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Miyamoto Ready to Cough Up Nintencats Furball?

Posted by James Newton

Investor meeting teases upcoming feline fun

Years and years ago, following the runaway success of super-cute puppy sim Nintendogs, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned he was more of a cat person, leading everyone and their dog to point towards Nintencats clawing its needy way onto DS. Here we are, some four years later, and Mr Miyamoto has just let out a little tease that purrhaps it's on the horizon.

Speaking to a meeting of Japanese investors, Mr Miyamoto closed the meeting with this cryptic little kibble:

Also, I’ve recently been caring for cats. That is all.

To which his boss Satoru Iwata commented, "he just gave a big hint.”

Perhaps they were just telling investors to expect a greater feline presence at the next meeting, or maybe Mr Miyamoto has had enough of game development and has metamorphosed into a nocturnal crime-fighter. Or maybe - just maybe - we'll soon all be touching our pocket pussies with Nintencats.


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skywake said:

Link has a cat in the next Zelda?

It could really be anything. The last time I heard about Miyamoto's love of cats was when the news channel came out.... if you "click" the cat that sits at the top of the screen the loading bar becomes a loading bar of cats.



Zammy said:

Or maybe - just maybe - we'll soon all be touching our pocket pussies with Nintencats.

... o_O
Cat-Mario? A power-up in SMG2? God, I hope so. =P



pinta_vodki said:

Captain: It's you !!
CATS: How are you gentlemen !!
CATS: All your base are belong to us.



Egg_miester said:

i have always been a cat person i may think of picking this game up but i just hope its not a copy paste from dogs to cats dev



Knux said:

I sense that we will be seeing NintenCats on the Nintendo DS in the near future. I like cats, but I like dogs better.



Raylax said:

What we all want to know is what that kitten in the pic is playing.

I'll probably buy this, liked Nintendogs for a while, and I'm more of a cat person.



the_shpydar said:

We can only hope he's referring to some type of Nintendo-Saturday Night Live team up to produce "Lasercats!: The Video Game" =)



Golgo said:

I love that cat in foto, esp the fact it appears to have no ears. Cats FTW.



moomoo said:

"Or maybe - just maybe - we'll soon all be touching our pocket pussies with Nintencats."
I don't believe I have a pocket pussy. <.<
It'll probably be Nintencats, but I'm hoping there will be a suit for Samus to wear in Metroid: Other M



Viper6391 said:

@pinta_ vodki
LOL! The funny thing about that is Screwattack did a review of Zerowings today! Anyway, yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo decided to do cats now. If Nintendogs sold really well, then why not to do cats.



Terra said:

I wasn't a big fan of Nintendogs so I'm not exactly interested in this



Noire said:

Alright, I guess cats are cool, but can we get a Nintenmonkeys, please? That's the kind of pet I want to have...

Also seconding both Nintengirls and cat-suit Samus...



Caliko said:

This is the funniest gaming article I've read in a while.
The picture and caption had me cracking up!



luigiman2 said:

No offence people of the world, but i'm more of a dog person. Once, I went to my moms cousins house and they had a cat that scrached my sisters finger and there was alot of blood. Dogs aren't harmful at all. That's why i'm a dog person.



RyuZebian said:

Gotta love the cat pic! Two meows for "good," one meow for "needs improvement." I'm probably not going to get this, because I got Nintendogs and I hardly play it at all...



aaronsullivan said:

Pikmin was created while Miyamoto was caring for his garden. There is NO indication this is going to be a game like Nintendogs. I'm interested in what game comes from this, but I'll bet you it ISN'T a cat version of Nintendogs. I'm sort of surprised that people are saying they'll buy "this game." What game? lol.



Raylax said:

@Metal Mario: You're aware that "Nintencats" is just a fan-made term and has about as much official Nintendo grounding as a dodgy Pokémon hack, right? If there is a game, I'm unsure it would actually be called that. Infact, it almost probably won't, they won't want to have to bother with a legal tussle (an undoubtably small one, but an annoyance for the legal team nonetheless) if someone claims to have coined the term before anyone else used it.



g-silent007 said:

I feel as though considering this is Miyamoto this will not be a simple new version of the Nintendo dogs games, I feel as though it could mean anything



timp29 said:

Miyamoto secretly dresses up in a catwoman outfit and spanks himself.



Feld0 said:

Here's hoping for a cat suit in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
It could enhance your jump and make you really quiet (great for sneaking up on baddies!), while giving you a scratch'n'bite attack or something like that. Besides, I think Mario would kinda look cool in it!

They'll probably have a dog suit in there too then.

But if we don't see a cat suit in SMG2, we're probably gonna get a cat of some kind in Zelda Wii. Link might have it as a pet that follows him around normally, but can have control switched to it to get through small spaces or distract enemies or something.

Who knows, there might be a secret cat suit in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, too. You never know...

It could also have something to do with Metroid: Other M, though I'm not sure if ol' Shiggy is actually involved in the development of that.

All this excludes the inevitable Nintencats, of course.



Token_Girl said:


Oh that was probably the announcement then, I heard he stopped by Chicken's halloween party and had a little too much punch, if you know what I mean.

I guess it's not a secret anymore now though.



Raylax said:

@Feld0: The Zelda idea sounds interesting. The original trailer for Zelda TP featured a pretty heavy emphasis on interaction with the animals of Hyrule, which wasn't featured all that much in the finished game. Might be interesting to see that fleshed out more.

Alternatively, I'm gonna go waay left-field and suggest a WarioWare game based entirely on cats. FEED! STROKE! PLAY! SCRATCH! SLEEP! STALK! FURBALL!



GamerZack87 said:

I have absolutely no idea why, but I'd play Nintencats if it were to be released! Though I imagined a name more like 'Nintendogs: Kitten Kaboodle'...

What would also rock is 'A Little Bit of...Nintendogs'. Multiple versions valued at 500-800 Points, each one with three breeds to choose from, plus DSiWare-exclusive content! I'm thinking a new breed in each of the ten versions, one not seen in the retail release; as well as new toys and accessories just so owners of the retail release have a bit of extra incentive to invest! Oh, and maybe a secret 'new' breed (a crossbreed newly recognised as a purebreed)...because I'd love to have a maltalier in Nintendogs that looks like my real puppy Bonnie!

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