Wii received Netflix support some time ago, and both Nintendo and Netflix are obviously keen on the two firms working together again as Satoru Iwata has just announced the video streaming service is coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer.

All users with an unlimited plan for $7.99 a month or above will be able to stream movies and TV shows straight to their 3DS consoles through any wireless broadband connection. There's no word if the service will begin to stream 3D movies, but we'll do our best to find out.

Users who don't want to subscribe but still want to watch content on the go will be happy that a separate video service from Nintendo has been announced. The SpotPass-powered service will allow users to view 3D trailers as well as access game videos, screenshots and publisher information. Nintendo states the content will be:

Short video clips, such as comedy shorts or music videos, selected by Nintendo and delivered to Nintendo 3DS users who choose to receive them.

Netflix for 3DS will be available in summer, with the SpotPass movie streaming service activated in late May.