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Resident Evil: Revelations Uses a Version of Capcom's MT Framework

Posted by Trevor Chan

The first title to use portable version of Capcom's game engine

When it was revealed that what we saw in the Resident Evil: Revelations trailer at E3 was rendered in real-time, people had a hard time swallowing that nugget of information. Although Nintendo is tight-lipped about the technical specs of the wonder-machine, Capcom has recently touched upon what the 3D system is really capable of.

A number of Capcom staff spoke to Impress Watch about the company's MT Framework engine that was designed for PC and HD gaming, as well as the "mobile" version it is bringing to the 3DS. What Resident Evil: Revelations uses is a specialised version called MT Framework Mobile, which is based off version 2.0 last seen powering Lost Planet 2. The portable survival game also marks the first project to use MTFM, although Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will also be making use of the development tool.

Jun Takeuchi, head of production at Capcom, had the following to say about the latest in the Resident Evil franchise:

It's not a project that was progressing on separate hardware and was moved to the 3DS... The images since the game's E3 unveiling have all been real time rendered on the 3DS development hardware. It seems as though people didn't believe us at first, but we'd like you to know that the 3DS is capable of this level of expressive power.

Regarding the 3D effect, Revelations is designed to be played with it turned on throughout the game, although there's no difference in visual quality with it switched off. Gamers, of course, have the option to turn it off, but certain effects like anti-aliasing will change — with 3D turned on, anti-aliasing will be switched off, whereas with 3D off, the filter will be working at double the speed. During 3D play, the game will maintain an output of 30 frames per second, and motion blur is something in a test state as the developers determine whether it's suitable in 3D.

Those who are tech-minded will be interested to know that the game supports HDR rendering, self shadows and normal mapping. Effects like colour correction, depth of field, and gamma correction are also utilised. If you pop over to Andriasang's translation of the original article, you can see images of the game with specific effects on and off for a comparison.


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HipsterDashie said:

If this is what a launch 3DS title looks like, imagine what they'll look like later down the line!!!




Capcom already announced that they will probably not be releasing launch games. But still, Im ecstatic to have a full powered highly supported Nintendo console in my pocket. The DS doesnt do it for me anymore and I cant sit down with my Wii as much as I used to. Im looking forward to Street Fighter more though (As long as it isnt a beefed up iPhone port)



SilverBaretta said:

I've known what engine this game has been running since it was announced, and I'm really glad Capcom's showing so much faith in the machine. Square Enix, on the other hand........



bro2dragons said:

So Ninty has officially thrown out its distrust of HD. so the next Nintendo home console will have SUPER high-def graphics (because, by then, even PS360 capabilities will be outdated), and an incredible, game-changing hook. funny how a bit of 3DS news has gotten me more excited for Ninty's unannounced next home console, than any articles about it have.



citizenerased said:

I'm fine with Nintendo updating the graphics, as long as it's not gonna cost too much. I honestly don't care about Nintendo games looking a generation older; I'd rather have colourful games with a good artstyle in SD than high definition murky games with every shade of brown and grey.

Plus Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 look absolutely stunning, so if anything I'd say other developers have to learn how to make the most out of the current hardware before spoiling themselves.

That being said, effects and mapping are an easy way of making a game look prettier and it usually works well.



Sylverstone said:

Well, I knew this way back but I'm thankful for the screens.

PSP's coffin has just been nailed thoroughly.



Splat said:

I about fell out of my chair trying to click the link only to see it's a 3DS game and not a Wii game blah...



JebbyDeringer said:

Well I find it pretty amazing what the ipod/iphone can do now so it's no surprise the graphics can be amazing in a device more than twice as big.



thaneds said:

AIR-TOUCH GENERATION!!!!!!! lmaao, this is the true beginning ... had to say this. lol



Objection said:

Launch title or not, this looks like "musthave" is written all over it. Very impressive tech, this is the kind of stuff that makes CAPCOM one of my favorite companies.



MeloMan said:

Plus Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 look absolutely stunning, so if anything I'd say other developers have to learn how to make the most out of the current hardware before spoiling themselves.

I've always agreed with this, tealovertoma, but developers are greedy and ALWAYS want the best of the best and better than the best if possible. That's why I say Nintendo should stop kidding around about graphics power-- true, it's not better than the gameplay, but if you have the power, and you want to satisfy consumer (system price point/system processing power/graphics/etc.) and developer (development cost/processing power/graphics/etc.) Nintendo needs to find the middle, and the 3DS system seems to be EXACTLY what I mean, because EVERYONE right now is excited. The day Nintendo does this for their home console, consider me COMPLETELY AMAZED. (and it would be about dang time too)



ianmage1 said:

Nintendo is the best! The only thing Sony and Microsoft had that Nintendo didn't, was graphics. Nintendo had and stills has great gameplay in their games and now they have both great gameplay AND graphics!



c1pher_c0mplet said: Wow. And this only makes me wonder what the next Nintendo console is going to be like, especially seeing as how the 3DS's visuals surpass that of the Wii and it's just a handheld!

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