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Netflix has Another Nintendo Console Queued Up

Posted by Trevor Chan

The partnership continues

Netflix is already available for Wii users in the United States and Canada, and is also scheduled to hit 3DS users this summer. That's not where it ends, as the streaming service is also coming to Wii U.

In an interview conducted by AllThingsD, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was quizzed on a number of topics; from the things Nintendo hopes to accomplish with the launch of Wii U, to the demographics that will gravitate to the console, the most interesting detail to note was perhaps a little tidbit that was spilled by Iwata.

When asked what kind of gender ratio he thinks Wii U will attract, Iwata's reply was:

A number of the videogame genres will be for male audiences, and the male audiences will increase, but on the other hand, this device is capable of many other things. On this device you can see video streams of Netflix, or you can use in conjunction with the TV. Regardless of the gender, you may want to use it … Our hope is it will be equal number of males and females who will be interested in this device.

As Wii U supports high definition visuals, it's possible that its eventual Netflix service will also be available in HD. Watch this space.

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AlphaNerd01 said:

It'd be pretty cool to stream Netflix to the WiiU's controller. Not a deal maker, just a cool feature.



WaveBoy said:

Netflix would rock if it didn't take them months and months to actually get a new

But for older releases and the like, it's pretty solid. But physical discs are still king in the Picture quality and sound department.



Algorhythm said:

It's still technically not even available for the 3DS as of I'm not impressed with this announcement. When will it actually be available for use, 2014 ???



zeeroid said:

Wii U Netflix could be a very interesting prospect, indeed. Swap it to the controller and take it to the kitchen? Sounds great!



armoredghor said:

seems cool to pop on some head phones and watch it while someone else is watching TV. With a 6" screen it's big but not as clunky as a laptop.



Kirk said:


The only problem I see here is if the controller doesn't allow streaming far enough away to get out of your living room then that's a bit of a waste because in that case I might as well just watch it on my TV as per usual.



YorkshireNed said:

dammit, when will their UK equivilant, Lovefilm catch up? They promised us a Wii channel about 2 years ago!



komicturtle said:

Netflix for 3DS should be coming very, very soon (maybe even tomorrow, even).

But anyhow, not entirely surprised about Netflix on WiiU. Do it. I'll be happy and that just adds another sweet feature for me

though, I still would have gotten if something crazy as Netflix not coming to Wii U.



rjejr said:

I think I've been saying this all along but might as well continue to repeat myself: the WiiU controller screen is fine for Netflix even if it's wirelessly tethered - see plugged in Sony Dash. The screen size is fine as people watch NF on phones. NF is available on pretty much anything that gets the internet, it WILL be on here. Anybody who has ever curled up on a couch watching tv while somebody next to them read a book will have a use for NF in the living room w/ headphones.
And while I'm on the subject, I really do hope Nintendo makes the most of this screen when not playing, a simple thing like showing that little Mario running DL screen so I can use my tv while the WiiU dls. I know it isn't a big deal with tiny WiiWare games but I routinely DL 1gig on the PS3 which takes about 20 minutes and I hope WiiU has comparable stuff.

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