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New Nintendo Channel Videos

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nintendo adds two new videos to their Nintendo Channel.

The nice folks at Nintendo were kind enough to send over two brand new videos of upcoming releases. These videos were just added to the Nintendo Channel as well, and more are on the way.

The first video is of Ubisoft's Red Steel 2 with charismatic Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe on hand to give you some insight into their upcoming Wii sword-fighting title. Keep in mind that both of these videos are also available for viewing on the Nintendo Channel on your Wii console.

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The second video is of Nicalis' upcoming Cave Story WiiWare title in which producer Tyrone Rodriguez gives a little information as to just how close to being finished the game is and approximately when we can expect to see it on the WiiWare service.

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We'll have more information on both of these titles as it becomes available, as well as full reviews when they're released.

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User Comments (39)



ReifuTD said:

They been saying Cave Story almost out for a long time now. Will since it's going to have DLC with it. I'm going to bet for the top of the month.



CanisWolfred said:

Finally! The news I've been waiting for! Oh happy day! Just a few more days, and I can leave this site for good!



Corbs said:

Just a few more days, and I can leave this site for good!

Thank God.



Corbs said:

Hey Chrono Cross, read the post above mine. I quoted Mickeymac.



Corbs said:

Actually I was just giving him a hard time. It wouldn't be the same without Mickeymac around.



Objection said:

Lol His voice broke wehen he said 'If you love cave story" around 1:00. Anyway, I loved the freeware version even though I got stuck in...Sand World?



TheScarletWolf said:

I'm not one to comment much on this site but that is one of the main things I have been following as well. Just hope it does well when it is released and gets that it deserves. Just should get more into the WiiWare World myself but I am always too worried about what I download that I don't even get the games that I want. Guess I am too afraid to download something when it is always there and just put it off.

On topic for a bit, lets just hope for the sales do well and it gets the praise it needs.



CanisWolfred said:

Wait a minute! I already spent over $60 this week! If Cave Story comes next week, I can't get it!


I mean, seriously, I've been waiting for more than half a year for that game, and now I can't get it, simply because I got a bunch of other games to tide me over.

...There's some irony in there somewhere, but I'm too sad to look for it.T_T



Corbs said:

No way Cave Story comes next week. It's not even in Nintendo's quality check system yet.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, oh well, it'll be there. When I get it, I'll let you know, and when I beat it, I'll let you know, but until then, the Monday CS is released will be my last day here.



Corbs said:

We'll hold a celebratory banning of your account. I'll even use the special gold-plated ban hammer for the occasion. How about that?



DarkLloyd said:

just bought red steel for 20 bucks for wii and loving its story

just wondering since im sort of deaf is this a direct sequal from the story or by the looks of it its own story just titled red steel 2?



James said:

RS2 isn't a follow-on from the first one - it's set in a different time, place and probably even universe



cr00mz said:

i wonder if its raelly 1:1. would you be able to make a stabbing motion holding the wiimote and thrusting forward.



JimLad said:

Dear Ubisoft: Please put a lot of effort into the multiplayer, both online and splitscreen (with bots) please. If you can get that right Red Steel 2 could be the next Goldeneye, a revolution in FPS'.
Also: copy the Conduits control options, brick for brick, there is no shame in it.



James said:

@JimLad - there's no multiplayer in Red Steel 2.

@cr00mz - I'm sure if they programmed it in, then yes, you would be able to. Remember how horrible the thrusting controls were for the first game's zooming... eugh!



IAmNotWill said:

Awesome! Can't wait for Cave Story.

A month ago I saw No more heroes and red steel both in one package for a very good price. Anyone got $30?



Sean_Aaron said:

Looking forward to both. I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about Wii Sports Resort, so Red Steel 2 is likely to be my first Wii MotionPlus title.

Cave Story seems like a nice game as well.



Crazed said:

Both videos looked good, so I can't wait for either game (Cave Story especially. It's been taking it's sweet time, so I hope it's as good as everyone has said it is).



Kid_A said:

Damn it! I just spent my last 1000 points on Kirby 64 (which is awsome) because I thought Cave Story still had awhile to go! I guess NiGHTS will have to wait...must get a points card. Must play Cave Story.

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