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Prime Yourself for More Metroid

Posted by James Newton

Developer interview teases possible DS outing for Samus

We may still be recovering from the majesty of Metroid Prime Trilogy, but a recent interview with the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has unearthed an even more exciting titbit: there may be more Metroid Prime games on the way.

Speaking to the magazine, Kensuke Tanabe of Nintendo said:

We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series. Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi.

Of course, even if such a handheld adventure for Samus doesn't come to fruition we still have Metroid: Other M to look forward to next year, so fans of the bounty hunter won't be out of her shiny metal arms for too long.


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Rensch said:

I want a new side-scrolling Metroid for DS. Fusion and Zero Mission on the GBA were amazing.



V8_Ninja said:

Hopefully this comes true because I'm close to finishing MP2 and I've already played MP & MP: Hunters. I don't want the series to end just when I'm getting to the good stuff!



Clint_Eastwood said:

Meh, I'm with Rensch. Gimme a new sidescrolling Metroid. Didn't like Metroid Prime: Hunters at all on the DS.



Ninten said:

Metroid Prime: Hunters was only good because of the multiplayer, which was ruined by cheaters..



Machu said:

I loved Metroid Hunters, but got tired of breaking my own hands whilst playing. Give us a full on Hunters for the Wii. Pure Deathmatch with dozens of arena's, characters and weapons. It could totally pwn. Please Retro, do it! It would be huuuuge!!!



chadthegamer said:

I actually liked Metroid Prime: Hunters. This may be a sequel to Hunters or it could be the rumored DS side-scroller Metroid Dread



ioioi210 said:

Wouldn't mind either of them....
Wouldn't mind a sequel to prime hunters more though... cough cough



MasterGraveheart said:

Yes, this is good news. I'm still holding out hope for a new console 2D game on WiiWare or something, but I'm just glad Samus is getting this much love.



Xkhaoz said:

I've played Hunters, and I want to get it. But I like me some Metroid Prime, even though I don't own a single game, and the only Metroid game is the origional on my GBA and the demo of Super Metroid on SSBB.



Objection said:

Metroid Hunters was alright and more of that would be decent, but I'd be very happy to see Metroid Dread or the like instead.



Raylax said:

Hey, I called this first. I demand credit. sulks in corner

Nah, just kidding. I'd definitely love to see a new Metroid by Retro, Prime or otherwise. They truly mastered the series and really made it their own. I love the sinister and occasionally tongue-in-cheek politics of the Space Pirates.



Betagam7 said:

I predict Metroid Prime Pinball 2!... Oh right Nintendo screwed us by removing the GBA cartridge slot so no more rumble pak



Crazytimmy2 said:

Im a huge fan of metroid, i hope they make a metroid on the Ds with a sort of feel of metroid prime 1 rhat would be awsome. i think sticking to one world has been the best!



AVahne said:

Metroid Prime Hunters 2? It must be that game. I mean, Theres the 100% ending to MP3 that has some people wondering, so we need to see what will happen next



postmanX3 said:



My god, it's been forever since we got one of those!




Actually Hunters WAS a Metroid Prime series game wasn't it! It was very good, but I wouldn't say mind blowing. It was hardcore though eh.



MrPanic said:

For all we know, it might be just another pinball game. Nonetheless, I'm excited for any Metroid game.



primeris said:

Prime is good, but I'm tired of the FPS. Gimme a side scrolling prequel with Samus jumping around in broken armor showing some skin!



SwerdMurd said:

Prime pinball was fun. Glad they've used the Rumble pack functionalty in so many games since........... /crickets



Rhansley64 said:

a Metroid Side scroller/ platformer for me at least is a better offer then a First Person Adventure game.



JimLad said:

Sounds like he's just covering his bases, not so much hinting at what's in store.
Also it comes from ONM which have been known to blow things up and mis-translate.



LightSamus said:

I want more then just the basic metroids again. A beautiful remake of Metroid II would be excellent. Zero Mission was amazing, so why not?



Balaclavab said:

I would like it to be a side-scrolling one. They seem to last longer than 3D, and its time for some innovation for them. An online versus mode in the 2D would be brilliant. But yeah, i can't wait fo 'Other M'



Bassman_Q said:

I would really like to see another Metroid Prime game on the DS. Especially if it follows the formula MP1 set. MPH was good, but didn't exactly feel like a Metroid game.



Zenman said:

as a metroid fanBOY (not just a fan) i say we need a new side-scrolling one, if not for the fact it would work perfectly for the wii!



BlueFlameBat said:

I wouldn't mind a side-scroller for the DS provided I get the controls I want (B for jump, Y for attack, etc) at least through controller options. I'm still curious about Dread too.

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