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Got Move or Kinect? Then Check Out Our Other Sites!

Posted by James Newton

A whole world of gaming out there

2010 was a fantastic year for Nintendo Life, and as we head into 2011 we'll continue to bring you 100% review coverage of WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare games, as well as all the Nintendo news and features you could ask for.

If you also own a 360 or PlayStation 3 and own Kinect or PlayStation Move, you might also be interested in our other sites, run by the same team behind Nintendo Life.

At Movemodo for PlayStation Move and KINECTaku for Kinect you'll find 100% review coverage of every game for Move and Kinect,

You can also follow Movemodo or KINECTaku on Twitter to keep up with the latest news, shoot the breeze in our PlayStation Move forums and Kinect forums. More of a Facebook fan? Give us a thumbs up by liking Movemodo on Facebook and KINECTaku on Facebook.

We'll continue to bring you gaming news and reviews on all three sites – and an exciting fourth site – throughout 2011.


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Mik said:

It's a real pity: Kinect had so much potential but has failed to live up to expectations. The reviews of it have been terrible and, based on personal experience, it is a shocking way to play a game.

Thoroughly unimpressed by Microsoft here.



andyutd97 said:

and an exciting fourth site ... What Could That Be. Please say a sight dedicated to 3DS



Fuzzy said:

I don't have Move, but do check the site from time to time, and you've done a good job there too. Wonder what this 4th site will be? One for PC downloads?



edhe said:

Wouldn't a 3DS site be redundant when we already have Nintendolife?

A PSP site would be even more niche, as a catch-all Playstation site could accomodate PSP fans as well.

It could be iOS or PC though.



y2josh said:

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SuperLink said: I only care about Nintendo, nothing esle.....well, in the sense of gaming.

@Dragoon that is a very good idea. Retrolife sounds good. I'm all for it.



Weskerb said:

Move and Kinect have done much better than expected (especially Kinect). I hope that translates to more traffic for you guys. But I personally would much prefer more download focused sites, an XBLA site and a PSN site, which also review the platforms' main retail releases as well. Basically Sonylife and MSlife Is it possible?



Mendoza said:

I think it would be iDevices, since I see a progressive line in this. All the 3 websites currently focus on casual games (with the exception for Nintendolife, partially)

So a logical step would be the iDevices...



bboy2970 said:

Oh god.... I really really hope the 4th site isn't the i-things...That would just be....I mean I would.....I just really hope its not...



SilverBaretta said:

lol another advertising article. Not like it's a big deal, though, you guys have made some appealing sites with Movemodo and KINECTaku.

Hmm, a little teaser, though, huh? Well, chances are if it's not iThings, it has a higher chance of not being anything I would be too interested in. Come to think of it, I don't even own a iAnything! Well, good luck, anyway.



Objection said:

I'm pretty sure it'll wind up being Sega, lol.
But AppLife would be cool too.
I could review for that,lol.



WolfRamHeart said:

I think pixelman is on to something here. I have a feeling the new site might be something Apple related. Unless James finally gets his wish and creates SonicLife.



MasterGraveheart said:

Wait a minute... there are OTHER game companies out there? o.o;

And you can do better then AppLife... stick with real video games. ^_~

I'd like to see the fourth site be all about retro gaming period, not just Nintendo, but Sega, Atari, PlayStation, X-Box, and everything in between. Not just games, but peripherels and memorabilia.



pixelman said:

You and me both O_B, haha.

srsly, I could review the iPad versions of games. It'd be so sweet!

I know Corbs is a big Apple fan, but I seem to remember James talking about a SEGA site before. Bah, the suspense is terrible.



Aviator said:

Why does NL get filled with advertisement for Movemodo and Kinectaku, yet they do nothing for NL or the other site.



Morpheel said:

you should review PSP minis too...
on movemondo, i mean, we dont need a psp-only site.



WiiLovePeace said:

I imagine the way that the other spinoff sites, Movemodo & Kinectaku were made for niche markets of users who have the extra peripherals Move &/or the Kinect, that both use motion, that somehow the 4th site will also be on something other gaming thing that uses motion, or its an iPad app review site. A retro based site or 3DS based site is redundant as those sections are already included in this site.

In any case I'll just be sticking to Nlife here, I have no interest in any of the other sites, as I neither have any other (modern) consoles other than Wii & DSi XL, & I'm a Nintendo fanboy all the way () so I won't support sites about enemies



Punny said:

A surprise fourth website, 'eh? The possibilities are endless. I doubt it will be a site dedicated to the 3DS, seeing how it is a part of Nintendo and this is Nintendo Life.



Cheezy said:

I'm a PS3 fan (not really XBOX) but to both of them I must say:

You're too late, and your new products are way overdue.



melvin2898 said:

Why not just give a full Playstation and 360 site? It would make thing easier. Since I have a PSP and not a PS3. It would be helpful and the sites could cover all topics for each of those systems.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Nah, I don't have Kinect or Move.
I have a 360 next to my Wii but one motion control system is enough for me at this point.



DrDaisy said:

I've thought about getting Move, but I have no interest in Kinect unless the price goes down and there's an update that makes it stops caring whether I'm sitting or standing. In other words, probably never.




I've been reading the Kinectaku site. The reviews and site as a whole are a great read. However, its a shame the software is underwhelming so far. Also, there's those lag and space issues (though lag hasn't been quite as bad as expected). The handful of games that are good sound a real laugh though. I hope for the sake of inclusional games market that Microsoft don't treat this as a side salad and actually focus properly on the system like they do their exclusional, stadard software. Goes for those dang devs too.

Move is just, well, Move. A cash in overall imho. A bit soulless so far imho. sorry. At least the site is good though eh?



SmaMan said:

Ugh... sadly motion control will never be taken seriously because in the video game world, there is resistance force acting on your character. (People hitting you, the wind, etc.)

Oh yeah and Kotaku and Gizmodo called, they want their name back.



rwq said:

I checked out kinektaku, hope kinect comes with some good games soon so i can buy it, the tech is really interesting.

btw the fourth site is obviously going to be FacebookLife. Can't wait!



Zach said:


If you also own a 360 or PlayStation 3 and own Kinect or PlayStation Move, you might also be interested in our other sites, run by the same team behind Nintendo Life.



vherub said:

echo the other sentiments, would love to see a sony/ms site that focuses on all download titles. There is a real void out there in n digital console content reviews.



James said:

It's not a PC or iOS site, nor is it a branch of Nintendo. Won't be long until you find out

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