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Nab a Life-Size Samus Statue on eBay

Posted by James Newton

Auction site sells heroine

Ever wonder what happens to all those amazing life-size statues and installations in game shops after they're taken down? They usually end up on eBay, of course. That's the fate of this Metroid statue created to promote celebrated first-person adventure Metroid Prime, currently on sale for a measly £65.

Standing 190cm tall and weighing some 50kg, as you'd expect the shipping costs are a little on the high side, but wouldn't it be worth it to own a piece of Metroid history? "Bid first and worry about where to place it later," that's the eBay motto.


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irken004 said:

SELLING A WOMAN? God that is sexist. 2/5.

But seriously, that looks cool, except for some scratches and the weird proportions.



TKOWL said:

Me wants, but It couldn't possibly fit anywhere in my house...



jkgatling said:

In sweden there were a competition to win one of those when Prime came out. I applied for the contest but didnt win...



StarBoy91 said:

What's £65 converted in $?
As an aside, I've long thought that Britain (as well as the other European countries) stopped using the Lira after the Euro has been made several years ago [I know that most European countries, Italy included, are using Euros now, but I thought Britain used them as well (guess not)]



MasterGraveheart said:

190cms is actually a little short for a "life size" Samus. If the Super Metroid Player's Guide is to be believed, Samus, out of her power suit, stands 6' 3" tall. 190cm is 6.2 inches, and this is WITH the Power Suit. It would stand to reason that this statue SHOULD be around 6' 6".

But, I digress, it is an amazing statue and I wish I had the funds to win her. <3<3<3



PSICOffee said:

eh what good would it be to own this thing anyway. You can't squeeze it, move individual parts, take off said individual parts, sleep with it... the list goes on. I'd rather find a real woman dressed as Samus for that amount of monnies!



Yosher said:

Haha, I remember this one being posted up on a Dutch gaming forum as well. Would totally bid if I had the money for it.



StarBoy91 said:

@dragon - oh. Well, there was a moment when the Italian currency was the Liras. I guess so many years have passed by already, that I forgot that one detail of the symbol (though you've gotta admit: it does look similar to the Pound symbol, save for the one detail).



theblackdragon said:

It does, StarBoy, but keep in mind that NL is UK-based, not Italy-based. Why would a UK-based site list a price in lira and not provide a conversion into pounds/euros for the home team? lol



Objection said:

Yeah, shipping is 95 pounds, which is roughly $125+ in addition to the statue itself, but it IS really cool. My gf would kick my if I got that though.



WiiLovePeace said:

WOAH! Me wants it But... No monies The shipping costs to the land of Aus would be a ***** though



Omega said:

They also have Samus in Morph-Ball form on E-Bay. It doesn't take so much room and it only costs one Euro (+6,90 shipping).



LuWiiGi said:

@YoshiSage That is a such a typical YoshiSage comment. But yeah, I wouldn't be suprised if this was undressable. @irken LOL. It was only a matter of time before someone said that.



Ski_Deuce said:

Actually, for lots of corporations it's against company policy to sell display merch after it is disassembled. I work for a department store in the Electronics area, and you'd be surprised how much awesome stuff gets thrown away. Working video game systems, controllers, specialty display stuff, the works.

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