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Lots of Monkey Business in New Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Ape escapade

It's not long until Donkey Kong Country Returns bashes its way into the paths of Wii owners, riding their hearts like a minecart through a cave filled with nostalgic memories.

This new trailer should help to stir up recollections of those 16-bit glory days, filled as it is with 2D platforming capers, catchy music and the series' trademark spirit.

North America rolls out the barrel for Donkey Kong Country Returns this Sunday, whilst Europeans must wait until December 3rd for their turn to grapple with the monkey.

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RyuZebian said:

You can certainly tell from the trailer that Retro are the people behind Metroid Prime!



KaiserGX said:

My friend should be getting this for Christmass, Which is cool because I already have Kirby. This year is a platformers dream. Well I don't have New Super Mario Bros. Wii... I already played it but I'll get it later. I want to have all the first party platformers with co-op!



zeeroid said: Where has this game been all my life? 2010. I love you. Galaxy 2, Epic Yarn, DKC Returns. I love you so, so much.



majinx07 said:

Best thing about that trailer is that you can see the original stage from the original Donkey Kong arcade in the background around the 50sec mark.



Robo-goose said:

At first I wasn't interested, but that trailer has me sold.
Those few seconds of DKCR look more intense than any other Wii game I've played.



Steamboat_Willie said:

No, thanks. I will not click the link. I want to be surprised as I play through the levels myself. November 21 can't come soon enough.



Iggy said:

God this game looks intense i cant wait to play this game during christmas with my family. That black and white level is going to be sweet to play hopefully the whole world is in black in white.



Token_Girl said:

This game looks hard! Awesome!

The music reminds me of Metroid Prime too. Which is good, since I really love the music in Prime.



B-ry said:

I've been playing the original on VC as a warm up. Can't wait for Sunday! Hopefully the co op and vs modes return



DJ_Triforce said:

Everytime I watch a new trailer for this game, I'm always focusing on the music. It's most important to me when it comes to the Donkey Kong Country franchise; my favorite composer is David Wise for this very reason. Not to say that Kenji Yamamoto isn't a great composer... but Wise will surely be missed. To be honest, I kind of wish that I never looked up the composer of this game. I would have rather just lived in ignorance because I am always watching and listening to every note with criticism. Hopefully the full soundtrack will deliver. Right now, this is reminding me of something that would be used in Metroid Prime 3... which isn't too great. Terrible samples... the game deserves better. If they couldn't get David Wise, couldn't they at least have got Grant Kirkhope? Sorry if I come off as a douche. I just had to vent a bit. I will still be in the front of the line on launch day, and I'm still super excited that they even took the chance to revive the series~|!



MeloMan said:

I watch trailer after trailer, looking for that "thing" that makes this not "just another DKC" game, and each trailer gets better and better. I loved the music in that trailer (was that a hint of Norfair in there??) but most of all, I love the, as irken put it, intensity of the game. It seems to recapture that "kick your butt" of the original brought into modern times, and it's "still" stylish. This went from "maybe" to "instabuy" for me, and I can't wait to sample it with a friend.



she_gamer said:

Trying not to let my hopes get too high. I loved the original...and this looks like it's going to be fantastic. Went from "wait for reviews" to "instabuy" for me!



Punny said:

Even though I'm ready to get it on like Donkey Kong as much as the next guy, I'm going to save the surprises for next week. No spoilers for now, please!



NintyMan said:

Now THAT was awesome! The lava levels look very intense, and the music will certainly back it up! Plus, only Donkey Kong Country Returns can make a chicken in a robot evil.



dsmaster said:

Wow can't wait to get this, loved the previous donkey kong country games. But what's up with the chicken???



axelay80 said:

After watching all the trailers I'm convinced about 80% of the platforms in this game will fall apart right after you jump on them. Go Retro, go!



MmBuddha said:

I don't want to write this game off, in fact I expect it will be great. But in the graphics department, am I the only person who's disappointed? The graphics seem very jaggy and pretty bland, especially when compared to the original Donkey Kong Country games which had an incredibly distinctive visual style that still holds up to this day. I can't see this game looking good in even two years time, so let's just hope the gameplay can deliver that old-fashion Donkey Kong magic.



KaiserGX said:

I hated the DKC graphics. They looked ugly to me. I was never into the pre-rendered thing. We are even.



NESguy94 said:

Oh, i am so excited, but money is tight so I'll have to hope for it for Christmas, 'cause my family is awesome like that!



MagFlare said:

Hmm. All the gameplay footage I've seen so far seems very fast-paced, often because DK's being chased by some sort of insta-kill deathtrap. I wonder if the game's going to have any slower-paced exploration stages to mix it up a bit.



rjejr said:

The more of these videos I see the more hopeless it looks like anybody in my house will be able to play it 8-( I'm getting it anyway so we can find out, and who knows maybe it plays easier than it looks, but I don't know how anybody can look at this and say Nintendo Wii doesn't have any hardcore games. I hope those first 7 worlds in Mario we just completed have us prepared for this.



StarDust4Ever said:

Meh, that don't impress me much. I just preordered it for the Wiimote banana...

Just kidding w00t!, this game is gonna be awesome!!!

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