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SEGA Wants to Crush 3DS with New Project

Posted by James Newton

The game of your dreams

Last month's ESRB rating for Crush 3D unearthed the game, but now SEGA is ready to shout about its upcoming 3DS puzzler.

You play Danny, an insomniac whose only hope of regaining normal sleeping patterns is to undergo a series of scientific experiments that induce sleep and allow him to conquer the odd obstacles found within his dreams.

The real twist at the heart of Crush is Danny's ability to "crush" the world between 2D and 3D, as shown in the trailer below. This allows the hero to make 2D platforms where none exists in the 3D realm, and other smart puzzles too.

The game is a follow-up to 2007's PSP release Crush, a game that did better with the critics than it did with customers, sadly sinking from sight despite its ingenious concept. Here's hoping the 3DS version fares better when it's released in September this year.

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zeeroid said:

I remember hearing about the PSP game-- it sounded interesting. I'll be checking this one out (in spite of that box art!).



NESguy94 said:

It actually looks pretty good, I vaguely remember the PSP version and it was really cool.



James said:

I really liked the PSP original so I'm definitely keen on this one. The art style is a bit better too (save for that box!) so here's hoping this is a good addition to the 3DS library!



Scarlet said:

Isn't the main mechanic in the game just a rip-off of Super Paper Mario?



TheThirdComing said:

First release of Super Paper Mario: April 9, 2007
First release of Crush: May 25, 2007
So, assuming they made the game in a month, yes.



PALgamer said:

The character doesn't look as depressed as the psp one which had its head always down, maybe it's due to the colourful graphics in this sequel. I'd be depressed if I had to crush around that dark world too.

Also NL, why do you embed youtube videos in 720p? I'm always changing them to 360p.



Hokori said:

wait wasnt this one rumored along with Sonic Generations
which means.... Sonic Generations



Raylax said:

Why do remakes and ports almost invariably come with hideous, deformed, soulless CGI copies of the original art? I was interested in this game, but that box art is horrifying.



shinobi88 said:

I don't care what anyone says. The main appeal of any game is how it presents itself, moreso than the gameplay. That's why I love Metal Gear Solid above all else while I don't have much of anything for Syphon Filter. When I saw the initial preview in nintendo power, i thought they ruined this game by 'cheering it up.' A similar problem that used to happen when porting Genesis games over to SNES. But seeing it in live action, it isn't so bad. Just not as good as the original.



SpicyDuck said:

First though when I saw this article: OMG new sega handheld??!??!?
After thoughts: Wow that looks awesome!!!!



shinobi88 said:

All things considered, this is on my 'to buy' list. supposing it doesn't have poorly implemented touch controls like another PSP to DS game, Exit.



Achicaru said:

this an exact copy of paper mario, just without the awesome battle mechanics and probably without the crazy long cut scenes



Ryno said:

20. SpicyDuck 11 May 2011, 11:12 PDT
"First though when I saw this article: OMG new sega handheld??!??!?
After thoughts: Wow that looks awesome!!!!"

I was thinking the same thing, a new Sega handheld?




Gameplay looks really good. The character artwork is a bit "characterless". Interested as its a puzzler with a decent reputation.



Nintonic said:

@Achicaru, I agree completely when I first saw this! But I'm
sorry sega, I really don't think this as a "fun" game.
I see only repeated levels out of this.



jerryo said:

I am so happy that we can finally play PSP and Playstation2 games!!!




Vinsanity said:

Hooray! Crush was neat on PSP. This looks far more colorful and charming than I remember it though. It's good to see Sega revisit it. Seems really stupid to make an exclusive handheld game imho, especially on the PSP. Unless it's Monster Hunter, nothing sells that well. Particularly an original IP. Particularly ANYTHING on that POS system, whose battery can't hold a charge for 15 minutes, let alone long enough to survive the mandatory system update to get the new firmware to allow you access to the (currently down) PSN to even download the damn game! What an awful, awful handheld. I've bought a lot of systems over the years, but the PSP is easily the only one I truly, truly regret.

So, needless to say, I'm glad Crush is coming to Nintendo's platform!



daysleeper said:

Crush was excellent on PSP and I agree the art looks much more refined! Definitely need to check this out.



Issun said:

I really enjoyed the game on PSP and I'm pretty sure it'll be the same for the 3DS version... But I reeeeaaaaaly don't like Danny's redesign !

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