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Catrap (GB / Game Boy)

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Banished to a mysterious underground labyrinth of complex mazes, two explorers are faced with one chance to reverse the curse: solve all 100 puzzles set out in mazes before them.

But watch it! Every maze has monsters patrolling the depths of the labyrinth. Help Catgirl and Catboy push around blocks to bridge a path to yet another maze, or topple a block a few stories over the pursuing monsters. If you make a mistake, simply use the rewind function and travel back in time to correct it. With 100 mazes in this labyrinth, it will be quite a challenge to get out of the curse's reach.

Catrap is more than just a game of mindbending intrigue and action. Be the architect of the underground labyrinth and make your own games of intricate mazes.

Whether you choose to be a maze builder or a maze solver, we know you can help Catboy and Catgirl land on their feet.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Definitely not a trap

Nintendo's been releasing 3DS Virtual Console games at a very nice pace so far. In just a few months, we've already had classics like Donkey Kong and Gargoyle's Quest. The newest release, Catrap, however, is probably the most obscure title yet.Originally...

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Nintendo Download: 13th October 2011 (North America)

13th October 2011 (North America)

Cat's out of the bag

A little something for everyone this week — other than Wii Virtual Console fans, that is — from WiiWare demos to forgotten classics. 3DS Virtual ConsoleCatrap (Game Boy, ASK, $2.99) — The original turning-back-time puzzler featuring cats — take that, Blinx the Timesweeper — this game is exactly what Virtual Console is about: a hidden gem given a new lease of life..

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SaKo said:

aww man, looks fun, i need a review though before i get it...



MeWario said:

Does anyone know if this game is any good? I'm waiting for the review before I buy, but it looks good!



SaKo said:

@xj0462 it is the same game, the name is different because this version is from a different country.



edhe said:

That cover art is pretty low quality compared to the original - especially with the boy's deformed face:


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