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Preorder Sonic Colours to Fulfil Your Sonic Dress-Up Ambitions

Posted by James Newton

Gamestop offering Sonic hats for all

Annoyed by some of Sonic's recent outings and feel you would put the 'hog back on track if you could? Well, Gamestop is offering you the chance to do just that, sort of.

Preorder Sonic Colours for Wii or DS with the chain and you'll also grab a Sonic hat, letting you complete your hedgehog ensemble and race around cities and forests grabbing golden rings and destroying machinery, with not a werehog or talking sword in sight. What more could you ask for?

Race to your local Gamestop or order it online to secure yourself one of these quality items.


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User Comments (38)



47drift said:

Well, looks like I'm preordering Sonic Colors. I am pleasantly surprised.



mecoy said:

okay sega next can madworld 2 get me a stuff contactable arm chainsaw????



Crystalking18 said:

Well it looks cool, but im not interested in Sonic Colors. Should I still get it just for the hat?



Sylverstone said:

Hmmm..... I like that hat..... And no Werehog transformations and talking swords you say?

Well, I hope my preorder for Donkey Kong Country Returns gets me a DK tie and some bongos.



Slapshot said:

Preorder and spend 50 gets a hat.

Wait a few weeks and buy it for 20.

Hmmmmm..... that's a easy choice!



Yanagi said:

I remember the Scribblenauts giveaway that Dragoon mentioned above. When I picked up my pre-ordered copy, the guy at the counter said they only received one Rooster Cap, and the guy claimed it for himself. That's a load of crap. I don't know how good they are at giving you the pre-order bonus online, but, if you're pre-ordering Sonic Colors at a physical Gamestop location, don't expect them to hand over that hat to you.



Reala said:

shhh, you can't use the "fp" words anymore, the nl correct way is to say doggie pic



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Yanagi: I remember hearing of that problem, but my store got several of them. I'm not sure if we had enough to cover ALL our reservations, but we had enough that two employees (myself included) took ours (having reserved the game), and there were still at least two more to give out.

@Ant: Yes, I agree we must secure one for Prosody.



jangonov said:

aw, if it was a Tails hat, somewhere Tails(on nintendolife) would squee so loud it could be heard for 5 states over



ejamer said:

Hmm... I've got novelty Scribblenauts and Mario hats already... I don't even like Sonic, but this is pretty tempting. (But not tempting enough to get me to preorder.)



James said:

Thought I posted this earlier, but the British English is "fulfil", although either is widely recognised. Just so you know.




pikku said:

they should make a pikmin hat like this for preordering Pikmin 3!
just sayin



JimLad said:

That hat would make me feel awesome
...right up to the moment I get beaten up



Hokori said:

I need that even though it will make me look like even more of a...( Look at Username)



breegullblaster said:

"Preorder Sonic Colours for Wii or DS with the chain and you'll also grab a Sonic hat"
what chain are they talking about?



Rasche said:

I am so frickin excited about this. I'm pre-ordering Sonic Colors for sure!

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