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Mon 18th Jul 2011

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afroevan commented on FAST Racing NEO Details Finally Exit The Garage:

Wow looks fantastic. 2 hope. I hope they actually release this one in Australia. And they better hope Nintendo don't unveil a new F-Zero on Wii U, a true step up from GX with 40 players online, 60 fps and 1080p... But I'd still buy both if that happens, man I hope that happens haha!



afroevan commented on Nintendo Download: 11th September (Europe):

Hoping Australia actually gets Teslegrad, unlike Shovel Knight, Armillo and Scream Kitty
Also, I despised Mario Pinball, purely because Pokemon Pinball is FAR superior. I'd love them to release Pokemon Pinball R/S on the Wii U VC. It is by far the best pinball game around, it has smooth realistic physics, huge amount of content and my main hope, is it sells well enough to reignite my hope for a modernised update for XY with all Pokemon, multiple boards etc on 3DS! Man that would rock!



afroevan commented on 3DS Virtual Console Lands On Its Feet with Catrap:

I think this game looks like a decent enough puzzler, but why have they GIVEN up on Wii VC entirely! At least rock out some Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong 64!!!
I have a feeling most 64 games will go on the back burner now in the chance of 3DS remakes (although Starfox & Ocarina are available in both forms)
I won't hold my breath but I would do anything for a Jet Force Gemini 3DS remake with the quality of Ocarina! OMG