



grumblegrumble said:

What the heck is Monster Hunter?!! How about a Zelda original game for the 3DS? Or a new Metroid 3DS release? Now, THAT would be good news



Portista said:

If it comes out... I'LL BE FIRST IN LINE!!!!!!! Grumble, if you dont know what monster hunter is, go on the Nintendo website and do a search.



Highwinter said:

I'd be happy, but I don't see it happening, especially with HD being a launch title for the Vita. Monster Hunter just isn't big news outside of Japan.



Jamouse said:

Let's Hunt some Monsters!

Looks at size of monsters.
Looks at size of myself.




Djrr-ific said:

I don't care in what form Monster Hunter makes it to the 3DS, I never played a game in the series but will definitely buy a 3DS entry because it looks so awesome!



retro_player_22 said:

Hopefully it'll be a brand new Monster Hunter series exclusive to 3DS, I don't want the 3DS to be having more ports of games we already played.



Bankai said:

I have to agree with @James. I seriously doubt Capcom will invest in a new Monster Hunter game for a console that's got what, 5 million units out worldwide?

I believe a new Monster Hunter game will happen, but only after the 3DS has 10, 15 million units out there.



daznsaz said:

but theyve already put out street fighter 1 resi game and another on the way.dont think they will have problem doing mh for 3ds



Spoony_Tech said:

@waltzelf as much as I have to agree with you lets not look past the fact that in Japan anyways just the announcement of a new version for the 3ds might sell millions in Japan. Look at what the Wii version did in Japan! With that said I'm not getting my hopes up for any version until its announced!!



zionich said:

@waltzelf and on the coatail of Tech101

The new 3DS could be a Monster Hunter version, to boost sales with a Monster Hunter game. (but ya, no reason to make a new one at the moment)

Im just hoping that it wont take 2 years to get it to the U.S. if its released.



motang said:

This will definitely be a huge boost to the 3DS, and well know it needs it.



GEOFF said:

A new 3DS with 2 sliders + monster hunter = hugh sales for the crazy jap MH fans.



Megumi said:

....Enough with the teasing already! Just give us Portable 3rd!....Put in a few new monsters...and another new area, lol. (Mountain Stream looks boring, shaddap, lol)



komicturtle said:

So 0 units of Vita out in the public versus 5+ mil of 3DS- the former gets MH HD...

No. It's just MH sells Sony's portables. Units sold have really nothing to do with anything in this case. and because Capcom enjoyed the success of Tri- they know Nintendo fans would want MH on 3DS.

Dual sticks or not.



RYBlast said:

@Mandoble Dat touch screen at the bottom.

Anyway, forgive me if I'm being dumb, but what makes us so sure that this new Monster Hunter would be for the 3DS and not the Vita?



Mandoble said:

@RYBlast, so you are holding the 3DS with your left hand, moving with your left hand thumb and using the stecil to look around with the bottom screen? And surely with the 3D effects enabled and the sweet spot jumping from here to there? IMO that's a total no way at all for the poor 3DS.



koryz12 said:

But it better have online as no online is a deal breaker for me as you can only go so far in MH games on your own and there are more multiplayer quests.



AVahne said:

Hope 3DS gets an all new game. Vita's already getting Portable 3rd HD, which I seriously don't think is worth it. It looks exactly like the PSP game to me, just without the jaggies (not the bird wyvern).



TheGreenSpiny said:

@18 Highwinter: Stories have nothing to do with RPGs. It has do with wether or not they have turn based, menu driven combat. Many of the old 80's dungeon crawlers never had a story either.

As for Monster Hunter, I thought Tri was a bore... and the clumsy controls didn't help. Maybe with better controls, I'd be more into the series. And do something about that camera Capcom! Having to fight fast moving monsters while constantly moving the camera is a pain.



MasterGraveheart said:

Still, I'm wondering about that 2nd analogue... and I'm wondering if I can just drive to their New York repair center and have it installed right quick. Coudln't take as long as it did when I shipped my Wii for repairs. And do you guys think that the 2nd analogue would all but guarantee Monster Hunter actually comes?



Hokori said:

@26 I agree Vita is already getting MH and they have sold 0 units, so why is 3DS outta the question?



Aviator said:

@RYBlast Have you played a Monster Hunter game? Touch screen for the camera would not work.

@TheDarkness But that is how the camera works in the game. It doesn't aid you by using lock on, you have to control the camera. And it is much better that way.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@mandoble: You use you left thumb to move camera with the touch screen. Same as any DS FPS. It's not that hard. It would be better if capcom added a lock on camera and a quick turn (like the RE games use.) Having to constantly fiddle with the camera ruins the game for me.

@38 Aviator: Better? How is fiddling with the camera better? It would be better if the camera followed your character over the shoulder ala RE. You spend all your time in MH trying to adjust the camera, and by that time the monster has turned around and it is charging you again so you can't line up your next attack on time. No thanks Capcom. Come up with a better camera system then we'll talk.



Aviator said:

No, I spend most of my time fighting monsters. There is nothing wrong with the camera, and if they did it over the shoulder ala RE4/5, then you lose most of the vision around your character.



Mandoble said:

@TheDarkness, and that's the problem, what works for the DS will never work for the 3DS. in MH3 you need to keep controlling the camera most of the time, wich means you need to keep pressing different areas of the lower screen all the time too, which means the console will keep moving, even slightly, which means you will keep seeing dual image all the time, trying to catch the 3D sweet spot this way is going to be a waste of time. Anyway the bottom screen is a really bad substitute of a real second analog stick for the camera.



zionich said:

Plays just fine on the PsP with ONE analog, why are we having this debate?



Megumi said:

@43: It's the position of the slide pad and the D-pad, they're flipped compared to the PSP, and no one likes other options for camera control on the 3DS. (Lock-on, reverse claw, touch screen....motion control...)



zionich said:

Ill be the first to say im not a fan of lock-on because for me it would take away from the challenge. Even in a game like Demons Souls, the lock on helped , but also got in the way when the battles got a little more intense.

As for the rest, im sure it will all work out.



Megumi said:

I thought that the Lock On could be a switch on the touch screen, so you don't have to use it all the time. (and be able to switch targets if another large monster popped up)



Bankai said:

@26 Capcom and Sony have a business relationship around Monster Hunter. Capcom would be getting financial kickbacks from Sony to make that stuff happen.

I would hope Nintendo would be doing the same thing, but they haven't got a very good track record there.



zezhyrule said:

'Here we go again'
my thoughts exactly...

Also, lock-on would ruin MH. That is all I have to say.



zionich said:


While that is true, but monsters have breakable parts. I just dont see how lock on would add anything to that. Its just to fast paced imo.



Megumi said:

...Dunno what breakable parts have to do with Lock-On, but's not like the character itself is locking on, just the camera.



gazamataz said:

i have monster hunter on wii and i love it.but i stoped playing it because it was taking over my life.i have'nt had a psp for a while so i have'nt played it on that system.but i know deep down that if this game ever comes out on 3ds.i will buy this game and then nintendo won't see another penny out of me for a very long time.i'll finally be able to afford those solid gold shoes i've had my eye on.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Of course the announcement would be great and the game would shift a whole lot of units. But they can take their time in my opinion. I see nothing wrong with waiting how the 3DS and the two Mario's do over the holidays.

PS: I guess free camera movement instead of lock-on is a better fit for multiplayer focus.



Samholy said:

keeps my fingers crossed. this would be a major title for the 3ds. a portable game like this would increase sales for sure !



OldBoy said:

If this is true I can't see it controlling that well on the 3DS unless they re-think the whole control scheme. Not too fussed anyway as I could never get on with MH:Tri ,too much of a time sink. goes back to playing Deus-Ex



zionich said:

Because you would have to cycle trough the breakable areas. Also Monsters have different resistances on different parts of there bodies. They would have to make the lock-on so easymode, that it would just rob the game if they made it to work as well as free attack does. Now I know this becomes a choice, but fans play it for what it is. Case and point, Demons Souls and Dark Souls. The challenge makes the game.

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