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Jett Rocket Sequel May Already be Firing Up its Boosters

Posted by James Newton

Spoilers potentially contained within

Jett Rocket has only been out in North America for a few days, but already talk of a sequel has hit the Internet, with the game's end sequence dropping some fairly large hints that a follow-up is on the way.

Those of you who've already clocked Jett's adventure may have seen this screen, adorned with the familiar tease "to be continued" and the less subtle "Jett Rocket 2". We're not rocket scientists (get it?) but predictions that Shin'en has more adventures planned for the jumpsuit-wearing traveller are pretty safe bets.

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Hardy83 said:

@Bigby if you honestly though it would take longer than a day you're looking at the wrong platform. WiiWare games are never that long except on rare occasions.



WAM2 said:

Hey, it's like those old James Bond movies. "Jett Rocket will be back in...Jett Rocket 2: This Time it's Not Jett Rocket 1."

Okay, I'm mixing pop culture references there.



Bigby said:

I don't know, world of goo took me close to a week. Granted I usually don't play in 14 hour stints
I'll still pick this up next week, looks fun and I want to support the developers hard work.



JohnStalvern said:

Last time I got excited for an in-game mentioned sequel was Neutopia III.

Come on, Hudson. You're two decades over due.



pixelman said:

Haha awesome, hopefully they'll fix the glitches. Still buying this one though!



Omega said:

Seems someone's already planning a sequel without even waiting to see how the public responds.



Sneaker13 said:

I think they made a retail game and then decided to chop it in pieces. I'm really not happy with then length I've seen on forums so far. I don't understand why a WiiWare game shouldn't have a decent length. I really can't recollect a WiiWare game I have finished in a day. In most games there is always something to do after the credits, collect artifacts, get a 100% and so on. But from what I've read on the forums, that's also done.

So a game just being on WiiWare is no reason for it being incredibly short. Still going to get this though, but with graphics as great as this, it was only to be expect it would be extremly short.



Sneaker13 said:

I just remember Zombie Panic in Wonderland was extremly short. Beatable in a couple of hours. But that game had replay value. I still need to finish all the difficulty levels and get that secret level.



Mange said:

A similar sequel promise was seen in the NES game Snake Rattle And Roll. If I remember correctly it was to be called Snakes in Space. I never saw any sequel though... maybe it went Snakes on a Plane.



OverlordMao said:

I really liked Jett Rocket, except for two little things
1.It's WAY too similar to Super Mario Galaxy. The music, the camera angles, the graphics. This CANNOT be a coincidence.
2. It was way too easy. Me being a collector, I beat this whole game in a quick, 7 hour sitting.
Regardless, I hope they make the sequel a little more challenging.



Bassman_Q said:

Why would anyone wanna beat it in one day? Can't u guys savor the game and attack it in little spurts, like say, 2 hours each time?



Omega said:

Sneaker13 wrote:

I think they made a retail game and then decided to chop it in pieces. I'm really not happy with the length I've seen on forums so far.

Yes, that sounds plausible to me. As a retail game it would probably not catch peoples attention because it's just another jump and run game. But as downloadable title arguably the jewel in the glittering crown of WiiWare.

I always play these games in short bursts rather than all the way through to prevent it from beeing to short or too stale. This way it took me 3 days to beat LostWinds. I think Jett Rocket can be good for a couple of days or even a week when not rushing through it.



moosa said:

The worst part about this kind of game development is that they don't tell you that there are going to be x more parts to the game you have to buy separately before you buy it. No game really guarantees you anything before you purchase it and put it in, but it's still a little bit sketchy knowing that it's clearly a full game broken into pieces disguised as a full game with its full game sequels.



Omega said:

^ Yes, that's true, moosa. And these WiiWare titles are pretty expensive too. When they split a game into 5 "parts" and each part costs 1000 points it's more expensive than the usual retail title. And it is even worse if you keep in mind that full-fledged retail titles like Vexx or Crash Bandicoot can be bought used for a couple of bucks.

I still like this (part of a) game and I'm tempted to spend the 1000 Points. Don't ask me why.



Collinhall said:

I just bought ratchet and clank tools of destruction, is this game too similar to that to be worth buying?



Raylax said:

OverlordMao wrote:

2. It was way too easy. Me being a collector, I beat this whole game in a quick, 7 hour sitting.

Why not have 7 1-hour sittings and find something else to do with your time?




Demonic_St33V said:

Honestly, it is a pretty easy game. I'm about two thirds of the way through it and have only invested about two and a half hours in the game. When I realized I was breezing through it so quick, I decided to take a break.... And played Rune Factory for the rest of the day. Jett's a great game though.



Omega said:

@Collinhall: As far as I heard, Ratchet and Clank ToD is an excellent game. I don't think that Jett Rocket can keep up with it. But for a WiiWare title it still looks pretty damn awesome and it's at least the same genre. So if you don't mind it's shortness I would say: Yes. Why not?
@Raylax: You (and Demonic S+33V) are right, of course: Taking a break is never a bad idea, especially from those WiiWare games to make them last longer.



SmaMan said:

I remember something like this also happened with Axelay. If you managed to charge through the game in hard mode, twice, it said, "Coming Soon: Axelay 2!" or something. That's a bit harder to find than this, but that game never happened, even though Axelay was awesome and way under-appreciated!

And all Earthbound fans can remember this sign:



theHighlander said:

I beat the game in 3 and 1/2 hours. I got 94%. I will try getting 100% this weekend when I have some added time to play games. I thought it was a lot of fun though. The level design is good enough to play a few times through anyways.



rjejr said:

Sooo, I don't mind the idea of a sequel, but does the game at least have an ending boss or cut scene or you find the 7th star piece or 5th cyrstal fragment or something that feels like an ending or is it just abrupt?

On length - we've played Swords & Soldiers over 70 hours and that was a 1000 point WiiWare game. True, some of that was multiplayer, but there were also 3 levels of difficulty and several accomplishments to add to the replay value so a single player game can have reasons to replay.



Vinsanity said:

Jett Rocket is awesome. I knew it'd embarass most third party retail efforts visually, but I'm really surprised by how well it plays. It's like Banjo Kazooie or Spyro, or any other solid N64/PSX era platformer, which is way more than I thought it would be. And the use of waggle is actually really solid, satisfying to use, and - gasp! - actually fun. The game is well designed all around, and has Shin'en's signature charming faux-Japanese/old school presentation behind it(Jett Rocket reminds me at once of both Alex Kidd and Commander Keen). I knew it would be good - I didn't expect to love it as much as I am really:)

Honestly, I kinda wish they'd port it to other systems. It wouldn't need any graphic re-working to fit on PSN honestly, and the Sixaxis can detect the "slamming" motions needed to do all the motion in the game. I'm not sure how well Wiiware games sell, but what I do know is that good games need to be made available to everybody who wants to play them. So if they had to be working on more Jett Rocket so soon, I'd want it to be that - a port for HD Consoles and Steam or something. But I'll gladly take a sequel any day of the week, Shin'en!



Vinsanity said:

@SmaMan: You DO know that there are other Earthbound games right? Just because us westerners didn't officially get them doesn't mean you can call the sign a lie. Why just last month, I bought an NES Reproduction of the english language Earthbound Zero for a friend of mine who loves the series to death. And we both played Mother 3, via an excellent fan translation, through emulation at various points in the past. So don't call the sign a liar, sir!



DotDotDot said:

Yes. A sequel. That sounds awesome. If this becomes 5 parts, it's better than best.



suburban_sensei said:

Since I am really enjoying the game, I can't wait for the sequel. If there were at least 3 episodes, with 3 zones each, I would be pretty happy with that. Regarding the questions of people beating short games in no time...Well, I am one of those people that plays a bit of each game in little bits. I have lots of backlogged games, so I like to play one game for an hour, then another for another hour, I get burnt out on games if I play for like 3 hours in a row, really.

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