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Outbreak of Resident Evil Revelations Planned for 2012

Posted by Trevor Chan

Biohazard fans have a while to wait

It's no surprise that Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will be launching before Resident Evil Revelations does on the 3DS, but it appears the two won't be launching in the same year; with the former scheduled for a June release, we may have to wait a while longer for the latter.

According to the official Resident Evil Facebook page, Capcom is planning to release the game sometime in 2012. Whether it's the first or second half we don't know but Capcom has promised more details at this year's E3 event.

When The Mercenaries 3D launches in June, the game will include a demo of Revelations, allowing gamers to sample the ocean liner locale as Jill Valentine. Hopefully, the demo will be substantial enough to show how the game intends on returning to the series' exploration roots.


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Corbs said:

Figured as much. Didn't seem too far along from what we've seen so far.



suburban_sensei said:

While I am not the biggest RE fan, the screenshots look fantastic. I can only imagine how awesome this will look and play when it finally comes out.



Supremeist said:

This (somehow) makes me glad. Because this means that the developers are making the game better (working on it until 2012), and I don't have extra money to spend on another 3DS game for a while. So when it does come out, I'll be able to purchase it with some extra money. Lets hope Capcom makes it worth the wait, though, it already looks amazing!



Burn said:

I thought two RE games releasing close to each other was a bit much. I'm glad Capcom is spacing them apart like this.



astarisborn94 said:

This can only be a good thing for us. I want to be ensured that good games keep coming on and not just suffer a several year drought like the DS did.



blackknight77 said:

I hope this does not have the same fate as Mega Man Universe. This game is a reason for me to get a 3DS



EliPro said:

This mean sit will likely be epic. And from demo footage, it looks like it's going back to the series roots.



Azikira said:

Im glad Capcom isnt rushing to finish Revelations. It means they are trying to make a great game in the series, and until its released, we'll have The Mercenaries to kill time with I cant wait for the Merc's.



siavm said:

That is good. Being released next year means it will be polished and really show what the 3ds can do. But Mercenaries will keep me busy while we wait.



Bunta said:

its actually a good thing at least for me. i mean they are at least giving us time to play the game. i would much rather buy 1 game at a time, play/enjoy it. then be ready when the next game comes whereas i buy both and get torn between which should be played now, or both at the same time, etc.



Skogur said:

This is gonna look 10 times better in a 3DS, i hope this will be more of a survival horror than action...



motang said:

I think RE fans will be happy to wait as it's a new game and not a port.



Joee said:

I can't wait for this! Resident Evil: The Mercenaries is looking good too.
Now.....I just need a 3DS. xD



IanUniacke said:

It's really good to see Capcom have some notion that RE5 sales were more a reflection of how good RE4 was than number 5. It sounds like they really want to get this right and rejuvenate the series before it stagnates (like a pre-emptive attack )



machineoffate12 said:

yea capcom better make the game perfect no freeze up or error messages to resident evil revelation i would be mad if i get black sceen of death zelda and resident evil 3d are goos no probelms with both games.

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