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Brush Up on Your Super Mario Bros. Glitches, Tips and Tricks

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo gives a round-up of classic moments

Some of these Super Mario Bros. glitches will be familiar to experienced gamers, but some might reveal hitherto unknown secrets about the little plumber's big adventure.

Witness a tiny Mario using the Fire Flower, Koopa Troopas walking in mid-air and plenty of other little oddities that may shed new light on a title we all know inside and out.

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Blue_Cat said:

Are they including the glitches in the 25th anniversary game? Because that'd be pretty sweet if they did.



fishman100 said:

How nice. I was just about to look for my Gameboy and play a version of Super Mario Bros with it.



Rensch said:

I only knew about the 99 lives trick but the others are totally new. Missing the minus world though.



StarBoy91 said:

I've heard of the Minus World trick, and I have tried to do it (after seeing how to do it online), but to no avail.



VGC said:

haha how did you get him to jump? thats a glitch!

jk but anyways, cool that nintendo refers to the lives trick so much, especially in the new games.



timp29 said:

i never managed to slide through the wall for world zero/minus world. Man how i tried



Kid_A said:

I'm pretty sure you can't do the Minus world glitch in the VC version.



DrCruse said:

I've seen pretty much all of these before. It's missing the minus world, the stuck in the wall under water glitch, the jump over the flagpole, and the pipe warp glitch in 4-2.



theblackdragon said:

@Dragoon: Seconded. I had almost succumbed to that myth myself after trying over and over and over again before i found a video of someone doing it on YouTube -- it's easier to do after you've watched someone else do it successfully. Nailed it on my first try after watching that, lol.



Aronos said:

Hahaha, Mini Mario.
I wonder if you can go through th rest of the game like that.
mmmmm...might have to find out.



smithers said:

iIts missing the best not sure where but Gametrailers has a video where they jumped over the flag



Tasuki said:

Interesting. I knew about the vine walking glitch that one works on the NA version as well as SMA version. ALso knew of the world 4-2 wall walk one too as well as the 100 levels trick. Other than those 3 I have never even seen the other ones.



LuWiiGi said:

Well if I had been able to watch the video I am sure it would have been good.



dizzy_boy said:

playing mini fire mario makes the game so much easier. especially the water worlds.



Capt_N said:

Unless generally noted online, most VCs are the original game/rom images, & thus have all their glitches/tricks/etc. The VC version of SMB is as the exact cart.



Punny said:

I'm surprised they didn't show the Minus World glitch or the "Sliding Fire Mario" glitch. (Hold the A and B Buttons as Fire Mario when you first enter a stage or after you exit a Pipe. This will cause Mario to move in a suspended animation that makes him look like he is sliding. This glitch only lasts five seconds, though. Mario will eventually return to his normal walking animation.)



PaperLucario said:

Wow, Aside from the infinite life trick (which i've never successfully done), I have never heard of the other glitches before. The funniest in my opinion was the little fire mario.

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