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Tue 2nd Mar 2010

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JohnStalvern commented on Take on Abylight's DSiWare Cosmo Fighters on M...:

Looks more like Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu to me:
I only hope that there's bosses and stage hazards. Otherwise, this will be something of a slight step back from an NES game... That said, the option of DS download play is pretty cool of them. However, the fan game based on the Kunio-kun entry above seems way better:
Not a bad effort on their part, just wish it was, well, better done.



JohnStalvern commented on Review: Snapdots (DSiWare):

I don't know how many people here know about this tidbit, but this game is actually a sort of homage/spiritual sequel to one of Compile's last games, Guru Logic Champ, which was made for GBA. It played similarly to this, but there were various scenarios featuring duck-like critters, known as Champs, who were often in trouble. It was up to the player, who controlled a pair of studly Champ brothers and their tile-shooting cannon, to solve puzzles and gain access to the item(s) that would help out those in need. It was much more lively than this game, although the core gameplay carried through well, and I'm glad Snapdots finally came over here. I'd encourage anyone who liked Snapdots to track down Guru Logic Champ somehow, possibly a second-hand import store, especially since you don't need to know much, if any, Japanese to play and enjoy it (due to many scenes not involving speech or text).



JohnStalvern commented on First Impressions: Kai Illust Puzzle Guru Guru...:

This is actually inspired by a somewhat obscure GBA game called Guru Logic Champ. The same premise applies, although the game originally featured two members of a duck-like species known as "Champs", who helped their fellow Champs by solving puzzles and gaining items needed to help a troublesome situations. Example: solving X number of puzzles in one section earns them a water fountain's turn-handle, which lets them help a dehydrated Champ get his drink on (with hilarious results)).

Gameplay of the original:
Sadly the ending was cut short in the video.