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Sega Lets Loose with New Conduit 2 Screens and Details

Posted by James Newton

Multiplayer blown wide open

To get you into the alien-blasting mood ahead of the release of Conduit 2, Sega has furnished us with a stimulus pack of new screenshots and a list of the 14 multiplayer modes that feature in the sequel.

There's the usual array of deathmatch and capture the flag gametypes, with other modes inspired by other successful multiplayer titles: Balloon Battle takes its cues from Mario Kart, with ASE Basketball a variation on Halo's massively popular Grifball offshoot.

Check out the 11 new screenshots in the gallery and let us know what you think.

Deathmatch: First player to the kill limit in the time allowed wins!
ASE Ball: Longest time holding the ASE wins!
Bounty Hunter: Kill your assigned target for points or kill those hunting you for fun. But beware; killing someone who doesn’t fill those roles will cost you points!
Free for All CTF: Get to the flag and then carry it back to a random goal location. First to the scoring limit wins!
Team Deathmatch: First team to the kill limit in the time allowed wins!
Shared Stock: Teammates share a pool of lives while trying to get the highest kill count possible.
Capture the Flag: Each team tries to capture the ASE (flag) of the other. First team to the capture limit in the time allowed wins!
Killing Override: First team to the kill or capture limit wins!
Single Flag CTF: Teams fight over a single centrally-located ASE (flag). First team to the capture limit wins!
VIP: Fight to kill the randomly selected VIP on the opposing team. First team to the point limit wins!
ASE Basketball: Each team tries to capture a centrally-located ASE and then carry it into the enemy base. Toss or carry the ASE through the goal to score. First team to the point limit wins!
Balloon Battle: Lose balloons with every death. Gain balloons with kills. With no balloon, become a mini bomb! Last player alive wins!
Annexation: Teams fight for control over capture points. These totems award points over time. First team to the point limit wins!
Power Surge: Teams must defend their own generator while destroying the enemy’s when its shield is down. First team to destroy the generator or the team with the more intact generator wins!

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irken004 said:

New release date too: April 19th :/
I've been watching the latest vids of the game, and it's becoming better and better the more I hear/see what they improved



Ecto-1 said:

Sounds great. I'd personally rather HVS take their time with this one. The more I see of Conduit 2, the more it impresses me.



SilverBaretta said:

Sounds like this could be fun at parties. If all these modes are available online, too, that's just icing on the cake.



Burn said:

Delayed again? I was so ready for the January release. It's looks like I'll be sticking with Goldeneye for a little bit longer.



pixelman said:

What the hell. Is this ever going to get released? I was so looking forward to buying it next month. Now it's going to be overshadowed by the 3DS's release. Bad move SEGA. Very bad move.

Still going to buy it though, lol.



Ian_Daemon said:

Fall 2010: Delayed,
Feb 2011: Delayed,
Mar 2011: Delayed,
Apr 2011: New release date
I'm getting tired HVS, make a GOOD product ON TIME. We went through this crap with The Conduit and it was generic offline, buggy and hacked online!



Z_Bone said:

We were all hyped for the original Conduit and we all know how that one turned out.



Monkeh said:

@Z.Bone: That's exactly why I won't be buying the sequel, seeing as part one didn't even feel fun to play, yet I did have high hopes for that one.



lex0plex said:

Well, I'm psyched for it. I do think it will drop in sales because everyone will have just forked over $300 for a 3DS and a game or 2



Cia said:

Those aliens look unbelievably generic. Why do they always have to look like weirdly evolved human beings anyway? I would rather see something that looks completely unhuman, like in Lovecraft stories. Also, the graphics look pretty bland, but i'm sure it looks better on the move.



SwerdMurd said:

Fool me once--shame on you.

Fool me twice--shame on me.

Fool me seven times, shame on CoD.



Ecto-1 said:

Good one!
I have really high hopes for this one. I thoroughly enjoyed the first until the multiplayer became riddled with hackers.



siavm said:

If they did not delay it, I would have got it next month. Now it is in the month that I planned to buy nothing but 3ds games. Bad move HV and Sega. Now I have to wait for it when it hits $30. Come to think of it I still have not finished the first game. I could have beat it quick now for this. Now the only game I can play around my birthday next month is MVC3.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks like there's some pretty fun game types. Why does it seem that everything awesome is coming out early this year? I won't have enough money to buy everything... D=



jbrodack said:

The ASE basketball game type sounds more like bombing run from unreal tournament 2004 to me than the halo gametype.

Anyway its definitely nice that there is a variety of gametypes as too often fps games just ship with standard deathmatch and cft gametypes.

I still don't see why people hate so much on the first conduit. I liked it better than call of duty or the many games that went for its gameplay style.

Anyway this looks good.



Ayer99 said:

Hopefully this won't be like goldeneye. A lot of game modes that are only available online. I wish Activision would have put more effort into local multiplayer, as that is where the original game excelled.



Wolfenstein83 said:

The game is still looking awesome, even though it got delayed.
But thats okay, I can wait an extra month if that means they are going to work out some bugs or whatever.
I really hope the online multiplayer is fixed this time around.



HeroOfTime007 said:

There are about 20 other alien types first of all, and those aliens are humanoid for them to be used in multiplayer. Also there are only a limited number of bones for a skeleton. No one complained about the space pirates...



1080ike said:

Might get this, if I have the money. Doubtful, though, with all the cool stuff coming out in March.



moosa said:

Some nice lighting/bump mapping effects on some of those enemies. Too bad the environments look so bad.

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