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Miyamoto: "Wii U is an Attractive Environment for Developers"

Posted by Trevor Chan

Nintendo's duty to create new ways to play

With the Wii U poised to setting a new paradigm in the way a controller is related to its console, Nintendo is clearly keen on setting itself apart from its competitors once again.

In an interview conducted by French newspaper Libération, Shigeru Miyamoto explained that if a generation of consoles are indistinguishable from each other, the industry would end up with games that are alike. Noting that it is the job of hardware makers to invent "new systems of play," Miyamoto described Nintendo's vision of providing new ways to play by suggesting that new gaming machines will in turn inspire new concepts.

With the uniqueness of the Wii U, Miyamoto was asked whether software development would be more difficult or complex than usual, to which he replied:

It will not be difficult. In a way, it will be even easier because I think the machine is more responsive to the aspirations of developers, and offers more creative freedom than traditional systems available. The latest technology, graphics capabilities and new possibilities of the Wii U create an attractive and welcoming [environment] to the game-designers.

When asked whether any difficulty would manifest itself in a conceptual or technological capacity, Miyamoto elaborated on the freedom the console will offer to developers:

It is a machine that defies the imagination and creativity [of people]. But that means more fun for developers. There are many ways for the player to control the image [on-screen]. This may be confusing at first, but I think it will be easy to adopt because it [pools together] the freedom demanded by developers themselves. And it offers lots of new expression to their imagination.


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Gamer83 said:

It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo screws this one up. The controller itself is enough to keep me from wanting to invest in this machine.



NintyMan said:

@ 4 and 5, that's your loss then. Not everyone can be satisified.

And how can anyone make predictions now when there's so little known about it? We might not be thrilled, but the developers ought to be just giddy about the console! Just imagine getting to make a cool new game that will wow people with interesting gameplay as well as HD graphics. How can one not like that? We're in for a treat, everyone.



Gamer83 said:

If the dreadful first 3+ months I've had as a 3DS owner and the way Nintendo is sending the Wii out are anything to go by I won't be missing out on a damn thing by skipping Wii U and waiting for PS4 or the next Xbox. Nintendo has performed terrible of late.



pixelman said:

Because the first three months of the DS were a perfect indication of its eventual library of horrible games.

Oh wait.



Gamer83 said:

Even the DS wasn't this bad. And at this point it seems like every day I check this website and yup, another 3DS game cancelled or delayed until further notice. Sure Nintendo will eventually get it together and put out some great first party stuff but at this point I see no evidence that third parties are going to go along for the ride as well and because of that the game library will not be as good as what the DS' was. For its part, Nintendo didn't help matters by not releasing a single game worth a damn until OoT. Nearly three months later of course and it was just a port at that.



Gamer83 said:

I don't really know why we should cross our fingers and hope. Hope for what? That Nintendo finally gets something right, that the company shows, even just a little bit that it actually gives a damn about its fans? Please, if this year has taught me one thing it's that Nintendo just does not care and I've pretty much given up on them. I'd love to be proven wrong but I doubt it will happen. The Wii U will suck just like the 3DS sucks.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

Merely wondering but why do people make an account on a website called "nintendolife" just to belittle and badmouth every single thing Nintendo does? It's beyond me, but anyway...

Good to see developers will have an easy time and are excited to be making games for the wii u. Hopefully, that'll translate to some quality games.



Gamer83 said:

I've been here for about a year or two and my purpose isn't to badmouth Nintendo, I don't enjoy doing that. That said, I'm not going to pretend that the company is making me happy when they aren't. I don't know how anybody could say this has been a good year to be a Nintendo gamer and I see nothing to tell me that things will improve anytime soon.



C-195 said:

It's good to see 3rd party's really get interested in the Wii U, although making good games for it is something else entirely.



dizzy_boy said:

3rd parties should stop whinging about nintendo`s titles and start start worrying about their own IP`s.
delaying and canceling games because of what nintendo are doing is pathetic.
sony and microsoft don`t have no way near the amount of quality first party titles that hintendo has, so the 3rd party dev`s dont have the same worries on their consoles. because there isn`t the same competition for sakes, unlike on the nintendo consoles.
3rd`s should be happy that they`ve been given the headstart on the 3DS and should have taken advantage of that fact.
what would happen if the wii u gets a load of 1st party titles at launch. i bet the 3rd`s would moan because nintendo are hogging the game sales, leaving 3rd party titles not selling well. either way, nintendo can`t win.



Slapshot said:

@Gamer83 There are a lot of people here that haven't been overly impressed with Nintendo the last few years - especially their online offerings, but do be mindful of others that may not play as much as some of us do on a daily basis, as they don't need as many games in a year as we do.



CerealKiller062 said:

In general, I think that there has been absolutly nothing to look forward to from any gaming console. Most titles are to come out by the end of the year. I don't think Nintendo is the only one with dry spells in game realeases. Can you name me 5 titles across all platforms that are original (not remakes) and have been anticipated. 2011 is just not a good gaming year.



SuperSonic said:

@Gamer83 ...Trollin'...
What exactly will suck about Wii U and sucks about 3DS, Mr. Dissatisfied? Now let me tell you that I am completely happy with Nintendo's progress. So, am I now retarded because of not agreeing with you? If you're not gonna buy the Wii U, fine. This just means more for us who actually appreciate Nintendo.

Nintendo cares about its fans. Why do you think Wii U was built with more similarities to the current generation "core" systems? The fans got sick and tired of the Wii being excluded from games and bashed on by PS3 and 360 fanboys. Those ignorant fools thought like Sony: "Grafix 'n' Powr r wat maxe a game gud". So when some of these "gud" games didn't release on Wii, it was laughed at. They can't appreciate the true platforming of Mario and Zelda. So now we have a really powerful Nintendo system. It keeps the good Nintendo qualities and has no graphical or power limit (compared to 360 and PS3). Now, what's so bad about the Wii U?

Or the 3DS at that? It's such a great and improved successor to the DS, Sony ripped it off with PSVita. Its poor game library at launch is not to blame on the 3DS. There just weren't that good 3rd party games to make up for it. 1st party, you ask? Nintendo's been working on so many at once that it would only be logical that the games arrive late. Need anything else explained?

Excuse me, I seem to have just broken into another rant...



StarDust4Ever said:

@12 Crunchy Milk:
"Why all the Trolls?"

The reason why people are logging on to Nintendolife to badmouth Nintendo, is because the creators of this site also created for the PS3 Move, something-kinect, for the 360 Kinect system, and now a brand new site for the PS Vita. If you create an account for one website, that same login automatically works on all the sites in the Nintendolife ring. As an unfortunate side-effect, there are a lot of PS360 fanboys who signed up on the other newly-created motion-centric satellite websites, who presumably got bored and started trolling Nintendo Life. I do have a PS3, but I have no interest in the PS3 Move system, nor am I interested about anything related to 360 (One word: RROD). I don't normally comment on Movemodo, Kinect, and Vita articles due of to my Nintendo fanboy status. Otherwise, I would be trolling, with nothing positive to contribute.

When I first signed up long ago, I joined, and later on became active on On April 1st, 2009, both sites merged with Nintendolife, on which I have been active ever since. It is my primary source of Nintendo-related News and reviews.



theblackdragon said:

@StarDust: Considering the sister sites weren't around back when Gamer83 showed up (i'm assuming that's who you're talking about at the moment considering he's being somewhat vocal in this particular comment thread), your argument is flawed. The sites actually aren't seeing much in the way of cross-traffic in terms of users signing up at MM/KT/VG and then migrating to NL; it's actually much more in the nature of the other way around.

It's not about users having 'picked sides' and sticking with them. It's about users who feel they've been burned by Nintendo, and they have just as much a right to voice their displeasure and/or disbelief as much as you guys have to praise them for whatever they've done that you like. As long as everyone's being civil about it, discuss away. Don't like what they have to say? Put on your big-boy (or girl) panties and ignore them.



IronMan28 said:

Nintendo has said basically this same thing for the past two generations. I'm not saying they're not right this time... I'm just making that observation.



Bass_X0 said:

the dreadful first 3+ months I've had as a 3DS owner and the way Nintendo is sending the Wii out

Why did you buy a 3DS so early if you didn't trust Nintendo to deliver? I'm a Nintendo fan but I haven't gotten a 3DS yet because there aren't enough games out for me to be happy with one. But other people are happy with the current games out. Its only been dreadful for you as a 3DS owner because you personally rushed into buying one without making sure the amount of games were satisfactory to you.

And the Wii is on its way out. It came out at the end of 2006 and its now 2011. Thats a pretty standard life for a console. Nintendo are focused on making more 3DS games as you want them to and developing the Wii U. If they were to continue making Wii games at this late stage, then they would be taking away development time from making new 3DS and Wii U games. So which is it do you want?



outrun2sp said:

Nintendo are in trouble here because the 3ds is not selling well and the vita is going to have 3d and have no region lock and superior graphics.

Wii U also does not have a comfortable controller anymore for serious gaming.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I appreciate the way Nintendo just has to bring unusual and good controls to the market. And with the controller i see the potential to have good new experiences. Not very clearly yet but i'm not a dev anyway.
I hope the devs will come up with good games that use it well.



JimLad said:

I really hope Nintendo impove on their WiiWare service for WiiU. If they can get more indie developers working with the hardware, all sorts of magic could happen.
Retail third parties will probably just add touch screen menus and gimmicky crap to the same old games.



daznsaz said:

im more than happy with nintendo i dont have my wii now dont know if ill get another or wait for wiiu and get any games i missed for that missing tv gaming but had my 3ds from release was a little drought but im glued to it now had to get unlimited broadband because of doa and resi mercs and its only gonna get better hurry up wiiu★



PSICOffee said:

I completely agree with Gamer83 and I've made similar comments these past couple years but that doesn't make us trolls just because we don't blindly suck the teat of Nintendo anymore. TBD summed it up nicely.

I could have sworn Miyamoto said the same thing when the Wii game out, and we all know what 3rd party's did for that.



sonicfan1373 said:

The Vita is not going to have the 3D effect. And Nintendo can easily make the 3DS sell more this coming holiday by either bundeling a game or lowering the price (or both). Moreover, one of the things that has turned off the people whom I have spoken to about the Vita is that there is only backwards compatibility with certain titles that are only available via the Playstation Network. The 3DS's backwards compatibility was one of the key reasons that made me choose it over the Vita. But I will agree with you on the fact that people who enjoy higher end graphics will indeed choose the Vita because its graphical capabilities are quite amazing.

As for the Wii U controller, after actually feeling one myself I can say that it is actually quite comfortable. In fact, it felt like a GameCube controller just a bit wider which really did not make a difference.



Burning_Spear said:

It's ridiculous to suggest that Nintendo doesn't care about its fans. There are so many games and other examples of how it clearly does care about its fans. That's an entirely different issue from making a marketing mistake. Does anyone think Nintendo designed the 3DS and then said, "Well, screw our customers, we won't launch any big titles with it?" It was a mistake, pure and simple. And the company has admitted that.



motang said:

Didn't they say the same thing about the GameCube and the Wii? I sure hope 3rd parties won't abandon the Wii U two year into it's life.



hYdeks said:

I have lots of hope for the Wii U, and I'm glad I'll still be able to use my wii remote and nunchuk for shooters (maybe?) The only way the system will fail is if people fears get the best of them again. Is the system powerful? Will it have 3rd party? will it have online?...people ask lots of questions but we all know what were afraid of: nintendo leaving the hardware business like sega did. To the people with the fears, I think you'll be surprised come Wii U's launch.



Retrogamer88 said:

i also agree with Gamer83 because it seems like nintendo (and capcom) just dont care about there fans,all i have to look forward to now is the
Wii U and i hope it works out and has games come out when there supposed to and not cancell or say there not going to release a game,and like Gamer83 i am not here to talk bad about nintendo but i am also not going to say that they are perfect eather because there not and i am not going to stick up for them eather when they dont care about there fans,i just hope that nintendo gets back on track soon and by soon i mean before the Wii U comes out, and i am also one of those gamers who dont care about graphics because as long as the game is good and has alot of content to it then i am happy so please nintedo wake up and smell the coffee!!



Gamer83 said:


Fair question, I got a 3DS because I bought into the E3 2010 hype but also because I was very happy with both the Wii and DS. The Wii I'd actually rank as my third favorite Nintendo system (home or portable) behind SNES and NES. So it's not until recently that I've been bothered by what I'm seeing. I've been a big supporter of Nintendo since I first got a chance to play an NES way back in 88 when I was 5 years old. I didn't join this website to bash Nintendo, nor have I ever really not trusted them. I am just concerned with the recent direction and some of the decision making. I know that new systems get off to a slow burn, I'm fine with that, but 3DS released with features that I believe should've been there day one, period. I was willing to give them a pass though because I thought games might get here quicker, sadly, that hasn't panned out either. Then there is the absolutely inexcusable decision not to release even one of The Last Story, Xenoblade or Pandora's Tower on Wii. I just don't like the recent direction and when I saw another highly anticipated 3DS game get canned yesterday, I just got a little more ticked off and vented. Just so everybody knows, I've also been highly critical of Sony and MS for things as well over at Gametrailers which is the other forum I post on. I have no love really for any of these corporations, especially the ones who aren't purely gaming companies.



Capt_N said:

It's cool that we all don't go nuts around here, & instead talk calmly. *That makes a forum that much cooler.

Anyways, yeah, I seem to have this bizarre feeling, like I seem to recall Miyamoto saying a similar bit, when the Wii was coming around. & I also agree w/ you Gamer83, N's practices as of late seem to show more of their business-side, than their gaming co. side.

I might just save money, & hold it off on a new console, til I see what the competition brings. Then again, I might still get a WiiU from the start.

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