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United States

Mon 17th Aug 2009

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ioioi210 commented on Super Mario Kart:

DS my fav
Then 64
Then Wii
This is the last one I need to complete the collection

P.S Super Circuit Rocked



ioioi210 commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

NES is cracked but works fine.
Super NES has a big hole in it works fine (i guess it was a pretty hard game...)
GB Colors (all 4) Work perfectly...
GBA has a lost battery cover, so i just stuck electrical tape to keep the batteries in works perfectly...
GBA SP my Dad still uses for LoZ games...
DS phat works fine, but there is a green pixel that just doesn't seem to go away, but i could care less
GameCube works like it has since Day one
Same with the Wii...

And people wonder why I'm a Nintendo FanBoy