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DSi XL Release Dates Announced

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No time like the present

Confirmation of the release dates for the upcoming DSi XL for Europe, North America and Australia, have come out of Nintendo’s back pocket and into our hands.

Europeans will be first to the party when the handheld hits the streets on March 5. Nintendo will then set sail across the pond for a North American entrance March 28 before turning up fashionably late in Australia on April 15.

The console will be available in either Red Wine or Dark Brown and comes with Dr Kawashima’s: Little Bit of Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function built into the hardware.

Anyone who has been saving those pennies and dimes will be glad to hear that the console will be priced at not-so-pocketbusting £149.99 and $189.99. The Australian RRP is yet to be announced.

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rafaelluik said:

I thought the different colours came with different pre-installed DSiWare software. It were that way in Japan.
Isn't going to be that way in the other regions?



the_shpydar said:

Yeah, the vid on the Ninty Channel mentions different pre-installed software -- 2 Brain Training games (math and i forget the other) and the Photo Clock app.



Token_Girl said:

$20 more expensive than a regular DSi and only 2 crappy DSiWare built in. No thanks (not that i'd want it anyways).



Ren said:

want one. Can't afford it, though. Maybe later in the summer or something.



DarkEdi said:

I´m not happy with the price. In Mexico easily will cost double money. Damn stores.



kevohki said:

I was planning on getting one but $190... yeah, no thanks. Even the PSP-3000 is now cheaper than that.



Rerun said:

I want one but I'll wait for a Special Edition. I waited for the Zelda DS Lite (unique color and nothing else) and the Mario DSi (unique color and excellent value with all the extra games). I wonder what the DSi XL Special Edition would be?



fatlittlenick said:

I'll be trading in my DSi for a Dark Brown XL at eb. Hopefully they have a trade in deal like that and you get the XL for $99 or something.



Capt_N said:

If the price is only going to be $189(only $20-$30 some more than the DSi), then to me @ least, it seems more plausible that N will release another DS, or the successor next year, or the following. Thank God my handheld conundrum is over! Now I can, & will continue w/ my original plan, & ask for an (DSi)XL for my b-day this summer. Sweet Kickinest Awesome! is how I find this news.



Slapshot said:

$190..... no thanx! Too much money for another Re-Hashing of a older system. DSi had new upgrades and justified the cost barely. This is looking to be Nintendos PSPGo!



grumblegrumble said:

If they had put back in the Slot 2 for GBA games, I would buy this, but seeing as Nintendo plans on putting out the same exact DSi system (just bigger) in this day and age, that's going opposite the tide. Things should be getting smaller, not bigger. Now, the GameBoy Micro.. THAT was revolutionary!



grumblegrumble said:

Oh, and are they improving the crappy camera? Can u load games from the SD card without having to tediously transfer and erase what's stored on the DSi? No. Didn't think so.



H2O said:

It'll be to clumsy and big for me. But good with people with bad eyesight will enjoy it. Plus it does come with free dsiware games.



Giygas97 said:

What's the point of this??? Isn't increasing the size of a portable system defeating its purpose?



Millie said:

Guys, the DSi XL is meant for people with eye issues and families. It's not just for everyone. The only good part is that it comes with the DSiWare Brain Age series, but I think I'll stick with my good old beautiful blue DSi.



Sean_Aaron said:

Um, I think the DSi XL is meant for anyone that wants one, not just people with bad eyes and families...I like the bigger screens and I don't use it for social gaming and have 20/40 vision.

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