Last month's ESRB rating for Crush 3D unearthed the game, but now SEGA is ready to shout about its upcoming 3DS puzzler.

You play Danny, an insomniac whose only hope of regaining normal sleeping patterns is to undergo a series of scientific experiments that induce sleep and allow him to conquer the odd obstacles found within his dreams.

The real twist at the heart of Crush is Danny's ability to "crush" the world between 2D and 3D, as shown in the trailer below. This allows the hero to make 2D platforms where none exists in the 3D realm, and other smart puzzles too.

The game is a follow-up to 2007's PSP release Crush, a game that did better with the critics than it did with customers, sadly sinking from sight despite its ingenious concept. Here's hoping the 3DS version fares better when it's released in September this year.