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E3 2010: Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video

Posted by James Newton

"Incredible, absolutely incredible"

We've already read a few of Corbie's first thoughts on the 3DS, but we have a feeling you'd be much happier hearing them come straight from his mouth. What about being able to watch his face at the same time? Well, that's getting a bit creepy now, but okay: we'll oblige.

Check out this extremely brief video interview conducted by the Nintendo E3 Network to gauge the audience's first reactions to the 3DS effect. That gentleman in the distinctive bandana and muted shirt? Why, that's Nintendo Life's own Mr Corbie Dillard, of course.

Head on over to Nintendo's 3DS reactions page to watch Corbie's very first thoughts on the machine, and stay tuned here at Nintendo Life for a longer, more coherent article including details on the Mario and Metroid demonstrations.

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Twilight_Crow said:

LOL Corbie just wanted to play not talk.
Epic Man, can't wait for the "longer, more coherent article" .



Dodger said:

No. It's going to flop just like the Virtual Boy. Nobody will buy this.

Just kidding. It looks amazing!



TLink9 said:

Also was that you Corbie with the wirless device that messed up Zelda?



jdarrell said:

He really should've brought a sickle and said he was with the Animal Crossing team.



accc said:

Oh cool, so that was Corbie!

Nintendo must've edited out the part where he rated the 3D effect as a 7 out of 10



moomoo said:

This is going to sell like Justin Bieber's albums, except the 3DS isn't crap.



timp29 said:

I was jealous of corbie... but then I saw his face!

Just kidding corbie. Man can you try and explain how good the 3ds is? I mean really? is it fully 3d? how much depth can you perceive in that thing? how forgiving is the 3d to viewing from angles? both screens 3d or just 1? insta-boner? did you try to steal one?

and the big question.... any dates on the 3ds release?



cr00mz said:

iwata mentioned something about a slider so you can adjust if you want 3d effect or not. Doesn't that mean that the just took the 3d glasses and pasted it over the screen like some kind of filter? so in actuallity you are still "using" the 3dglasses just not on your face?



StarDust4Ever said:

@cr00mz: I'd bet you the L+R pixels prolly beam the light separately to each eye through some sort of fractional diffraction process. Think of it like those 3D stickers with the plastic grooves that have been around since the 70s. When you glance at different angles, the image changes. So if you stood in a darkened room with a 3DS and shined it at a wall, you'd likely see two regions of light gradient on the wall.



RyuZebian said:

Can't wait for the details! This device may be my key to popularity, which ended when everyone else got a DS as well...




I think Corbs is a multi-platform handheld gaming fan. So for him to endorse the 3DS in such a way means something special



JamieO said:

It was great seeing Corbie pop up as the first gamer to give impressions on 3DS during the after-show 'Nintendo E3 Network' stream. I was watching it with my girlfriend and I was completely buzzing to shout out, "Jo! I know that fella talking there!" Ha, ha.

The average gamer is able to get much closer to sharing in the E3 experience as soon as big news hits nowadays. By streaming the conference from Nintendo, checking Nlife's tweets and updates for impressions, as well as spotting Corbie in the thick of the action, I really felt like I was taking part in the E3 magic.

Great stuff, I'm super pleased that Corbie is there to represent everyone who is involved in Nlife. Keep on having tons of fun mate.



Modern_Legend said:

Lol i love how everyone is like wow...incredible, and says that like 5 times. I also love how the people interviewing dont understand that the people theyre talking to want to keep playing the 3DS and not waste time on them hahahaha



Corbs said:

Well I've fathered children all over, but I don't remember any trips to France over the years. Sorry.



Corbs said:

Ouch. Your mom's name isn't Karen, Sheila, Terri, Christy, Laura, Sarah, Kylie, Beth, Kelly, Kayla, Lillian, Teresa, Sherry, Samantha, or Lindsay is it?



Mendoza said:

Boy am I glad they didn't put me in that video.
They also interviewed me with Star Fox back there, then I had to
fill out a form :s Whatever I didn't get online

Could you already see me there talking with my thick Dutch accent? XD



James said:

@Mendoza Was that you talking about flicking the 3D slider from one position to another and it not slowing down at all?



Mendoza said:

@ Prosody:
No that wasn't me, although you could hear it clearly that he's from Holland.
I was asked questions about Star Fox 64 3DS but I think that they didn't choose me because I wasn't too excited. Believe me it's incredible, but I think I'm the only one at the E3 who couldn't see the 3D effect anywhere. Not at the Sony booth, at the EA conference, or from the 3DS. I must have eye problems XD

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