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The Latest Lost in Shadow Trailer Materialises

Posted by Trevor Chan

Behold... the Watchman's Sword

Hudson Entertainment has announced that its upcoming puzzle platformer will launch in North America on 4th January 2011, and we've got our hands on some new screenshots and the latest trailer, which sheds light on one of Lost in Shadow's features: the act of materialisation. From the press release:

While the main character is indeed a shadow boy, on occasion in the game he will need to become a creature of light to achieve his ultimate goal. The boy’s shadow is able to acquire multiple swords, which not only help him defeat enemies but allow him to enter certain areas that were restricted by the Tower’s Keeper. The “Watchman’s Sword” allows the boy to manipulate both light and shadow by cutting a door in reality. Doing so opens areas that the boy can travel to as a being of light and can manipulate physical objects for a limited period of time.

So why not give the video a gander and see for yourself further examples of the interaction between foreground and background as well as soaking in the game's impressive visuals and ambient soundtrack.

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Deviant_Mugen said:

2011? I was hoping it'd be out this year. Oh, well, there's plenty of excellent games due out this year to tide me over...

This game keeps looking better and better...



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I've been following this game for almost a year now, ever since I read an article about it in Nintendo Power. Being a platforming fan I am ver interested to see how this dynamic brings something different to the table. The ideas behind the game sound amazing, and from what I've read the team has really put a lot of effort into thinking about the different aspects of shadow-based gameplay. The now 7-month push from its original release date is fine with me. I want this sucker POLISHED!!!!



FunderThucker said:

Would buy this game even if it was mediocre. Music is fantastic and it reminds me of Coraline (Movie) in some ways.



pitkun said:

@ Thegame : Totally agree with you on the music! Coraline is such an underrated movie. And this game looks really cool, will there be bosses? ( The other mother! )



Fuzzy said:

Liking the look of this game so far. But it kinda looks like from the video is you are almost moving around in the background, which might take some getting used to.



Radbot42 said:

I hope this game is good and long too. I'll keep a watch on this one, but i will need some reviews before i get it next year, especially with the 3ds and the new zelda coming out next year



Popyman said:

As a game, this is looking great. As the ICO level experience I thought it would be, my hopes have long been crushed. I should have known better to think Hudson could make art...



mushroomer said:

Popyman, I agree. Hudson can not do what Team ICO excels at. Shadow of the Colossus and ICO as well as the long anticipated The Last Guardian makes this game look like silliness. Just go look at the Last Guardian trailer! Problem is , that is for PS3..



hulklol123456789 said:

Cool like a mighty flip champs but for wii and different , looks much beter I can say, well I will add it in my options yeah, why not.



NuYu said:

The short cut-scene-things just destroys the game. The pace gets completely ruined when you have to watch the same things move all the time, just because you stand on a switch. The first time it's okay, but if a game can't even show what's being changed in the world without the use of cut-scenes and the like, the game developers isn't just very good at making games. IMO.

Anyway, the platforming and puzzle elements looks interesting, but the stage-design is a bit overwhelming. It's just to much i think. And all this walking through gates, omg. I love a lot of slow-paced games, but this one just don't know how to do it. Disappointed.



nice_shirt said:

Looks like ICO but doesn't look like a retail game. Only a really great story with characters you really care about could help pull this one-trick game off.



Gameday said:

this game seems like later on it could be challenging , i do like that mystic melody though.

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