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Nintendo to Promptly Work On 3D Video Service After Upcoming 3DS Update

Posted by Trevor Chan

Something other than games to enjoy

Nintendo is definitely trying to flex some of the multi-functional muscles of the 3DS as the company talks about providing something other than just games for its users.

At the recent Financial Earnings Briefing, president and CEO Satoru Iwata reiterated Nintendo's plans to provide 3D video content for 3DS users after the scheduled system update in May. Explaining that passive content must be provided in order to further promote the notion of 3D entertainment without the glasses, Iwata said:

... we think it is very important to provide people with contents in which they can easily experience glassless 3D images. In particular, we need to enhance the contents which can be enjoyed passively by non-active users, like a 3D video distribution service. We will promptly work on this after the currently planned hardware update. There is no easy road to making people understand the attraction of glassless 3D images and making Nintendo 3DS widespread. We would like to adhere to these patient efforts.

Nintendo is already in partnership with networks such as Eurosport and Sky ― as reported back at the 3DS events held in New York and Amsterdam ― and streaming services like Netflix to bring 3DS users a variety of video content to watch via SpotPass.


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matsuken717 said:

because you only have one camera on the front and you need two cameras to make the 3d image so only regular video chat will be available. But the 3d video recording will still be great =)



Danglybits said:

I took part in a 3D taping of a Wrestling show a few months ago in the UK.
I wonder if this will make it onto eurosport 3DS services?
Hopefully we wont have to pay for all the content.



Urbanhispanic said:

This is very good on Nintendo's part. Let's see what other stuff they are cooking up for the 3DS.



pixelman said:

Not really interested unless it involves free movies, lol. I couldn't care less about 3D movies (or games for that matter).



Rapenzie said:

"We will promptly work on this after the currently planned HARDWARE update."




Burning_Spear said:

"We will promptly work on this after the currently planned hardware update."

This company is spread way too thin. Way too much going on. The 3Ds shouldn't even be out yet. Finish the staple features and get some compelling games.



Link977 said:

before you know it, it'll be an i3DS.... actually, that sounds really bad =S



SamIAm69 said:

im pretty psyched about this honestly. know what'll be cool though? When Netflix starts letting you rent 3D movies, whether its through mail or watch instantly then you would in theory be able to watch 3D movies on the 3DS. with a subscription or course. Rad? I think yes. Besides, it cant take long, 3D copies are being made for nearly all movies that come in 3D at the theaters.



armoredghor said:

@SamIAm69 netflix already announced at GDC that they'll be starting 3D movies on the 3DS this summer. I wonder how they can outdo netflix other than full digital copies...



brandonbwii said:

I thought the service was actually going to launch WITH the update. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make due with Game Boy and 3D Classics (Game Gear and Turbografx won't be there on day 1 either).



moosa said:

@11 You're being a little ridiculous. The 3DS has had a load of features from day one, right out of the box. It's almost overwhelming at first. And it has quite a pile of decent launch games. I know how much gamers love to complain, but you really shouldn't talk bad about games unless you've at least played them all before (I'm making the assumption you haven't).



k8sMum said:

@18: if one doesn't care for the genres of the games, playing them doesn't' matter. what features have so overwhelmed you so far? the non-existant e store? the people who don't live in cities and have almost no chance of the walk-by contacts? the fact that online is nil? the fact that you turn it on and it's pretty doesn't count. substance is needed. they should have been ready but weren't. even they are saying they over estimated the response from buyers.

we all give nintendo a lot of slack. but they are still dancing between casual users and gamers. until they decide which they really want to impress, they will continue to struggle.



pikku said:

Actually, I agree wholeheartedly with Burning Spear. This is the ONLY Nintendo consoles to launch without a Mario title. Well, except for the Gamecube, but at least the GCN had Luigi's Mansion. Frankly, the launch sucked. And the main games being advertised for it, OoT3D, Starfox64, Kid Icarus, and RE arent; even being released till May at the earliest. Two months after launch. The 3DS shouldn't have been released without OoT3D. It really shouldn't have. In my opinion, Nintendo is getting a little overconfident in their abilities. They admitted that they jacked up the price after seeing people's e3 reactions. And if the NGP does indeed launch at $250 like rumors are saying, the 3DS is pretty much dead. Remember some of this when setting the Wii2's price please, Nintendo.



RedYoshi999 said:

I wonder if us Australians will get any sort of video service. We don't have Netflix and though it might be possible to get Eurosport, I wan't 3D video of Aussie rules not soccer and all that.



motang said:

Cool, but with netflix coming to the 3DS, I don't think I will be using this one.



MeloMan said:

The thing I want to know is if I can download a movie from Netflix to my 3DS and walk away from my hotspot and still be able to watch it... THAT would be some seriously tangy awesomesauce there. fingers crossed



Wheels2050 said:

Like Rapenzie said, what's with the "currently planned hardware update"?

Is that a mistranslation of firmware? Or something else?



moosa said:

@19 You really shouldn't talk bad about games just because they're not your favorite genre. There is a lot of built-in functionality in the 3DS already. It's very easy to see if you play with one and aren't trying so hard to find a reason to complain about the planned features not being here yet. All of the built-in software is full of interesting nooks and crannies. Nobody claimed it's perfect, but it's certainly not lacking in features.
It's amazing for a website full of Nintendo fans how quickly everyone forgets that the primary function of these game machines is to play the games we purchase for them. Web browsing and Netflix is nice, but that probably shouldn't be the reason you buy the console. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Nintendo's decision to update the console over time, but we all know how gamers love to complain when they don't get what they want right now.



James said:

The "planned hardware update" refers to the upcoming late May system update — it is not a confirmation of a new version of the 3DS being in the works or anything like that!



DangerousDreams said:

Netflix is going to be sweet once it finally comes out for the 3DS... I like that Nintendo is branching out, and give users a little more to do with their handheld consoles other then gaming. don't get me wrong Netflix, web browers, AR cards, 3d pictures, as well as hard hitting games, all contribute to enhance the overall appeal of the 3DS. Sure the balance of extra, nice to have but not really that important features and enthalling, show stomping gaming titles aren't in complete harmony right now, but just have a little patients... You'll get through this dry spell to live a 3D lavished life in no time =].



Aviator said:

@21 Unlikely after the billion dollar sale to Seven and Foxtel for the AFL.



Kirk said:

It should have been able to play 3D movies out the box, with actual full 3D movies available for download out the box well as having things like the Internet browser working out the box and whatever else they rushed or left out and will now only implement in later updates.

This console was rushed and it absolutely shows.

By not having things like movies and Internet out the box they already limited how many people are now going to use these features whereas if they had it all working out the box I'm sure most people would have at least tried them just out of curiosity.



Aviator said:

It would be stupid for Nintendo to release all of the features at once. Why reveal all your cards?



Kirk said:

Because now they segmented their market and reduced how many people are going to take advantage of these features and that comes with it's own problems e.g. see how low the DS online uptake/usage rate is compared to the other systems that have online capabilities, because the DS online functionality was half-ed and wasn't implemented as well as the others from the start.

They've also clearly missed the opportunity to sell it to lots of casuals who might have bought it for those reasons just as much as the gaming side of things and now might assume it doesn't even play 3D movies for example and never know any better.

Imagine if out the box people were talking about how they were watching Avatar in 3D on their 3DS...

Now...let's look at reality and see what's happening in that general area of being able to watch 3D movies on the 3DS for example and see how many people are excited about and telling their mates about it, or even know the 3DS might even be capable of it for that matter, and that includes loads of the people who actually own the system already...



brandonbwii said:

"we all give nintendo a lot of slack. but they are still dancing between casual users and gamers. until they decide which they really want to impress, they will continue to struggle."

Yeah they've definitely been struggling with Wii and DS. So few units were sold.

Back to that old casual/hardcore debate again. What does it even mean nowadays anyway? Okay, using my view of what Ninty console owners view as "hardcore", what's not "hardcore" about 3DS? It has a built-in mini RPG, a wide selection of games in the action genre, and AR Games that always end with you BATTLING A FREAKIN' DRAGON.

All Nintendo needs now is a handful of FPS games and they should be able to please the entire "hardcore" demographic.



Token_Girl said:

While I think the eshop should definitely have been available out of the box (along with transfers), you can't really expect them to have gotten 3D movies out at launch. Netflix doesn't even have 3D movies for streaming (though I imagine some of their blu-rays support 3D).

Also, I believe while Netflix streaming was confirmed - 3D streaming was not. This makes sense as there will need to be a large enough market share of 3DTV's AND 3DS's to make that worthwhile.

As for launch titles, this is a great way for Ninty to put 3rd parties first for a bit. Of course, 3rd parties aren't huge system sellers, but I bet a lot of people bought these games who wouldn't have if they had launched alongside OoT. Plus, staggering these games leads to fewer shortages, which is great for me.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@34: That a pretty short sighted anlysis. Just because those features aren't there from day one people aren't gonna know about them? Netflix streaming wasn't available for the Wii on day one. I've never used it myself, but I know it's there. With all the millions of TV ads I've seen, I know that the Wii has Netflix now. Not to mention the stuff on the Nintendo and Wii Shop Channel.

@19: Really? People need to stop whining about this eShop crap. Nintendo anounced it was not gonna be available from day 1. That caused a lot of people to say "Hey, maybe I'll wait to buy mine."

It's funny how Nintendo always gets ripped for VC, WW and DSiW, and bad those services are but people just can't wait for that eShop to show up.



k8sMum said:

@35: nintendo itself is negatively surprised at the rate 3DS is selling at. yeah, the wii sold like crazy; but other than a few really good games, they decided to go with the party games, exercise casual players. they said right from the start that they wanted to attract the casual gamers. they succeeded but now what? the price of the 3DS is high. it's a lot of money in today's economy/world. mini-games and promises aren't enough for a lot of people anymore.

the DS and all its incarnations have sold amazingly well; i love my DSi. but it's because the games that have been available. is playing 3D movies on a tiny screen really that wonderful? from the posts, a lot of you think so. i just want a great system that offers great games.



k8sMum said:

@37: why is it that anyone who disagrees is whining? of course, paying $250 for a unit that costs like $110 to manufacture shouldn't let one feel that they are purchasing a unit that is ready to go.

do you have such a personal stake in nintendo that anyone who doesn't constantly praise them is the enemy?



brandonbwii said:

I was mainly replying to the casual/hardcore comments for 3DS. I personally find it to be more "gamey" than the previous Nintendo platform with the only true "casual" title being Nintendogs + Cats. The 3DS just feels a bit more focused toward gamers imo.

On topic: I'm beginning to think we won't see 3D movies on the platform for a long time. It looks like we'll have to just settle for trailers and shorts that Nintendo distributes while we watch 2D movies using Netflix.

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