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Challenge Your Mind. Change Your World.

Play inside the mind of Danny, an insomniac, in this wacky puzzler. Manipulate the landscape of Danny's dreams from 2D to 3D and back again in order to help him conquer his impossible past. Every enemy and obstacle you overcome brings Danny closer to a full night's sleep.

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Posted by James Newton

Fancy that

The original Crush on PSP was a commercial failure, despite very positive reviews and praise for its ingenious concept. Developer Zoë Mode's returned for a second attempt with CRUSH3D, out now in Europe and heading Stateside in February.CRUSH's central...

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Danny can't sleep, so he uses the power of crushing to help him beat his insomnia. That's the plot of CRUSH 3D, on the way to Nintendo 3DS in early 2012

User Comments (10)



jayjay99 said:

i hope dis has sumtin to do with crushing bones...im tired of these kitty games : =



Jfilesguy said:

Wow, this so isn't steeling the concept of Super Paper Mario, nope, no stolen ideas here.

@johnnyMac ok, looks like they both just have similar core gameplay



johnnyMac said:

@Jfilesguy actually the original Crush came out little over a month after Super Paper Mario, meaning the two were either being developed at the same time. Though it's more likely since Zoe mode, the creators of Crush are a smaller studio than intelligent systems (SPM) they might have been working on Crush before IS was working on SPM.

The original was fun and this is a game that needs to be in 3D.



Nilkad_Naquada said:

@Jfilesguy: actually the gameplay is very different from super paper mario, and besides that this game wasn't an insult to nintendo.

and all complaints about lack of violence aside, this game looks very interesting and could someone please review it?



Bass_X0 said:

I don't see why pegi rated this 12. There's no violence or anything in it.

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