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Skyward Sword Swinging For Early 2011 Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

At least it's not late 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's release being pushed back to 2011 might have been a disappointing pill to swallow, but soldier on we must. Whilst not making it in-time for this year's Christmas wish list, the release window for Link's latest adventure is materializing.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma had this to say about the game's scheduled launch:

The basis we have now is very, very solid...Early 2011 - that is what we're aiming for.

If the game does make that release target, it will certainly be a great way to kick 2011 off with a top-quality MotionPlus title, as well as rounding out Nintendo's 2010 fiscal year ending in March.


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Punny said:

Sweet! I won't have to wait too long! Now the big question is when the 3DS is coming...
I want an answer other than "before the end of the fiscal year."



zionich said:

Lets just all work on a major hiest so we will have money to buy all this awesomness Nintendo has given the faithfull =)



Link79 said:

I think every Zelda since Ocarina has been delayed a bit. At least the console versions. I won't be to hopefull for an early release until I see a specific date. Just remember what Miyamoto says. A bad game is bad forever. A delayed game is eventually good.



Feld0 said:

Probably the last big bang for the Wii before the 3DS steals the gaming spotlight; that's how I see it.



Hokori said:

Skyward Sword hasnt been delayed I remember Iwata say it was going to be released in early 2011 at E3.



Azaris said:

I'd like to point out that when iwata said the release would be less then a year away he did not say that in 2009 so as long as this game makes it somewhere before janury 6th 2011* there was no delay
*he made that statement in janury 6th 2010 by the way



MrPanic said:

Yeah, they said something like that when making TP too and look how many times that was postponed. I'm not counting on a early 2011 release.



Objection said:

Im good waiting through 2011, whenever makes it as perfect as possible. Cuz E3 didnt sell me on it. I do however want the 3DS ASAP.
Leik naow pleese kthksbai.



Token_Girl said:

Probly get this to hold me over until places aren't sold out constantly of 3DSes which most stores are sure to be for a while after release.



Big_A2 said:

I'm happy with waiting as long as I have to for the game to the best it can be, so I'm not too fussed about when it releases.



Retro-Commando said:

Can you imagine what the reviews will turn out to be when this game is released if the controls turn out bad. (obiously nintendo official mag will still rate it good because its nintendo, around 90% negatives:
controls take time to get used too) but other reviewers will rate it bad due to the truth. It does'nt matter to me though I will get games whatever the rating.



Fuzzy said:

Cool. Gives me some more time to practise playing with my right hand (been playing LostWinds like it.). Isn't as difficult as I thought.



wes008 said:

I think Skyward Sword is close to being done. It seems that they only have a few bugs to work out (whatever ever happened to poor old Mr. Miyamoto on stage). So since they have a solid engine, they just need to insert characters, dungeons, etc. What most people don't realise is that the longest part of development (with maybe a few games as exceptions) is creating the engine. So I think they'll shoot for the end of 2010 to finish development, spend January marketing, and release February-March. To bad my pocket is also going to 3DS. Hold in there Link. I haven't forgotten about you.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Retro-Commando Nintendo power reviews are usually on par with the other mags lately. They have surprised me with a few reviews and not given inflated reviews just because the game is one of the big ones from nintendo. SMG2 only got 9.5 and i thought it would get a 10 from them. If it is not a fun game they will rate it right. Just because its offical does not mean its ran by nintendo which its not by the way.



triforceofcourage said:

even though it might not be under the cristmist tree i will use whatever money i have to buy this game the second it comes out (i wonder if they will have a motionplus bundle or if you will have to buy one seperate, although i dont have to worry because i bought wii sports resort.)

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