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The Latest GoldenEye Vignette Shows a Lot of Character

Posted by Trevor Chan

Ah yes. There's the vertically-challenged little...

Back in the days of GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64, choosing your character had the potential to be as strategic as the choice of weapons or the place of combat. Well, when we say strategic, we actually mean questionably unsportsmanlike. Okay, let's just say it. Anyone who chose Oddjob was a bit annoying.

Activision has just released a trailer that takes an initial look at the characters we'll be playing as in Eurocom's upcoming GoldenEye for the Wii. Although it's brief, it still manages to get us geared for what should be one hell of a return for Bond. With 25 weapons to choose from, 17 game modifiers, and 10 new original maps to decorate with bullet holes, be sure to read our first-impressions of the game to see what we made of the preview build.

So let's take a look at the classic characters we'll be running through corridors waving guns about with, and blowing up by way of proximity mines. And because we love you, there's also a couple of other trailers that show what kind of updates this instalment has in-store for us, and the multiplayer action that we will be partaking in in case you missed them. Enjoy!

Characters Vignette - Part 1:

Multiplayer Recut Trailer:

Re-imagining Trailer:

GoldenEye is currently scheduled for release this November.

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Kirk said:

I just can't get passed the circles for shadows.

Reflex had normal shadows so I simply cannot believe we've went backwards with this game.



TheBaconator said:

Just got Halo Reach so I'm all set on FPS games for another 3-4 years...This doesn't look that good either. I know graphics don't matter, but these are just...BELCH! If it stinks I blame Activision. They can't do much right.



LordJumpMad said:

I don't blam you Joe,

I seen better looking Wii games then this, (even better GC games too)

I just hope they don't Half it, Since this is The Mother of all FPS games, and its loved by meny Fans.
You can tell, if someone is putting there Heart into the game, or Trying to make a quick buck



TheBaconator said:

I think they are just scaming GoldenEye fans out of their money (One of Activisions special abilities, robbing fans of their money) And like most Activision games, no matter how bad it may (possibly) be the fans will defend it.



Marvelousmoo said:

Love it. Election day finally has a purpose other than playing MW2 all day. Smart release day Nintendo.



SilverBaretta said:

Looks fine to me. Still on the fence on picking this up simply because of all the other games coming, though.



MasterGraveheart said:

Graphics do not great games make. This game could have been done in 8-bit graphical stylings, but it woudln't matter if the game played excellently.

Oddjob... if we didn't hate you for your size, we're gonna hate you for your hats...



TheBaconator said:

The only thing I'm really worried about is the Draw Distance. It is very important to have good draw distance in FPS games, but if the characters are all jagged and pixelated up close there is a possibility a character far away will be so pixelated he will just blend in to the backround. Graphics don't matter that is true, but if they are bad enough so you can't tell what's going on, it affects the gameplay. That is also why you can't use the plain old "8-bit graphics" saying because you can tell (almost) all the time what's happening so the gameplay is unharmed, but in 3D games the pixels can ruin the gameplay, especially in FPS games



timp29 said:

Is it just me or is the security guard in the third video designed off the guy they interview 2 seconds later.



WaveBoy said:

So....Are any of the original Golden 007 stages going to return? Anyways I'm definitly excited and worried for this. The graphics look ho-hum, like an early Gamecube title...But if it can capture the magic and fun of the orginal then I'm all for it. The biggest problem well, Activision



RyuZebian said:

COD meets Golden Eye. I love COD for Wii, so for me this is a must-buy (as long as NL gives it a good score, of course!)



Cia said:

The graphics look better than most of the other Wii games. Wii isn't capable of anything else but GC level graphics anyway, so i don't see a reason to complain about that. Also, single player has better graphics than multiplayer, obviously.



Archy said:

lol it is almost sad, so much effort on this multiplayer feature just to so it can be artichoked up by cheaters.The Conduit suffered and is suffering from the same disease, the only thing they can do is put on some moderators.



Cia said:

The original Goldeneye had 20 single player levels by the way. If this has less than 15, i'm just gonna skip it.



LuWiiGi said:

I couldn't watch any of those videos. Darn you K9 Web Protection Filter!
From what I have seen, though, the graphics aren't all that bad. Still, this game seems way too generic to me at the moment. The Wii is the perfect console to push the FPS genre forward, yet no-one seems to be doing it.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Faron The wii capable of nothing more than GC graphics? R U joking? There is no way that the GC would've been capable of SMG, SMG2, metroid:other m, MH3, Wario land: the shake dimension and various others.



Chris720 said:

This looks like a good ol' N64 port to the Wii... the Wii can do so much better graphics than this (just look at CoD:MW:Reflex). I'm not dissing the graphics or anything, but they are essential in 3D FPS games.

As long as they make the gameplay good and tune the graphics a little more, it'll be on its way to a winner.

@Faron How do explain SMG and SMG2 graphics then? The GCN would never be able to pull those kinda graphics off.



koops330 said:

Cant wait for this game although the graphics are bad I have been looking for a good multiplayer shooter for the wii that isn't a railshooter



Oregano said:

What videos are you guys watching? This game has much better graphics than Modern Warfare Reflex, the textures are better, character models much higher polygon levels, lighting is several magnitudes better and the characters animate superbly.

In fact the game is running on the same engine, and looks very similar, to Dead Space: Extraction which is apparently one of the best looking Wii games.

...and honestly to the people saying it looks like an early Gamecube games, go back to an early Gamecube game an compare. Here's Nightfire on the Gamecube, by the same developers:



Splat said:

I think Resident Evil 4 Wii Edtion has better graphics then this game and it was just a port. That said I really don't care about graphics but I did expect a little more from GE.



King_Boo said:

Maybe these are videos of the DS version. And screenshots. That would explain it.



KiroX777 said:

@20 look.. the conduit is apoorly made game anyways... and that game is old. look at cod w@w & mw reflex. no hacks, thats because no one wants to make online codes anymore when all it does is ruin the game. trust me, the last thing u need to worry about is cheaters (which is different from glitchers)



Roltron said:

I don't normally complain about graphics, but yeah, I think they could've done better. Hopefully this game will be great.
For the people who say are covering for the game's graphics first of all, I've seen better on the Wii. Don't say the Wii has GameCube graphics, cause it doesn't. I can definitely see a difference in graphics between the Wii and the GC, but yeah I'll keep my eye out on this game.



motang said:

It's hard for me get excited about this game because I have only played it once, and suck really bad at FPS games.



eltomo said:

For England James?

Not gonna be as good as the n64 v. but it will do well on the Wii, that still needs a decent shooter.



CaptainDingo said:

Yeah, looks pretty bumpy. I concur about the graphics. A few of the still shots look nice, but most of the gameplay videos look quite jagged and messy. I'm seeing blurry textures, no shadows under the characters (does a hell of a job to your depth perception, pause at 7 seconds in the first video) and a very lazy job in the graphics department all-around. True, pretty graphics don't make a good game, but ugly graphics can help make a bad game. If that makes sense.

Hopefully they will be making some sort of actual effort before the game ships. I'm not asking for a visual spectacle the likes of Mario Galaxy (though it would be nice if they aimed that high), but something that at least looks like it was made for the Wii. It looks like Agent Under Fire. Except slightly worse...

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