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You Can Watch Nintendo's E3 Presentation Live

Posted by James Newton

Official site will stream at 9am PST on June 15th

You already know we'll have coverage from the E3 showfloor as well as all the news, screenshots and videos of the biggest titles throughout the day. But what if you want to feel closer to the action? Not only will we be running a live text update service to cover the announcements as they happen, Nintendo itself will be running a live stream of the presentation on its website.

Kicking off at 9am PST (12 midday EST, 5pm BST), will be broadcasting live for anyone able to log on and watch the magic unfold.

Our E3 coverage kicks off in earnest next Monday with the next episode of the Nintendo Life podcast, where host James Newton will be chatting to E3 go-getter Corbie Dillard about the games, consoles and people he expects to get hands-on with at the conference, as well as your choices for what you most want to see at E3. Not contributed to the show yet? There's still time!

What announcement would make your E3 complete?

Whatever you can think of, let us know: email it to the podcast team, Tweet it to us on Twitter or leave a voicemail on our Skype account nintendolife.

Just under two weeks to go now, folks: just enough time to get stocked up on crisps and chocolate to last you through the E3 media explosion that's heading this way.

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Raylax said:

What announcement would make your E3 complete?
Reggie Fils-Aime becoming President Of The Universe.




Corbs said:

I wonder if I can watch it live on Nintendo's site while sitting inside the press conference itself. Now that would be mind-blowing.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm insanely excited! Hell who isn't!?
The 3DS being revealed alone has my peeing in my ninja turtle panties!



MrWout said:

.....I can't watch....have exam the day after it.......the last one....why couldn't they just wait a day longer !!!!



V8_Ninja said:

Hooray! I no longer have to watch Twitter accounts and wait for an update! Hooray!

@Raylax I have sudden flashbacks to when I was reading The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Universe...



PhillaLoup said:

Pikmin 3, Zelda Wii, Kirby Wii, The Last Story, Xenoblade and a new game and I would be happy



jhuhn said:

Viewers can also watch the Nintendo presentation live on G4Tech TV if they have digital cable or satellite, on June 15, 2010 at 11:30am EDT/8:30pm PDT.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Some of us were already planning to watch it on GameSpot, but I guess this would work just as well. Either way, the plan is to set up a Gabbly chat on the streaming page.



timp29 said:

Zelda Wii,
Diablo III
Any future generations of console.
That is all.



Cipher said:

As a webmaster, I'm absolutely gutted, as this gives me no reason to do a live news feed for my visitors. As a Nintendo fan, I'm ecstatic, though, since GameSpot and IGN feeds let me down year after year.




MasterGraveheart said:

Three announcements would make my E3 complete.

I want to hear that the EarthBound SUPPOSED issue is settled or never existed in the first place and that it'll be on Virtual Console soon.

I want to hear that DSiWare games can be transfered to the 3DS.

Considering that we're probably gonna get a Wii Zelda from it, I want to see a DS Zelda that adopts the overworld of the likes of Link's Awakening, The Oracle of Ages, the Oracle of Seasons, and The Minnish Cap. No more ships or vehicles, just give me Hyrule!



BulbasaurusRex said:

From the BST time (which should be GMT), you mean Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). You need to be careful with that, as not everywhere in the U.S. switches to Daylight Savings Time, and so we prefer for Standard Time to really mean Standard Time even when most of the country is on Daylight Savings Time.



Machu said:

Great news. Every year I juggle tabs and windows until I find something I'm happy with. Now, I don't have to.

/me hugs Nintendo



Marvelousmoo said:

Zelda Wii, The Last Story, Star Fox Wii, Conduit 2, and some other stuff are things I am looking forward to. This will be interesting.



Token_Girl said:

Oh, mah, gawd. omaigad. This is perfect. 12 AM the next day for me in China. Perfect treat for the evening after my last paper is turned in (that is, if I can stay awake after the probable all-nighter - on the other hand, by that point my sleep schedule might be just messed up enough to make it work).



Adam said:

If anyone would like to chat while watching it, the address will be:

That does not work right now of course, as the E3 site isn't set up, but what the Gabbly address does is add a chat sidebar for anyone who knows the address. Bookmark it now if you plan to drop in. It was fun last year.

There's always Nintendolife Chat, too, of course, but this is nice for the occasion since it's all in one window.



GamerZack87 said:

What announcement am I looking forward to?

1. Reveal of the Nintendo 3D and its features
2. Reveal of Nintendo 3DWare
3. Reveal of the 3D's Virtual Handheld Service
4. Reveal of Super Mario Sunshine 3D
5. Reveal of the Nintendo 3D's launch titles (hard-copy, 3DWare and VH)

Basically, I'm pumped for the launch of the Nintendo 3D!



Stuffgamer1 said:

All right, thanks for the decisive setup, Adam. Provided my projected availability does not change, I'll be there!



grenworthshero said:

Zelda Wii. Please, oh, please, Zelda Wii. I have a feeling it's going to be pushed back again, like every other Zelda title that existed before it.



Link-Hero said:

It should not be a guess that I'm excited for the Zelda Wii info. If thats the only thing Nintendo shows and the rest is just sales charts or whatever, I'll be completely be fine with it. Anything else will just be a bonus for me.



Token_Girl said:

I am totally going to be on chat! I just realized we will need to have two windows open, because Corbie's live blog will be crucial for the E3 experience.



Corbs said:

For some reason I'm not that excited about Zelda Wii. I'm finding myself far more interested in the likes of 3DS and Golden Sun DS.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm with you Corbie. The one thing that I want to see the most out of E3 is the 3DS. Zelda is kind of a given so I won't be too surprised when Nintendo finally reveals it at E3. Don't get me wrong, I do want Zelda but I'm far more interested in what surprises Nintendo has in store for us.



realar said:

My first comment on this site!!
Whoo hoo!
So I'm most excited for the 3DS unveiling.
As well as whatever surprises they throw out.



JamieO said:

I am a bit predictable in my 'wish list' for E3 '10. I predominantly have my fingers crossed for snazzy new additions of classic franchises like F-Zero, Star Fox and Pilotwings.

I hold a tiny li'l glimmer of hope hiding away in my heart, that Nintendo will dabble in a bit of Wii cel-shading. I am excited for a new Wii Zelda, I would absolutely love something on the lines of GCN Wind Waker.

I can be a little bit clichéd in the way I always harp on about new additions of retro titles, so I will be a bit more forward thinking by saying that it would be brilliant for Nintendo to surprise us with a Vitality Sensor game that includes all of their innovation and magic, but is targeted at core gamers.



JimLad said:

3DS and the new Zelda, what a double pronged attack that will be.
But then there's exciting stuff to show from the other systems too, this E3 really will be a treat for everyone.

I think some people have forgotten how important this Zelda game is going to be. It's not just the next in the series with better graphics, it's going to be motion plus exclusive. That means it is going to be properly motion controlled. Like Miyamoto said: "Twilight Princess is the last Zelda game of it's type" I believe this will be the most important Wii game of the console's life, because it will decide once and for all if motion controls are viable in non-casual games.

but of course 3DS is also an important innovation, moreso than I realised when it was first announced.



MmBuddha said:

I want to see footage of The Last Story, Zelda Wii 2, Pikmin 3, maybe even of Dragon Quest X if anything's ready. As for announcements, of course I want to see Starfox and F-Zero, but also I really hope there'll be some kind of completely unexpected new franchise from Nintendo. It's been far too long.



JamieO said:

I am going to elaborate upon my Wii Vitality Sensor comment (above). To me Nintendo will always be a legendary company who make classic video games. I associate them not just with innovation, but with fundamentally fun gameplay.

Therefore, in my head I am hoping that the Vitality Sensor is explored to create new gameplay experiences. For example, it could be used during stealth elements of a game, perhaps in a survival horror type situation, in which an enemy can sense your whereabouts if you are stressed out. You would have to chill yourself out and get your pulse down before you could progress, but at the same time an omnipotent force could be present which attempts to pile on the stress.

It would not have to be a horror game, or be adult orientated. Wind Waker had stealth elements, ideas like this could be implemented through the more traditional Nintendo methods of presentation.

I sure am excited about E3 !!!



RyuZebian said:

Zelda Wii
Golden Sun DS
COD: MW 2 for Wii
... That is all I could think of at the top of my head! Of course there are sure to be some unexpected happy suprises!



WaveGhoul said:

Luigi's Mansion 2!
Why do I have the weirdest feeling it's going to happen on the 3DS?



StarDust4Ever said:

Too bad I gots English class. Not to mention the network is congested on campus. Probably not quite as bad for summer though.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Interestingly, I finished classes at the next-to-last week of May, even though I got classes again in August.

Even so, I am not so sure if I am going to be as "press-your-face-towards-the-screen" as others are...



I am intrigued about the 3DS. How it will looks? how they will show 3D whitout glasses? what games will have at launch?

And of course ZELDA! I want to see what changes will the franchise will have!



LittleIrves said:

"James Newton will be chatting to E3 go-getter Corbie Dillard about the games, consoles and people he expects to get hands-on with at the conference..."
Whoa, whoa... I don't need to know about the people Corbie gets hands-on with. Thanks though.
A Mario Kart or Starfox for 3DS might just make me a Day 1 buyer. But let's see what this little handheld can actually do first before we make any grandiose claims... Nintendo sure is good at making its fans pant in anticipation



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Okay, here goes nothing:
Virtual Handheld
Zelda Wii being awesome
3DS being awesome
New Handheld Metroid
New Handheld Zelda
New Handheld Mario
New Console and Handheld Kirby
Portal 2 on Wii
SD Card Menu on DSi
More Sonic Colors Details
More Pokémon Details
Nintendo Life Channel on WiiWare and possibly DSiWare
New Star Fox with microphone support
Nintendo pwning Sony and Microsoft.
Pardon my language, but Nintendoes what Microsucks! And, erm, uh, PEE ES TWEE IS BAD. Okay, I can't come up with anything clever for Sony, but oh well. They don't deserve it anyway, I mean, at least Microsoft has accomplished something, but all Sony has is money, and a little more money. Which they refuse to spend on actual technology, and instead just make the PS3 look good on the outside with all those moneys.



Yellowkoopa said:

A new Mario Party game and release the first three on vc. Well we got Wii Party but its not Mario Party, so NO. Edit: YES. E3 2011 have Mario Party 9.
A new Yoshi game and release SMW2 Yoshi's island on vc.IDK there MIGHT be a new yoshi games for wii or 3ds but SMW2 NO
A new Mario game. YES
A new Kirby game. YES
A new Mario Golf and Tennis game. Release mario tennis on n64 for vc. NO
Super Mario Galaxy 3. (what? its possible) NO
Let us choose what we want on virtual console or give us a schedule and let us send you emails on what we want. NO

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