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3DS Virtual Console Lands On Its Feet with Catrap

Posted by James Newton

Another game rated

What do you mean you don't remember Game Boy puzzle game Catrap? Well, the Australian ratings board doesn't want you to forget, as it's just announced a rating for the cutesy block-pushing game — also known as Pitman in Japan — with a 3DS Virtual Console release looking likely.

Game historians might be interested to know the game is notable for being the first to introduce the ability to rewind time, a feature that gained popularity some 20 years later in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and fellow cat-based outing Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

There's no further information for a release date yet, but we'll keep you posted, of course.

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gamepopper said:

A barely known Gameboy Puzzler with unique characters, gameplay and fun gameplay? Sign me up!



Issun said:

Heard of it a few weeks ago and was intrigued ^^ Now I know I'll be able to buy it !

"a feature that gained popularity some 20 years later in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" : Isn't it a bit too big of a number ? Because, I don't think Catrap came out in 1981 ^^' 10 years in the very least

I'm a Nitpicker ^^



Supremeist said:

It actually looks decently fun, and I love the colors. I actually hope it comes to VC, but I'm still hoping for alot of other games.



Oregano said:

The cool thing is with the 3DS restore points there no need to use passwords!



afroevan said:

I think this game looks like a decent enough puzzler, but why have they GIVEN up on Wii VC entirely! At least rock out some Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong 64!!!
I have a feeling most 64 games will go on the back burner now in the chance of 3DS remakes (although Starfox & Ocarina are available in both forms)
I won't hold my breath but I would do anything for a Jet Force Gemini 3DS remake with the quality of Ocarina! OMG



Bass_X0 said:

I remember reading about Catrap in a magazine. I played it a little a while ago as I was taking screenshots of the game for GameFAQs. Seems okay. Kinda basic though.

a proper Diddy Kong Racing release!

They can't because of Banjo and Conker. They can only appear on Microsoft consoles now. And Nintendo won't remove them or change them into someone else for a Virtual Console release. Jet Force Gemini is also Rare's own game and as such is not possible to be released on a Nintendo console.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm surprised that we're getting obscure games like this so early, I wouldn't have expected games as obscure as this until the 3DS vc had been going for a while. Even though this game doesn't look like one that would interest me there might be others that I never heard of that do interest me like there have been on the wii vc.

@afroevan Welcome to nl and I agree with you, the wii vc shouldn't be abandoned when there are still many quality games that could be released on it.



Link79 said:

@ afroevan
They haven't given up on the Wii VC. Just last week in America we got super E.D.F. for Snes and a couple weeks before that Final Fantasy VI.
I don't think the Wii shop is being abandoned just yet.



bro2dragons said:

Not that I'm complaining about anything, but curious, rather... but why is there a total of... ONE system supported on the 3DS-specific side of the eShop? Yes, there's Pokedex and Excitebike under 3DSWare (Excitebike only kinda fits in that category and Pokedex is only kinda a game), and I know there's Link's Awakening DX. But that seemed more than anything a promotional release for OoT3D and Skyward Sword, because it's the only one of its kind.

The Wii VC didn't just launch with NES games... it just seems weird to me, and I can't think of a reason why they would do it this way. I expected by this point to have brand new 3D games, as well as GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Game Gear games available at the least.



squirrelguys said:

This looks like a decent puzzler. But I'll probably get Links Awakening or Donkey Kong first.



Monsti said:

God, this brings back memories. XD This was another one of the games on my "150 in 1" gameboy cardridge my parents brought me from spain when I was a kid. Of course we all didn't know that thing was pirated back then. XD I rememeber enjoying the puzzles.

I might get that.



The_Coz said:

Dude, where's Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters and Metroid II? This is starting to get a bit disappointing...



LztheQuack said:

@The_Coz: Keep in mind the system hasn't even been out for a year. You can't expect all the good games to come out at once. Back on topic, this looks fun and I like puzzlers, so day 1 purchase if it comes to the States



RadioShadow said:

I remember playing this. It's quite a fun puzzle game. I didn't realise they were suppose to be cats however.



Squiggle55 said:

I'm pretty sure releasing obscure games is just a good business strategy. lots of people are snatching up these obscure games b/c it's all that is being released and they really want to download something on their new toy. If they also released big titles that everyone is interested in, they wouldn't get nearly as much money from the obscure titles.



Bassman_Q said:

@mariofanatic- I feel the exact same way. There are several GB titles that are well-known that they could release, and it seems they're only releasing the obscure ones, one after another. Who decides these things, anyway?



Bass_X0 said:

Who decides these things, anyway?

In the case of Catrap, I would assume that Asmik Ace Entertainment or whoever is the publisher looked at the catalogue they have available to them and decided on Catrap. Nintendo can't make other companies submit games to them and likely has no influence on what gets submitted and how often games get submitted from third party publishers. Although Nintendo does publish third party games sometimes. Catrap being announced has no basis on what games other companies announce.



Link79 said:

Let me know when Belmont's Revenge, Return of Samus or Mario Land 2 get's rated.
Then I'll get excited.



Teh-Ray said:

How exciting!

Thanks for lighting up my nostalgia once again, Nintendolife! I'm glad to see there are a couple others who've played this game, too. Can't wait!



brooks83 said:

Hmm, did Asmik make any games for other systems? If so, maybe they could release some games on the Wii VC.



brooks83 said:

Just checked, they released Conquest of the Crystal Palace for the NES, D-Force and Lock-On for the SNES (Lock-On was pretty good from what I remember), and a few games that could be imports. Maybe if Catrap sells well they will want to support the Wii VC.



Geonjaha said:

They aim to release games that were originally recieved relatively well, but ones that are also easy to transfer. That's why you're not seeing RPG's or the best games being transferred, with Link's Awakening being an exception (it is also the only GBC one so far - Maybe the last for a while?)

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