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Red Steel 2 returns with an artistic style and flair created just for Wii.

Set in a desert-bound, high-tech metropolis, Red Steel 2 is a revolution in the action-fighting genre, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory. Your movements are faithfully replicated on-screen, putting the emphasis on swinging, shooting and fun! With the ability of the Wii MotionPlus to sense the strength of a swing, you will literally be able to make an impact on your adversaries through power and precision.

“Red Steel was a unique opportunity for Ubisoft to work in tandem with Nintendo to create a title exclusively for the launch of the Wii console," said John Parkes, EMEA marketing director at Ubisoft. "Red Steel 2 is another milestone for the company as it is the first Ubisoft title with full Wii MotionPlus integration.”

Just as Red Steel broke ground as the only third-party brand created for the launch of the Wii, Red Steel 2 will be the must-have game of Holiday 2009 for those who wish to stretch their own capacities and fully experience a game that was built from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Time to shoot and slice some bros

Ubisoft promised the sky for their Wii launch game Red Steel; since nobody had used the Remote before, plenty of gamers drank the kool-aid and had high hopes for its swordplay potential. The concept was interesting, but the execution left a gross...

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Ubisoft show us the final launch trailer for the Wii sequel, Red Steel 2 - now with full review. For more information head over to http://nin

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ethanivy said:

the interveiw was awsome and i am really looking forward to playing red steel 2

i have one question and it is: in the game will the player be able to react with the surrounding enviroment more than the 1st red steel
in the 1st game u could only go in certain doors and will u beable to use the enemies or even civilians for a human shield or be able to take their weapons from them or even use lift and throw them at othe enemies instead of just randomly killing them.



michael646260 said:

This game looks quite good from what I've seen and although it might seem a bit juvinile I was somewhat disappointed to learn that there won't be any blood. With no blood it's not really RED steel now is it?



opeter said:

There was no blood in Red Steel 1 either... I mean the EU version. Was there blood in the USA version?



James said:

EthanIvy - sorry for taking so long to respond to your questions!

You can react with the environment more - if you swing widely your sword could hit a surrounding door, post or block and cancel your attack, for example. You'll still only be able to go into certain doors, there are no civilians that I know, I don't think human shields are in and it would certainly be cool to throw enemies into others, but at the moment they've just shown off a vertical lift move.



Shmavey said:

This is looking pretty cool, but the lack of multiplayer is disapointing.



Chatham said:

This game is looking more and more like Borderlands every time I see it demo'ed.

This game has been delayed 4 times now... Either they are having tech.content issues, or they have no confidence in this titles ability against any other half-decent title. (Last supposed US release was going to be Feb 15th, the day Aliens vs. Predator comes out on 360/PS3... Now they pushed it to March 23rd according to IGN)

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