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E3 2010: Trailer of Wii-Exclusive Activision GoldenEye Remake Leaks

Posted by Zach Kaplan

A reason to never say never again, or a golden lie?

According to Kotaku late yesterday, IGN put the video up and ever so swiftly removed it. Someone got a hold of it and uploaded it to YouTube, but it wasn't long before Activision removed it for copyright violation. At E3 we will know for sure, but for now we can only hope that the footage is authentic: GoldenEye is returning to Wii. And Daniel Craig is playing the part.

EDIT - The trailer has been taken down but we will bring you the authentic trailer as soon as it arrives.

We've been fooled by technology before, and certainly some of the visuals here are wanting, but we can hope that we're not being deceived by a MovieMaker mastermind and that when it comes to the connection between our dreams and our real lives, it's a bond that won't be broken.

However, this looks real. Even "" is registered to "Activision Publishing, Inc". Only a few hours until we should see confirmation from Activision.


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Shiryu said:

Looks almost to good to be true, doens't it? Time will tell but if it's fake, it's a truly cruel joke...



Machu said:

It wasn't pretty, but the gameplay looks spot on. I not know what to think.



Terra said:

Let's hope those graphics are from an early build. This is fantastic news, I loved the original Goldeneye game



Deviant_Mugen said:

Hope this turns out to be true and that it exceeds the awesomeness of the original (or is at least on par with it)...



Jonny said:

If (key word IF) this is true I see it as a pointless waste of time and it doing a disservice to the Goldeneye name.

Are they allowed to remake rare's game straight down to the level designs legally?



theblackdragon said:

@Terra: i'm with you... i was disappointed by the graphics in this trailer too. hope they've got a better trailer to release here at E3 :/



Ben94 said:

It has to be 100% real! Activision has been pulling this video off youtube since it first went up.



BJWanlund said:

Ben94 is totally right. Activision has been pulling this off of YouTube left and right since it got leaked. How it can't be real is beyond me. I think it will be fully confirmed at the Nintendo presser later today, because Nintendo LOVES to totally overpromote their Wii exclusive third party titles (Monster Hunter Tri being a good example of that).




Ben94 said: is getting ready to launch! Theres a "Fedora Test Page" on there now



pixelman said:

Yeeeeeeeah! The one thing I'm hoping for the most... is that they keep the guns and their sounds intact. Oh, and the way it looks when you kill guys (see bullet thuds and they kinda crumple to the floor). That was my favorite part of the N64 version.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Uh, this is a bit weird. A "new" Goldeney with replaced main character? Is this a sequel or a remake?

And warning: It´s developed by Eurocom. They are not Rare in any way, and haven´t made one good game so far.



siavm said:

Of course it is real. Why would activitision remove it if it was fake? Nintendo or Activitison was going to show it off at their press conference and some one leaked it early.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

It's not a remake! In fact it has nothing to do with the original. Rare has still all rights on the original game. Rare just doesn't have the James Bond/GoldenEye licence any more. So they couldn't release the Xbox Live Arcade remake (which was already in development) without a permission. But Activision now tries to abuse the name of a videogaming classic to advertise their totally new game. It sounds fishy to me and I'm really sceptical about the quality of such a cash in.

I would only buy a remake for Xbox Live Arcade (like Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie) or a release on Virtual Console.



jangonov said:

@Faxanadu replaced main character because of legal reasons. Right now, the ORIGINAL game rights are being fought over by 5 companies. Nintendo, Rare, Microsoft, EA, and MGM. Each have rights to the game in some way or the other. Nintendo had the original system and publishing rights, Rare was the Original developer, Microsoft has a big contract with Rare, EA has the rights to James Bond as a video game character, and MGM has the rights to James Bond as a whole. Try being the lawyer for THAT one.



JimLad said:

@That Guy from Faxanadu
"They are not Rare in any way"
Is that really a bad thing in this day and age?



bro2dragons said:

i understand the whole nostalgia thing... but it doesn't make sense to remake this game instead of making an entirely new one. i mean, it may have been a great game 2 generations back... but that was 2 generations back. taking away the nostalgia, it just can't compete with most shooters of today. there's just no way. it just all seems strange to me.



XD375 said:


EA has nothing to do with Bond anymore, Activision has the Bond license now. And Activision was fine with the XBLA version, too. It's just Nintendo's whining that stopped it from being released...



Kid_A said:

It's impossible, ridiculous, and insulting...but deep down I'm still praying that it's true.



MasterGraveheart said:

I've said some nasty things about first-person shooters, but Goldeneye was one of those rare ones that I've omitted from my comments about them. I hope it is real, seems like a strange trailer for a real game, but who knows, right? Hopefully we'll find out today.



Useless_Account said:

It looks pretty legit. Couldn't Nintendo and activision sue if it's fake? Just curious because it says their logos.



FonistofCruxis said:

I doubt it will be as good as rare's classic and the graphics look terrible but hopefully the gameplay will still be good.



Klapaucius said:

Yup it was real.
Looks promising. Follows the same story of Goldeneye, so certainly deserves the name (unlike that terrible Golden-eye game on GCN...).

Surprised how many rumours and such were on the mark, actually.



paulcmnt said:

This looks awesome! This and Other M should keep me busy for some time. Also, from what I've seen in this trailer, the acting sound top notch. I can't believe this is coming out on Wii!

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