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Rumour: Nintendo Developing Two Titles for uDraw GameTablet

Posted by James Newton

But what could they be?

Nintendo and THQ teamed up to create the uDraw GameTablet, the upcoming peripheral for Wii that offers gamers and families the chance to draw on their Wii. Currently only THQ has announced solid software plans, with Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure confirmed for the peripheral, but there are already rumours surfacing that Nintendo is hard at work at software itself.

According to bitmob and 1up contributor Paul Gale, Nintendo currently has two projects in the works, both of which are too early to reveal. However, Gale did state that:

Both games are designed with the mass market gamer in mind, yet honor the passion of traditional gamers.

Of course that doesn't narrow it down at all, but that's rumours for you. Mario Paint 2 is the first potential title that springs to mind, but what other games do you think would be well-suited to the tablet?


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grenworthshero said:

A new Mario Paint would be awesome! And PLEASE give us an update to the composing software that was on Mario Paint. As a musician and a video game fan, that would be a dream come true. Also, I'd like to see if this would work for games not made for the tablet. Max and the Magic Marker in particular



Sabrewing said:

Maybe some sort of Wii entry in their Famicom Detective Club series? That would be rather neat.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nintendo DS/GBA player for Wii would be super-awesome. I don't see why you couldn't have it be USB attached and do a bundle with the tablet, but have some kind of button swap for tapping if you get it without the tablet.



Monkeyseadoo said:

or could it be some sort of "Game Maker" ?? The tablet would be nice to draw your background tiles, sprites, etc.....just a thought!



Token_Girl said:

I'm not sure how that would work, since there are graphics on the touchscreen on DS and not on this tablet. It would be neat though.

While it's great to see Ninty supporting 3rd parties so much, it would be great if sometimes they supported their OWN peripherals a bit better. I'm looking at you, Wii Fit board.



Ian_Daemon said:

@TokenGirl: The Balance Board is one of the most supported. Some things like the SNES Super Scope, SNES Multitap and GCN Gameboy player were useful, but sometimes hard to find. What about support for the DK Bongos? The GCN 56k Modem anyone?



fishman100 said:

the next few years will really be awesome in tech (with the 3DS, tablet, Kinect, etc)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Taya said:

They could release Mario Paint for the Virtual Console when the tablet comes out. I have a lot of fond memories of Mario Paint.



Hokori said:

Mario Paint for VC now wooo... Oh wait the Zappers out and look at Duck Hunt.



siavm said:

Never played mario paint but have its spiritual successor in warioware diy. And after playing that, unless I can draw then put that towards making a game it is worthless to me. Drawing when you are serious is something that is done on paper or on dedicated computer program. Not by making a expensive thing that is just made to make more crappy games. The dsi flipnote and warioware diy are the only drawing games I aspect right now because they may have drawing but the drawings can be shared as little movies and as games.



Phantom5800 said:

If an updated Mario Paint were to come out and it was able to export .bmp/.jpg and possibly .wav for sounds (onto SD card) ... it would be the most awesome thing ever.



Tasuki said:

As long as they include that Fly swatter game in a new Mario Paint game I would be a happy camper. I use to play that game all the time when I had the original Mario Paint.



B-ry said:

I'd like to see an improved Duck Amuck, it was fun but with some improvements and the tablet it could be epic. The Okami, WarioWare, and Ivy the Kiwi series might benefit from this too



NintyMan said:

I would love a Mario Paint Wii with a new fly swatter game. I have very fond memories of the original Mario Paint.



Kaeobais said:

If they release a new Mario Paint for this thing, then I'll be very tempted to buy it.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

Mario paint/ Art Academy
and some kind of game, maybe puzzle genre, that you more the character with the tablet.
those are my guesses but its Nintendo, so the second could be something completely unexpected



SilverBaretta said:

Yeah, I'm gonna say Mario Paint, and hopefully what Bunpei said. If not a DS Player, than some other retro game reboot that involves art.



dsmaster said:

I was kind of hoping a mario paint 2 would end up on the ds, you would think a drawing game and the ds stylus pen would go hand in hand....



lockelocke said:

If my friend knew I was talking about this he would murder me in my sleep, but I have it from a reliable source @ THQ (he told me about the tablet a few months back) that Nintendo is indeed working on a new iteration of Mario Paint. enjoy!



zeeroid said:

Ugh. I suppose it's an interesting idea, but there is no way in hell I'm buying another peripheral. Certainly not one that costs more than $25.

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