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Preorder Sin and Punishment, Get Bonus Points and Poster

Posted by James Newton

That's a sweet deal

Although Treasure fans the length and breadth of Europe are already enjoying the company's latest blasterpiece, those of you across the pond in North America are probably cursing Nintendo's decision to delay to Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. It might be time to reconsider however, as Gamestop is giving not one but two bonuses to preorder customers.

As with Monster Hunter Tri, a 500 Nintendo Point card is available to the dedicated, which sadly isn't nearly enough to download the original on Virtual Console. That's not enough though: get your name down early and you'll also qualify for a pretty sweet S&P2 poster, just like the one accompanying this news post. All in all, a rather good package to take the edge off the wait until June 27th.


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irken004 said:

Knowing my local gamestop, they'll offer these bonuses but won't have any when someone goes to pick the game up



super-nintendo said:

Cool, do you get the card when you pre-order (in full)? Or do you have to wait until the 27th of June? Anyways, I want this deal.



OldBoy said:

Not sure that this is gonna be enough to make this one sell as well as it probably deserves,but its a nice gesture I suppose (although it would have been better if they had let you download the VC game for free )



Leshclen said:

I'm not going to bother with a preorder. Gamestop rarely sticks to their deals.



Kevin said:

Good thing I preorder my games and I don't mind the delay. Gives me more time to enjoy Galaxy 2.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'll probably get it eventually, but I've already preordered Lego Harry Potter for my Wii game this month.



Chrono_Cross said:

Good thing I preorder my games and I don't mind the delay. Gives me more time to enjoy Galaxy 2.
You and me both Kevin. You and me both.
Oh and don't forget about Monster Hunter 3, lol.



Angaran said:

I dont know if i'm going to get this game but i have to say it looks fun
I think i'll just get mario galaxy 2



fishman100 said:

Well, it's too bad that I just blew out all but 35 cents of my money on a DSi XL last week... but I still have about a month to ring up around $50, hope I can make it!!!



AVahne said:

I don't trust Gamestop with the bonus stuff, they didn't even give me 500 points card for Monster Hunter 3 Tri!



turtlelink said:

I don't know why you guys don't like gamestop. The one near me always has everything i want except for once when i was getting Wii Sports Resort.



TheBaconator said:

I'll reserve it but the only pre-order bonus I got there was the Monster Hunter Tri points card and I had to remind them to give me the demo disc when I first Pre-ordered it.



Digiki said:

Ugly poster, and a slight boost in value still won't make the game worth the price...



Crunc said:

Gamestop does fine with pre-order bonuses if you pre-order it online. In store its more troublesome. Online orders, though, they get the bonuses every time.



Token_Girl said:

I may have to start preordering at gamestop for the Nintendo points bonuses. Does the online have free shipping? (Don't want to waste time at the store if they don't have the bonuses regularly, when I know I can get a $5 target gift card for just about any game if I preorder there).



darklinkinfinite said:

lol, I got 2 of the Monster Hunter Wii Points card. One when I put my money down for the game (which came out the next day) and then another one when I picked up the game. Same thing happened with the Ocarina of Time Master Quest disc. I still have one sealed (though the plastic's torn in one corner)

I'm hoping to get enough cash to pick this up though and the poster and points only sweeten the deal.



GC-161 said:

"and I had to remind them to give me the demo disc when I first Pre-ordered it"

^^^ You were aware that you didn't have to pre-order the game to get that FREE demo, did you? Or did you fall for that one, courtesy of GameStop?

I don't trust GS either. The Monster Hunter Tri demo disks were hidden inside a drawer behind the desk. So the only way you knew they were giving them out was to ASK them about it. And when you did, they would give you this business about having to pre-order the game. When you confronted them with the fact that Capcom made a deal with GS about giving them for FREE with no need to pre-order MH Tri, they would play dumb and they would end up giving you the disk. Too mush hassle and deception at GS. That's the problem when they have kids in charge at those places.

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